Xenon 800 Ultralight Gaming Mouse Review
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Xenon 800 Ultralight Gaming Mouse Review

Here’s our Xenon 800 Ultralight Gaming Mouse Review. We’ve reviewed a fair bit of Genesis gear over the last year and we love it all. Genesis are making waves in the gaming peripheral space and we’re starting to see more and more people opt to try out their tech.

When they got in touch and asked us to review their new Xenon 800 we jumped at the chance. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Genesis Xenon 800 Review
Genesis Xenon 800 Review

Xenon 800 Ultralight Gaming Mouse Review

The Xenon 800 is one of the lightest gaming mice available on the market. It weights only 58 grams! Holes incorporated into the design make this possible.

My current daily driver is the Genesis Xenon 770 Gaming Mouse and that is absolutely fantastic. I’d not tried a mouse described as ultra-light before, so I was keen to get started on my review of the Xenon 800.

First impressions count and as usual on the blog that’s what we’ll start with today.

First Impressions

Once I’d opened up the outer shipping box I was greeted with the simply sublime red Genesis branded packaging. It’s really well designed and it’s clear that they care about their customers first impressions.

Great packaging and a fantastic unboxing experience really set the customer up to have a great first impression and they’ve really hit the nail on the head here.Once I’d opened up the box I was greeted with everything you need to get started.

What’s in the Box?

  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Weights
  • 2nd Back Plate
  • Xenon 800 Mouse
  • Spare Feet

The addition of spare feet and a 2nd back plate allows you to set the mouse up how you like. It’s a nice touch.

Once I’d set it up I booted up a couple of different games. Playing some Overwatch, I noticed that this mouse has probably the quickest and smoothest glide I’ve ever experienced. The accuracy is on point too which really helped me up my game!

In terms of input lag there is none (noticeable to the naked eye anyway) that I noticed, you press a button and the game re-acts instantly.

I also decided I’d play a more sedate game such as Football Manager, to test out the more day to day performance of the mouse. It performs well and feels comfortable over long gaming sessions.

Next game up? The helicopter game! It’s a really good game to test the mouse clicks! It performs well.

My go to mouse review game!
My go to mouse review game!

The actuation force needed to depress the Omron switch isn’t actually documented. But, I can tell you it’s minimal and allows your finger movements to be translated into a button click almost instantly.

Overall I really like it so far. Let’s take a look at some of the design and styling concepts.

Design Of The Xenon 800

The hexagonal cut outs on the main body ensure it’s super lightweight, but it also allows you to see the internal workings of the mouse. It gives it a mechanical look too which I really like.

The holes in the mouse not only help with weight reduction it also gives it a really distinct design.

It took me a while to decide if I liked the styling. I think it was a case of I’d not seen a mouse designed like this before, so it took me a while to form a proper opinion.

Once I’d set the mouse up on my desk it really started to grow on me and it really feels at home next to my other peripherals.

The LED illuminated scroll wheel looks great and the lighting isn’t too bright, it seems a little dimmer than the Xenon 770 which is fine, as it has other styling features such as the cut outs that take center stage.

It’s not all about the RGB with the 800, other brands (shall remain nameless) seem to forget that it’s about performance and not RGB!

If we score this on design and styling alone, it’d be a solid 10/10. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s have a look at the feature set.

Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse Review
Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse Review


Even thought this mouse only weighs 58 grams it’s a heavyweight when it comes to features. For those of us who like to read the full specification and feature set, here it is:

Illumination colorRGB
Sensor modelPixArt PMW 3389
Sampling frequency1 000 Hz
SpecializedFor Gamers
Maximum tracking speed400 inch/s
Glide typeTeflon
FeaturesDurable OMRON switches, Adjusting the mouse’s weight
FunctionsDPI adjustment, Profiles Available, Macros Available
Weight58 g
Acceleration50 G
Number of programmable buttons8
Additional featuresSwappable chassis, Weight regulation
Power supplyUSB (5V)
Number of buttons6
Resolution200 – 16000 DPI
Cable length180 cm

If you want to adjust how heavy the mouse is you can add up to an extra 20g with the included weights. It’s a great idea and another example of the minute level of detail Genesis have paid attention too.

Up to 20g can be added for additional weight.
Up to 20g can be added for additional weight.

Build Quality

When I wrote my notes for this section of the review I wrote one word. That word was ‘solid’. Even though the mouse weighs less than a pack of Doritos it’s really really strong.

The ABS plastic used in the construction is high quality, I was unable to break it by squeezing it and trust me when I say this, I was really trying to break it.

Another test I did was the flex test, trying to twist it. The 800 has no flex what so ever in the mouse body! I often use this test when companies send stuff in for review.

The scroll wheel can be moved side to side quite easily, but does not affect the performance. The left and right click buttons are strong, I think you’d be hard pressed to break them.

Another thing I really like is the tactile feedback you get with each button press.

The braided cable has almost become a must have on any self respecting gaming mouse and the one included is strong. No complaints here.

The internals of the Genesis Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse
The internals of the Genesis Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse

Any complaints?

Not a complaint as such, but I’d really like to see a branded cable tidy. The current black rubber one doesn’t fit with the brand. A branded Genesis cable tidy would look awesome!

Xenon 800 Ultralight Gaming Mouse Review Summary

The Xenon 800 Gaming Mouse does everything it sets out to do perfectly.

The Genesis Xenon 800 is an ultra-light gaming mouse, that will beat the high-end equivalents without leaving a huge dent in your bank balance.

The use of Omron switches is a smart move and one that sets this mouse apart from more expensive competitors. Genesis have been able to create a really great mouse at a price point that should have the bigger players feeling a little nervous.

It’s well deserving of the perfect 10.

If you want to find out more you can check the official Genesis website.

Score: 10/10

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The Xenon 800 was sent to us in an exchange for an honest review.

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