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Edifier TWS NB Review

Here’s my Edifier TWS NB Review. The rectangle charging case design that comes with these TWS NB’s immediately caught my attention. The clam shell charging cases usually follow a similar curved design. But not these, the straight lines look really good. I had to get my hands on them and take a closer look.

As well as an in depth review, I’ve also recorded a unboxing video to give you a quick overview of what’s included with the Edifier TWS NB active noise cancelling earbuds.

Let’s get into the review and find out if these are just as good as they look. I really hope they are. At the bottom of the review you’ll find the Amazon links, they’ll take you right to the product page to help you find more information should you need it.

Edifier TWS NB Review: The packaging looks great and is good quality.
Edifier TWS NB Review: The packaging looks great and is good quality.

Edifier TWS NB Review

So, first impressions then. The box arrived scratched, but as it’s white you can hardly tell. I mentioned on my Soundison V5.0 review recently that a matte black box is a bad idea, it shows every scuff, scratch and mark.

The white outer box is actually a sleeve. Which I like the idea of, sliding the inner box out is a little slower and allows you more time to anticipate what’s inside. This helps build excitement and improves the overall unboxing experience.

The white box sleeve combined with the product imagery and Edifier branding looks sleek. The subtle ANC logo at the bottom also gives you a slight clue as to what to expect.

I’ve pretty much given you an idea of my first impressions in the intro. I was drawn to the charging case right away, the cuboid shape case is something I’ve not seen before. The straight edges are cool. Cool is a word I’ve not used to describe something on the blog before, but it fits perfectly in this context.

Plastic Plus Point

After I’d opened up the box, I had a funny feeling I was missing something, then it hit me, it was a distinct lack of single use plastic! So, not only am I impressed with the design, I’m thrilled at the amount of plastic present, there’s practically zero.

The box is also made of super high quality materials and feels like such a premium product. The earbuds are well protected due to the foam inserts and they’re also displayed really nicely in the box.

The entire unboxing experience was fantastic. So far so good, but let’s get on with the sound test and find out what they’re capable of.

Edifier TWS NB Review: Internal packaging elements are cool.
Edifier TWS NB Review: Internal packaging elements are cool.

Sound Quality

All of the wireless earbuds I’ve reviewed so far on the blog haven’t had any active noise cancelling (ANC) built it. That’s where the Edifier TWS NB’s differ. So not only do they have passive noise cancelling due to being in ear earbuds, they have ANC too. This should make for some pretty epic sound quality.

I have recently reviewed full size headphones with ANC, you can check the Edifier W860NB Review here.

For the sound quality test I decided I’d listen to a pretty heavy hip hop album. It’s an album called ‘From King To A God’ by a rapper called Conway The Machine.

The thinking behind this music choice was simple. It’s a gritty, raw and bass heavy produced album. Not only that, but the high end is also put through it’s paces due to the use of high hats and snares throughout the track list. It makes for the perfect sound test.

The sound then, I’m pleased to say that they sound brilliant. The TWS NB sound better than I’d hoped. I’d wondered how the ANC would cope in such a small device. I’d also wondered if they’d have enough power to ensure the ANC is effective enough to make a difference. But, it performs well and, when you consider the long feature list they’re fairly reasonably priced too.

Selecting the right size ear tip is paramount to good sound quality with the TWS NB’s. I did use a slightly smaller one and didn’t get very good ANC results at first. Once I’d sorted that, I popped in the earbuds and enabled ANC.

Once I’d enabled ANC I could test the levels of background noise. The background office noise was kept to a minimum which is what I expected, but it’s good to have experienced it first hand.

The first track on the album is an intro, so we’ll skip that and go straight to the first actual song. It’s called ‘Fear Of God’ and there’s a lot going on. It starts with a mellow synthesized piano and then the boom bap of the bass starts aswell as the vocals.

With ANC enabled the bass and mid range sounds well defined, similar in some ways to the Edifier X3 only elevated. Even when the ANC is switched off the sound is really nicely balanced. The mid range hits hard and it stands out without becoming drowned out by the heavy hitting bass.

The treble is clean, clear and crisp. It doesn’t distort or sound tinny as it did on my first ever pair of TaoTronic earbuds, the metallic sound is present on many inferior headphones. A loud treble is my preferred taste and I’d have liked it to be a touch louder, but for most people it’s pretty much perfect.

This awesome sound quality is in part thanks to Edifier using a 13mm graphene diaphragm. Using graphene in the construction of audio products can double the efficiency of the driver. This can mean that the battery life of wireless earbuds could be extended by up to 50%, which is great news for portability and travel purposes.

Speaking of battery life, you’ll get around 5 hours of ANC playback and around 15 hours with the charging case. If you leave ANC off you should get around 33-hours of playback.

I didn’t completely test the quoted figures, I probably listened around 6 hours overall, which is a mixture of ANC and non ANC playback.

Aswell as the hip hop album for the sound test, I wanted to test the ‘Ultra Low Latency’ claim. To test this I decided to watch a movie called ‘1917’. The hope is that the sound and picture would be perfectly in sync without any delay what so ever.

I watched the entire film. Almost two hours and I didn’t notice any out of sync audio / visual issues at all. Impressive stuff and they are certainly worthy of the super low latency claim Edifier have plastered all over the Amazon listing.


The Bluetooth 5 connection worked fine without any dropouts at all. They connected really fast too. The overall range of the Bluetooth 5 is around 10 meters. It’ll work outside of that range, but you may suffer from stuttery playback or some latency.

The blue light flashes when pairing.
The blue light flashes when pairing.

Overall the sound quality is great but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Edifier at this point. I can’t recall ever being disappointed from a sound quality perspective.

Build Quality And Design

That charging case looks great. The metallic flake style paint job looks fantastic, it reminds me of a premium car paint job never mind a headphone charging case.

Opening and closing the charging case is accompanied with a ‘click’. This audible feedback is good and rather satisfying. It’s also quite a firm hold, meaning the lid won’t open by mistake, which could help prevent accidental damage to the case if you dump it at the bottom of your backpack.

On the back of the case is the USB charging port. I’m glad they switched to USB type C as we’re all moving toward that being the standard of data transfer aswell as powering devices.

The first thing I noticed about the earbuds themselves was that the individual earbuds are really quite large. I didn’t try and wear a woolly hat at the same time as the TWS NB’d but I’d imagine you wouldn’t really be able to, comfortably at least.

Another problem with the size is that taking off a jumper or hoodie becomes a bit of a complex process. I lost both earbuds at one stage. In the real world though, it’s not a big problem is it? Just take the earbuds out of your ears before removing your clothing, problem solved.

I think it’s also fair to mention that I have also had this problem with my AirPods, and we all know how slim and ergonomic they are. It may put some people off though, so it’s worth mentioning.

Aside from the actual problems with the size, I just think they look far too big when your wearing them. Don’t get me wrong, I like the design, I just wish it was dialed down a little bit!

The raw gritty hip hop track is a real test!

Despite their somewhat large design, they really are comfortable to wear for long periods of time (hats excluded). Like I mentioned in the sound quality section above, I watched a two hour movie and listened to a fifty minute album and I found them to be genuinely comfortable.

A good thing about the wing tips, they’re very pliable. This means you’ll be able to get them to fit in the folds of your ear cartilage a lot easier, ultimately it’ll make it more comfortable.

Included in the box are two sizes of ear wings so you’ll find one to match your ear shape / size. A lot of the time the spare wing tips that are included with other headphones aren’t labeled, the TWS NB spares are, which is a nice touch. They’ve got a little ‘L’ & ‘R’ stamped into them making it easier to interchange them without the added confusion of which side they go.


Controls are some what basic. To go to the previous track, you just need to press and hold the multifunction button. To skip a track just follow the same process on the right earbud button.

If you press either of the buttons just once it’ll pause / play the track. To activate the ANC it’s a quick double press.

Edifier Connect App

Edifier make an app which you can pair with these earbuds. It’s not that useful to be honest and I feel it’s a bit of a gimmick, it’s not exactly feature rich. All you can realistically do with it is to enable or disable ANC or ambient modes.

Where To Buy?

You can buy these using the Amazon Affiliate link. Just click here to head on over to Amazon to check the current price and to buy them.

Summary And Verdict

Score: 8.5

I really struggled to give these less than a 9 to be totally honest with you. Two small things stopped me. One is the size and the other is that I thought the charging cable was far too small. It can make the charging positioning slightly awkward.

A small cable isn’t a deal breaker, but as it’s a newer USB-C style one people may not have spares just yet! Unlike with the older micro USB style ones.

Edifier TWS NB Review Unboxing

The unboxing is all part of the overall customer experience.

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These headphones were sent to us in an exchange for writing our Edifier TWS NB Review.


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