Edifier MF200 Review
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Edifier MF200 Review

I was super excited to take delivery of the Edifier MF200, it’s a soundbar, but not as we know it. This miniaturized design is meant to be used with a laptop or desktop PC, but it’s size and internal battery make it perfect to use as a portable speaker too.

I’ve not reviewed a soundbar in a while so I’m eager to dive right in and take a look at what the Edifier MF200 can do. Whilst I awaited delivery, I tried my hardest to not look it up on the Edifier website. I didn’t want to do any research at all before I’d received it, so I could get a real ‘first impression’.

So, let’s get into my review of the Edifier MF200.

Edifier MF200 Review

The blog only has one soundbar review and that was when I gave my thoughts on the Edifier S50DB, a full sized beast of a soundbar. In comparison, the MF200 is tiny, I just hope that it’s small size isn’t an indicator of performance, let’s find out.

We’ll make a start on the review by digging into my first impressions.

First Impressions

I opened up the shipping box and I was greeted with some sleek looking packaging. It not only looks good, it’s been well designed.

The cardboard that makes up the box is just thick enough to offer a decent amount of protection to the product inside. The box features high quality, gloss images of the MF200 and a decent amount of info about the unit.

There is hardly any single use plastic in use. Which I’m really pleased about. The unit comes with a drawstring bag, so Edifier are able to do away with most internal plastic packaging.

Sliding the actual soundbar out of the included dust-bag, It was apparent that I was going to like the MF200 right away.

My initial impressions are great, It’s a fantastically stylish little thing and I’m keen to hear how good the sound quality is, like I said, I just hope the small size doesn’t equal poor performance.

Edifier MF200 Review
Edifier MF200 Review

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality the MF200 produces a decent enough sound profile. Queen’s Greatest Hits album sounds great.

The dominant frequencies are the midrange and treble, which I like. Vocals and instrumentation sound brilliant and a particular highlight being Freddie’s voice, it shines through brilliantly.

It does lack slightly on the bass side of things, which I guess is in part due to the small sized and low powered full range 4w drivers. Making a total RMS power output of 8w, which isn’t all that powerful.

Having said that though, it’s plenty for what this is going to be used for, placed right in front or behind of your laptop or desktop PC.

The unit does feature a passive radiator, which utilities the air movement created by the two drivers to move the diaphragm to create a bit more bass.

Without that, the bass level it could produce would be pretty poor. Which is a shame, considering the Marsboy portable speaker has bass that sounds quite a lot deeper than the MF200.

I noticed that the speaker volume is higher when connected via Bluetooth than it is when it’s wired. Which is quite strange? Surely plugged in would provide more power. Not sure what that’s all about.

Overall, the sound quality is where I’d expect it to be. It certainly doesn’t set the world alight but it does the job just fine.

The included bag is good quality.
The included bag is good quality.

Build Quality

The Edifier MF200 enclosure is made of aluminum, it feels incredibly luxurious and looks incredibly stylish. It’s certainly at home on my desk and I imagine it’ll look fine regardless of decor in your room of choice. It not only looks good, the anodized body of the unit makes it very strong. There isn’t any flex to the unit at all, holding it in your hand, it feels very robust.

User controls consist of a captive touch volume slider and play/pause controls. The power button and function button is on the right hand side and offers great tactile feedback on button push.

The power / function button has a lovely looking status led around the circumference. You can push the button in quick succession to hear estimated remaining battery life. The speaker will tell you as a percentage how much it’s got left.

On the opposite side, you’ll find the USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm input.

When I turned the MF200 off, I noticed something quite funny. It has the same tone as a windows email notification. Which, I was quite confused about, check the video below to hear it for your self. Am I hearing things or am I right?

You’ll get 10 hours of Bluetooth playback, which is plenty if you’re using it in your office, of course you can always plug it in. It’s also a decent amount of time if your going to be using this speaker out and about.

It’s not IPX rated for weather but it’s made of metal so it should be fine for outdoor use, just cover it if it rains! I’m not going to slate it for not being IPX rated as that’s not what it’s actually designed to be used as, but it would do a good job as a portable speaker.

When you want to go ahead and re-charge the speaker it’ll allow you to listen to audio via Bluetooth or wired whilst it charges, this is referred to as pass-through audio, which is good to see on a unit at this price point.

Underneath, you’ll see two rubber feet, which help keep it from sliding around on your desk. They’re well made and are held firmly in place. In the past, I’ve seen rubber feet come away from the main body of review units.

I mentioned above that the MF200 comes with a drawstring bag, which has been made with the same great quality Edifier are known for.

Overall I’m really pleased with the build quality. Pair that with the good sound performance and this is almost the perfect package.

Side view of the MF200.
Side view of the MF200.

How Much & Where To Buy

You can buy this direct from Edifier. It should also be available via Amazon. It’ll set you back around £70 / $70. Hit the button below to check the latest price.

Summary & Verdict

In short, this soundbar is brilliant. If you don’t want to wear headphones at your desk or hook up your main speakers it’s perfect. It sounds great with music or movies, but does lack a little bass.

Score: 9 / 10

It’s just the lack of deep bass that I can’t ignore. I bought a really cheap portable speaker by a company called Marsboy, to take camping, this unit was £25 and has deeper bass than the MF200. But, then again, it doesn’t have the same build quality as Edifier so it’s a toss up between build and sound.

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The soundbar was sent to us in exchange for writing this Edifier MF200 Review.

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