Should I buy a switch 2019?

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch: 8 reasons to buy one right now

There’s no doubt about it, the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic gaming machine. It closes the gap between on the go and fixed location gaming.

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch?

Since the Nintendo Switch was released on 3 March 2017, I have periodically asked myself if I should buy one. I am confident that the answer is yes, I probably should.

With so many amazing games already available and some exciting ones lined up, it is hard to deny that the Switch is in a great place right now. Still not convinced? Let me see if I can change your mind in my ‘8 reasons I should buy a Switch in 2020’.

Table of Contents

  1. At a Glance
  2. Games on a Train
  3. Couch Co-op/Multiplayer
  4. World Class Exclusive Games
  5. Affordable Bundles
  6. Indie Games (Nindie)
  7. The Updated Nintendo Switch
  8. To get my girlfriend into gaming

Should I buy a Switch? At a glance comparison

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1.Games on a Train

The unique and most intriguing feature of the Nintendo Switch is of course the ability to take your gaming with you on the move. As someone who has recently been working away, with two six hours train journeys each week, the prospect of passing this time with some of my favourite third party games such as the Witcher 3 and Skyrim, or even exquisite original Nintendo titles, is very appealing. I could then experience some of the best games currently on the market during what I describe as “unavoidable gaming downtime”. When returning home I could even continue the adventure in the comfort of my own home. Sign me up please!

2.Couch Co-op/Multiplayer

There is an argument in favour of the Switch that it is the most sociable console currently available. Firstly you are essentially gifted two controllers for the price of one in the form of the brilliant dividable Joy-Con controller. Secondly, many of Nintendo’s titles are geared towards party-play or couch co-op encouraging social, face-to-face gaming. Online play is great, but you can’t beat gaming with someone sat on the sofa next to you.

3.The Joy-Cons!

As just mentioned each Joy-Con splits down the middle creating two mini controllers which are surprisingly satisfying to use (no more fishing out my cheap wired Xbox controller – which is a nightmare to use due to some seriously slippery joystick heads). The Joy-Con further encourages social gaming by creating a second controller for anyone who wants to join in on the fly. Plus they are aesthetically stunning with a wide variety of bright neon colours allowing each player to pick their favourite. I can’t wait to buy a green one!

The perfect Joy Cons do exist! (Image: Gamespot)
The perfect Joy Cons do exist! (Image: Gamespot)

4.World Class Exclusive Games

While Nintendo didn’t win any best games at this year’s Game Awards (going up against God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no easy feat), they have some of the best games in the world, available exclusively on Switch. Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are a must play for any gaming fan and I can’t wait to play them. On top of this, Pokémon Sword and Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3 are coming out this year and the next Detective Pikachu  game is set to for a Switch release. 

5.Affordable Bundles

The wish for my perfect bundle has seemingly been granted by the Nintendo Gods. For £309 you can currently buy a Switch, Joy-Con, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Breath of the Wild with a £30 Nintendo eShop voucher. This is actually quite affordable, considering the price of Microsoft and Sony’s top tiered consoles are around the £400 mark with games. Admittedly the One X and PS4Pro are much more powerful, but the Switch has so much on offer that these consoles don’t provide. 

You could also get a Switch Lite for around £200. It was released on September 20th. It is handheld only, but does have the addition of a d-pad similar to Nintendo’s 3DS consoles. It’s perfect for gaming on the go. Buy one today!

Get the Nintendo Switch lite from Amazon here

Click here to shop the new Nintendo Switch Lite, From £199.00. Perfect for Xmas!

6.Indie Games (Nindie)

There a slew of excellent indie titles on Switch including one of my favourites Overcooked and other incredible games such as Undertale. Considering indie developers are having great success on the Switch, there will likely be even more indie titles heading Nintendo’s way. Couch co-op is also more prominent in indie titles, which when combined with the Joy-Con makes Nintendo a great place for indie.

7.The Updated Nintendo Switch 

A lot of negative feedback associated with the Switch is driven towards its measly battery life. It’s estimated that you could play Breath of the Wild for around 3 hours from full charge (which would just about see me to the half way mark on my six hour train journey). Well, the good news is that an updated Switch is out now with its battery said to last between 4.5 to 9 hours. If you want this new version make sure the description says ‘Improved Battery’ before checkout. I’ve noticed this in some places like GAME, but not at others like Amazon. It is worth double checking.

8.To get my girlfriend into gaming

Gaming, along with drumming are my two main hobbies and it makes me incredibly happy sharing these with other people like my girlfriend. The problem is, her gaming experience stopped shortly after Tomb Raider on the PS1 with a slight, but short lived resurgence after the Wii was released in 2006.  

Out of all three consoles the Switch (and Nintendo) is arguably the most accessible with loveable, charming Mascots and a simplistic controller design. My hope is that the Switch will be the catalyst in my grand plan for us to play games together. If we start off with indie games or even Mario Kart, then maybe one day in the future, we can fight off the covenant in one of my all time favourite games; Halo. After all no one should go through life without at least one legendary Warthog run…

Hopefully this has answered, Should I buy a Nintendo Switch in 2020?  Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you are going to pick up a switch!

I’ve written a full review of the Nintendo Switch here.

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Nintendo Switch F.A.Q’s

Is a Nintendo Switch suitable for kids?

Nintendo actively market for kids. They make some great age appropriate games for kids. As long as you follow some common sense when letting your child play video games it should be fine.

Where can I buy a Nintendo Switch?

We’ve included some links in this article. You’ll find some fantastic deals online.

Is the Nintendo Switch waterproof?

No. It is not waterproof.

What is the Nintendo Switch Lite?

It’s a budget version of the Switch. It can’t output your games to a TV but it’s super portable and a great price.


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  1. Nice article

  2. Kathleen Marsden

    I’ve just been given one as a xmas present and I can say it’s the best ever. Apart from being portable the screen is big enough to have the same gaming experience as on a monitor and now that the battery life has been extended my long journeys don’t seem to bad now

  3. Iain maciver

    it sounds amazing

  4. Great article really helps persuade me to buy my son a switch

  5. Eva Lorraine Appleby

    I think people should buy a Nintendo Switch is child friendly and has brand games for all the family.

  6. Great for adults and kids

  7. Courtney Randall

    I think people should buy a switch as they are so much fun and can be fun for all of the family!

  8. We have just purchased a switch and I have to say I find it brilliant,easy controls,lightweight and I love that you can chose to play on the big screen or handheld.

  9. Jasbir Purewal

    You should buy a switch as Nintendo are the kings of handheld consoles from the days of the gameboy (original & colour), 3DS and now the switch and switch lite. Game changers literally!

  10. paula cheadle

    Yes, because you can take it with you wherever you can go

  11. The switch is great for both kids and big kids, like me! A great range of games including some smashing nindies and great sales on the download store to suit a variety of budgets too. Love that there’s now a lite version too, for even more flexibility.

  12. Jill fairbanks

    Fantastic article to help any potential buyer make a decision on whether to buy a switch

  13. Kate Cunningham

    Granddaughter wants a switch for her birthday. Like the idea, the controller becomes two when required. Also a good package price in compared with similar products.

  14. Daniel Harrison

    The Switch is something worth buying because there is nothing like it. Our family has a weekly game night on it now and it helps us to create so many great memories like the Wii did – let alone keep the kids quiet in the car!

  15. sandy lynn ralph

    our kids would love one as they love playing on their friends ones

  16. the switch proves Nintendo are still gaming innovators, 100% buying!

  17. Helen Sherpa

    It’s a great portable console to buy as it is something new and exciting. It can be fun to play with friends and on the go 🙂

  18. The switch has been very useful for long journeys and airport transfers. Keeps us all entertained.

  19. Great article. I’m not yet sure if I want a switch or a lite, but with a two hour commute each way it is certainly something I’m interested in.

  20. The Nintendo switch sounds amazing and my grandson would love this on holiday it’s versatile to play hand held or connect to the tv it would keep him amused for hours

  21. My children received one from Father Chrsitmas last year, they have loved playing on it, especially Mario Kart

  22. Denise walton

    It’s great for adults and kids ,it’s portable and has fab games

  23. James McLaughlin

    They are great consoles and the portability makes them ideal for travelling or keeping children amused on car journeys etc. A great concept well executed.

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