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Rare PS1 Games: Your old games might be worth a fortune!

Rare PS1 Games can be worth a fortune! We thought it’d be fun to research some of those rare and valuable PlayStation 1 (PS1) games, whilst some of the prices are out of reach for most of us. Some of you may already own a few of these titles.

Let’s take a look at the rare PS1 games that are worth the most.

Rare PS1 Games – How many rare PS1 games?

There were around 1300 games released for the PS1. Most of those games went on to sell thousands of copies. Some sold a few thousand and even fewer sold less than a few hundred. The games that had low sales numbers are rare and some of them are worth a small fortune.

The second hand PS1 game market is fast paced so be quick if you want to cash in! Likewise, if you want to hold out for a rare game they do come down in price occasionally.

So let’s take a look at 5 of the most rare and valuable ps1 games.

Rarest and Most Valuable Playstation 1 Games

First up on the list is probably the most expensive game that I’ll cover today. I’d never heard of it before doing my research for this article. A few of these games are really obscure and others are highly collectible.

Rare PS1 Games – Cindy’s Fashion World

An image of Cindy's Fashion World PS1 Game
Cindy’s Fashion World rarity comes from how obscure the game is.

A mint copy of Cindy’s Fashion World will set you back around £600 ($787). That’s one hell of a price for a game that I’d never heard of. The price point is partly due to that obscurity, there where only a few thousand made. It’s also partly due to it being by a small games publisher called Phoenix. They also put out Dalmatians 2 and Dinosaurs. 

Cindy’s Fashion World is known to be a little bit rubbish and a bit buggy. We’ve read stories online of it refusing to play on a lot of Playstation 1 consoles for no apparent reason. 

If you did want to buy it, it’s available on CEX! Don’t though, it’s definitely not worth it.

Rare PS1 Games – Hellnight

An image of the valuable Playstation Game, Hellnight.
Hellnight is another one of those PS1 games that’ll set you a bit less than others on this list!

This first person survival horror game was released in 1998. The publisher is none other than the legends over at Konami. It’s got some really good reviews and the authors of those reviews suggest that the game is actually pretty scary.

At the time, the game sold very few copies which explains the rarity of it today. It’s quite cheap considering the first game on the list would set you back nearly $600.

So, if you wanted to start your Rare PS1 game collection this would be a good starting point.

An ordinary copy will set you back around £25 ($32) but a mint copy will cost you around £100 ($131).

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

An image showing the cover of rare PS1 game, Castlevania.
You must have heard of how rare Castlevania is!

Now, if you haven’t heard of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night you need to carry on reading!

Another one from legendary publisher Konami. Expect to pay over £300 ($393) for a mint copy. This game will crop up on the majority of “greatest ps1 games of all times” lists. This game was a NES original, it came to the Playstation 1 in 1997 and was every bit as good as the original.

The goal of the game is for you to uncover all the mysteries inside Castlevania. Castelvania just so happens to be Dracula’s castle.


An image showing PS1 game, Herkules.
Herkules, not spelt wrong. This ultra rare game isn’t actually that expensive considering how rare it is.

Take control of the world’s strongest man, Herkules. Well, you can if you have £250 ($327) to splash on a Playstation One game. This version, spelt Herkules (not a typo) is another game by Phoenix. So don’t confuse this game with the Disney version. The game is pretty terrible as it’s basically a digital colouring book and jigsaw puzzle.

It’s probably in the top 15 rarest PS1 standard release games. So it really only appeals the most hardcore of black label collectors. I have seen some copies sell for as low as £25 ($32) so it depends on where you are buying it from and if you are willing to wait for the price to drop a little bit. 

LSD: Dream Emulator

An image of LSD Emulator! A super rare and super weird game for the PSONE. A super rare ps1 game
An image of LSD Emulator! A super rare and super weird game for the PSONE. A super rare ps1 game

First of all, I’m surprised this game hasn’t been banned. The game, a type of exploration game was publishing by Asmik Ace Entertainment in 1998. As you can expect it was met with some sort of speculation and controversy. According to Wikipedia:

The game was conceived by Japanese artist Osamu Sato, who rejected the idea of games, and wanted to use the PlayStation as a medium for creating contemporary art.

That sounds like a great idea if not a little ahead of it’s time. The game will set you back around £250 ($327) if you want a mint copy. I’d pass on this one though as according to online reports, it’s fairly rubbish.

Elemental Gearbolt – Rare PS1 Games

Elemental Gearbolt isn't exactly rare, but it's damn expensive, especially this special edition.
Elemental Gearbolt isn’t exactly rare, but it’s damn expensive, especially this special edition.

Although not the rarest game on the list (there are several listings on Ebay). For a mint copy, it’s pretty damn expensive. If you want to buy this game it’s going to cost you around $120 / £115.

Elemental Gearbolt was released in December 1997, it was very well received by critics due to it’s sci-fi setting. It has an awe inspiring orchestral soundtrack, and beautiful animated cutscenes. Will you be adding it to your collection?

If you enjoyed this, check out our list of the best PS1 Horror Games. It’s a long read but well worth it.

Rare PS1 Games F.A.Q’s

What makes a PS1 game valuable?

It’s normally due to how scarce it is and the number of copies sold. The lower the number the rarer the game.

Where can I buy rare PS1 games?

You can buy rare Playstation games from CEX, Ebay or other online platforms.

Can I sell my rare Playstation One games?

You can. We’d recommend trying Ebay for more exposure or trying CEX, they will offer you a fixed price. CEX are safer due to being a company but often offer a lower than market value price.

Are mint PS1 games worth more?

Usually mint, unopened games are worth the most.

What’s the rarest PS1 game?

It’s difficult to say. A lot of times people mistake rarity with popularity. Just because a game is expensive doesn’t make it rare. The list we’ve compiled is pretty accurate.

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