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Edifier W240TN Review
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Edifier W240TN Review

At $79 I’m wondering if these true wireless earbuds from Edifier will be any good? They’re firmly positioned in a market sector that’s absolutely flooded with headphones from a menagerie of different brands that most people have never heard of. And, the vast majority of them are quite frankly, garbage. […]

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Is coding used in cryptocurrency?

The new technology that dominated the world generating billions of dollars is now a common talk in the tech space nowadays. Since the world is now heavily dependent on technology, many schools are now introducing new programs teaching kids how to code as early as elementary school, just for them […]

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Introducing the W240TN True Wireless Earbuds from Edifier

Featuring active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.3 and an eye-catching design. Edifier, the forward-thinking audio-technology brand, have announced the release of a brand new earbud, the W240TN, which continues in the brand’s outstanding record for affordable but premium quality audio. Aimed at the highly competitive under $100 market, the W240TN true […]

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ORICO Releases the New All-Compatible Flash Drive

ORICO – the Shenzhen-based innovative enterprise that creates high-performance solutions for USB data transmission and charging – is proud to announce the  Flash Drive (UFSD), the “all compatible, almighty” solution for data storage and transmission. Cased in a classic and durable zinc alloy, the UFSD’s temperature control technology efficiently dissipates heat to maintain […]

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The P100x is the latest offering from Airpulse, the renowned speaker designer and  manufacturer. The P100x features a pair of patented custom-designed tweeters and 4.5”  aluminum diaphragm mid-woofer. Drawing on the designs of traditional wireless FM  radios, the P100x offers high-end digital power amplification delivered via line in or  Bluetooth, […]

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Wooden enclosure, Two 48mm full-range drivers, integrated double passive radiator and multiple inputs. Edifier® International Limited award-winning manufacturer and designer of consumer audio electronics, announce details for the MP230 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – a stylish new product which matches modern hi-fi stereo with a vintage-inspired design language. Edifier’s MP230 combines […]

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Edifier Launch NEOBUDS S

Having previously looked at the NeoBuds Pro I’m super excited about the following press release. The NeoBuds S sound great on paper, I’m looking forward to checking them out in the full review. Read the full press release below. The award-winning manufacturer of premium sound systems, Edifier, has announced the […]

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ORICO Launches High-Performing Portable SSD

The bold design encases an ultra-high performing solid-state drive that can achieve up to a 3,126MB/s reading speed. ORICO – Shenzhen-based innovative enterprise focusing on high-performance solutions for USB data transmission and charging – is proud to unveil the ORICO USB4 High Speed Portable SSD Montage 40Gbps series, with a […]


How the Metaverse will Change Our Future

The metaverse is still far from fully actualized, but society is already discussing its benefits – or potential benefits. However, many people are still ignorant of metaverse meaning and how many things it will change in our future. In his sci-fi novel, Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson described the metaverse as […]


Two Unique Games That Twist Our Gaming Traditions

Gaming is fast becoming one of America’s most popular recreational activities. It can be done anywhere and on different types of devices. As technology improves, so do the games. Blockchain technology provides non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies that let players earn currency by playing the games. In older, more traditional […]


E-sports betting – the past and the present

Betting has become something that is more discussed on social media and other platforms in recent times. More people than before the pandemic enjoy gambling, and especially placing bets on sports.  But for those of us not particularly interested in traditional sports, there are other alternatives. Where traditional bettors might […]