Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review
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Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review

When UNBREAKCable asked me to write a Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review I’d just finished reviewing the Edifier X3‘s. Perfect timing or what? At least it’d give me a good comparison to discuss in this review.

UNBREAKCable make some really good gear. They’re owned by the same parent company that makes Syncwire products. And, I know how good Syncwire are. This left me feeling fairly confident I’d be reviewing some awesome earbuds.

So, let’s make a start on the review. As usual, we’ll start with my first impressions.

Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review
Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review

Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review

The mail arrived and I opened up the package. I was greeted with the sleek matte black box the headphones are packaged in; which, I’m unsure if I like or not. Don’t get me wrong it looks good, but one tiny little scratch or scuff mark on the box and it shows. Because of the matte black cardboard a scratch looks ten times worse than it actually is.

Don’t get me wrong, the box itself is made with an exquisite quality cardboard. It’s really thick and will definitely protect the earbuds, charger and accessories contained within.

The scratched packaging isn’t a big deal and it won’t affect the actual earbud performance, but it just mars the overall unboxing experience slightly.

I was impressed however, at the lack of single use plastic. There is hardly any. The only plastic I could find was a little baggy that the spare earbud tips are contained in, I can live with that.

So, my first impressions are good. I’m impressed by the packaging, even though it does scratch and mark easily, I can see what they are trying to do. I think a gloss black box would have worked better or a matte white one to contract with the black earbuds.

Overall the earbuds are well presented and I’m keen to find out how they perform! Over to the sound quality test next.

Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review
Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review

Sound Quality

The sound quality is nothing but impressive. Considering the price I found them to be very well balanced and a great sounding pair of earbuds. The only thing I thought could be improved, is the mid range.

I decided to listen to a classic Dr Dre album for the sound test, it’s called ‘2001’ and it has some beautifully produced hip hop beats. It’s arguably one of the best mixed hip hop albums of the last 20 years.

So, the first track is called Forgot About Dre, it has a really deep punchy bass and incredibly saturated high end, it’ll really test these earbuds to the limit.

I found that when listening to the track, they did distort ever so slightly when on higher volumes, which given the price isn’t too concerning. Due to high end being saturated on a lot of the tracks on that album, the Soundisons coped quite well. They sound best when being listened to at medium volume levels.

Considering the price the sound quality is really good. It also has a higher IPX rating than the Gen 1 AirPods. The AirPods are the benchmark to great earbuds in my opinion.

Aswell as sounding great, they are also really comfortable. I wore them for around 50 minutes whilst listening to the album. And as they are so lightweight, I hardly noticed I was wearing them, aside from the noise of course!

Overall these do sound good but are somewhat limited at the higher volume levels. I think I would probably buy them with my own money. But there are better options out there. So, before you do buy them just consider this. If you spend about £10 / $15 more you could probably find a better pair.

Next up let’s have a detailed look at the build quality.

Build Quality

Right off the bat, the charging cable is far too small. But, don’t let that be a deal breaker. It’s a micro USB to USB cable, so you’re bound to have one of those lying around at home.

Saying that though, if you don’t have one it can be a bit annoying. Especially if your only free USB port is on the back of your computer, it makes the positioning of the charging case whilst being charged, slightly awkward.

The charging case is well built, it feels strong and it has a nice firm ‘click’ when you close the lid. That audible feedback is great, it reminds me again, of the AirPods. Perhaps they’ve tried to emulate more premium brands, which is no bad thing.

The matt black finish on the ear buds and case looks good. It will show up your sweaty finger marks though, so it’s a good idea to keep a microfibre cleaning cloth to hand to give them a clean every now and then.

I did try the scratch test with a metal pen and they don’t scratch easily, so the matte black finish on the plastic is fairly strong, there was also very minimal flex in the case when I tried to twist it.

The only point I see that could potentially be a weakness is the lid of the clam shell charging case. But, just be careful you don’t sit on them when the lid is open and I imagine they’ll be fine.

I also really like the overall styling and design. They follow the design of other similar brands. The clam shell design is fairly typical now for most ‘truly wireless earbuds’ manufacturers.

The Bluetooth connected seamlessly and I didn’t suffer any issues with the connectivity whilst moving about the office.

The battery should last around 5 hours off of a single charge. After 2 hours of being charged in the charging case, the earbuds can be used for 20 hours of continuous use. Or they’ll last for over 180 hours of standby time. This is a real highlight, the battery life is great. It’s the X factor I thought they were missing.

Soundison V5.0 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Review Verdict

Score: 7.0 / 10

These are fine if you want some earbuds that are reasonably good quality and fairly inexpensive. They’d make a great gift for somebody for example, or they’d be a great back up pair.

To find out more, head on over to the UNBREAKCable website.

I know the score seems low, but I just feel there are better headphones out there for a little bit more or maybe even the same price. Something like the TWS1’s from Edifier are an alternative to consider if sound quality is that important to you.

They are available to buy over on Amazon. Hit the affiliate link here to check them out.

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