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Dual Screen Nintendo Switch

Are we about to get a Dual Screen Nintendo Switch? An expert hacker seems to think so. He’s dug into the most recent Nintendo Switch firmware update and discovered what looks like support for a dual screen variant!

Dual Screen Nintendo Switch – Rumour or Fact?

The elite hacker who’s self described as “vulnerability researcher” says he’s found evidence of a Dual Screen Nintendo Switch.

Mike Heskin tweeted about his findings and had this to say:

“Preliminary support for a new hardware model, there’s evidence of a secondary display of sorts being added exclusively on this model”.

He goes on to add that the new hardware model will be codenamed “nx-abcd”.

Mike’s Tweet lines up almost perfectly with historically accurate information regarding Nintendo Switch code names. The original switch being codenamed “nx-abca” and the Switch Lite being codenamed “nx-abcb”. We’re really excited by the prospect of a Nintendo Switch with dual screen capability!

First Reported

It was first reported on the Metro website. And it once more ignites pre-existing rumours that a Nintendo Switch model with the ‘pro’ moniker is on it’s way.

The Pro Console was thought to be a Switch with a single screen with beefed up internals. It was meant to have a better CPU. A custom processor based on Nvidia’s platform.

Naturally, talk of a second screen will make Nintendo gamers fondly remember the Nintendo 3DS range of consoles, which boasted a second screen in a clamshell design.

We’re not entirely re how a Nintendo Switch Dual Screen design would work, but as the expert hacker says, the firmware seems to have evidence of a “secondary display of sorts”, so we could be looking at an additional separate screen setup rather than a sort of clam-shell high-resolution second screen.

Nintendo themselves did say that there will be no new Nintendo Switch in 2020 anyway. A 2021 new Nintendo Switch console launch, though? That is definitely still on the table.

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