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Mistakes Online Casino Users Make

Online casino gaming is a fun and thrilling way of entertainment. However, it can make you disappointed as you can lose a lot of money as you play. How can you remain safe while using online casinos? We linked up with Jacek Michałski (check profile), who guided us on how […]


Fax from Google and Gmail – Cocofax

Are you tired of the traditional faxing method? Want some upgradation in the process? Of course, everyone wants to change from time to time. We can not rely upon our traditional methods of doing things. For this change, we have an explicit tool for you.  If you are willing to […]


AI: Biggest 2021 Research Companies

Artificial intelligence is no doubt one of the hottest buzzwords right now. As the name implies, Artificial intelligence involves the development of software capable of intelligent behavior. AI currently powers a variety of systems and industries, including voice controls like Alexa and Siri, inventory management systems, and chatbots. AI is […]


Epic Sees 300M Loss with Online Store

Fighting Steam, the largest name in the digital video gaming business, the Epic Games Store always had its work cut out for it. As expected, the battle so far has been long and brutal, and recent reports have done nothing but consolidate that fact. According to Techspot, Epic has lost […]


Give Your Mac the Ultimate Security Boost

Did you know one little device can enhance your Mac’s security, prevent hackers, and gain access to Geo-blocked content? We’re pretty sure that you have heard something along the lines of: “Macs are the best laptops in terms of pre-programmed security.” Well, this isn’t necessarily true, and it has caused […]

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FUZE Technologies, creator of the popular FUZE4 Nintendo Switch coding platform is so excited to announce their coding competition in association Wireframe Magazine.  Have you always wanted to become a game developer or perhaps you have a ready-made game concept that’s just waiting to be put in to action?  Code […]

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Gitzo’s Légende Tripod and Camera Backpack

Gitzo’s new products are really exciting! Check out the full press release below to find out why. Gitzo, world-renowned for over 100 years for setting the industry’s standard for innovative camera accessories, launched today the Légende Tripod and Camera Backpack.  Engineered to last a lifetime with low environmental impact, the […]