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6 Ways to Improve Your Dual Monitor Setup

Having a dual monitor can accelerate the speed of your work. Whether you are a gamer, video editor, or working hard with any other particular matter, a dual monitor can change the speed of your work-flow. All you need is a multi monitor desk to set up your monitors and plenty of space. 

There are some easy ways that can help you to improve your dual monitor setup. Here in this article, I am going to include 6 Ways to Improve Your Dual Monitor Setup. Read the article carefully to know all these tips. 

6 Ways to Improve Your Dual Monitor Setup

To get the best output with your dual monitor, you need to set them properly. A proper setup means you need to set them in a way that allows you to watch and control easily. Usually, video editors, gamer, and hardworking people are mostly using the dual monitor. If you also use dual monitor setup then follow these 6 Ways to Improve Your Dual Monitor Setup

Match your display with each other

Matching both displays with each other is the most important thing that you should do first. If both of your displays are from the same model, then if you want you can skip this section. Because windows artificial intelligence can automatically detect when both of the monitors are the same model & this extends the desktop horizontally.  You just have to adjust the height of the monitor to line up them accurately. 

But if you have two different or individual monitors then you have to do a little work to set them up perfectly. For example, one of your monitors is 1080 & the other is 4K then it won’t allow you to work smoothly until it fixes it. Go to your display settings, then go to the Select & rearrange display option, now drag the rectangle around and match them with your monitor orientations. After a couple of tries, you will learn how to line up them properly. 

Learn the shortcut

Once you successfully line up your monitors together with each other, you should learn the shortcuts key. The shortcut will allow you to adjust your monitor easily whenever you want. Here in this section, I am going to include some shortcuts for windows 10.

  • Win+right & win+left 

When you press this shortcut it will snap the window right/left side of your current monitor. If you press the key again it will come back to its previous position.

  • Win+up & win+down

This shortcut allows you to maximize & minimize the ongoing window. If the window is already snapped, this will help you to resize the snapped position.

  • Shift+win+right & shift+win+left

By pressing this shortcut you can shift the active window from one monitor to another monitor.

  • Win+home

When you press this shortcut it will minimize all the active windows except the one that you are working on. 

Customize your taskbar

If you use windows ten then it will automatically-stretch the taskbar between both of the monitors. This is really an amazing and handy feature but you can make it more effective to increase your work speed. Just right click on your taskbar settings. 

Here you will find the customization option. There you will get an option for multiple displays. If you don’t want to keep the taskbar on the secondary display, you can remove it whenever you want. You can also custom the icon placement on your taskbar. 

Pick a good monitor arm

A monitor arm is one of the important things that most of us unconsciously ignored. If you have a large or heavy monitor then a monitor arm is the most needed equipment for you. 

The monitor arm is very good at handling the heavyweight and load of your monitor. The custom make brackets of the monitor arm provide great support for your monitor which is very important when setting dual monitors effectively. 

Find a super-wide wallpapers

Though this is not going to accelerate your productivity then again this simple thing is one of the coolest parts of your dual monitors. That’s why I have included this option here. 

There are a lot of sites you will find on the internet that provides wallpaper for multiple monitors. Just download a widescreen wallpaper for your dual monitor and set the wallpaper on your screen from the personalized option.

Optimize your position to avoid injury

It is not possible for you to cover both monitors at a time. You have to move your neck frequently to watch your activity. Doing this each time may produce strain on your neck. 

This is why you have to find an optimized position to avoid injury. You can set your sitting position in front of the main monitor so that you have to move your neck less than usual. Make sure that both of your monitors are your eye-level and your chair is in good posture. 

Final Thought

High productive people, gamer, video edit, photo edit, and for many other tasks people use the dual monitor. It increases their productivity. To get the best output from the dual monitor, you have to set them properly. 

Above in this article, I have explained 6 Ways to Improve Your Dual Monitor Setup. If you follow these ways and apply with your setup, you can surely increase your productivity then before. 

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