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Best NVIDIA Settings for CSGO [HIGH FPS] (2023)

If your looking to boost your FPS in CS:GO, these are the NVIDIA settings you should be using in 2023 for high FPS gaming.

It’s not just CSGO players that prefer optimal frames per second when playing games that have super high definition scenery, everyone wants to play a minimum of 30fps, better still 60fps will have your gaming running as smooth as that chocolate river in The Chocolate Factory movie.

To achieve the optimal FPS, you can adjust your settings and really get the best out of your CS:GO gaming experience with what ever NVIDIA GPU you’re rocking.

Now, don’t get me wrong, lowering the settings in your GPU can help. But, don’t sacrifice visual appeal for a few extra FPS. What you want to do first is to make sure your NVIDIA graphic card is well-optimized.

Use these settings below for your NVIDIA GPU to achieve a high and stable frame rate (FPS) in CS:GO. 

NVIDIA Control Panel settings for high FPS in CSGO

The best CS:GO NVIDIA Settings for high FPS.
The best CS:GO NVIDIA Settings for high FPS.
  • Image Sharpening – Sharpening Off, Scaling Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion – Performance
  • Anistropic Filtering – Application-Controlled
  • Antialiasing – FXAA – Off
  • Anitaliasing – Gamma Correction – On
  • Antialiasing Mode – Application-Controlled
  • Antialiasing Transpparency – Off
  • CUDA GPUs – All
  • DSR Factors – Off
  • Low Latency Mode – On
  • Max Frame Rate – Off
  • Multi-Frame Sampled AA – Off
  • OpenGL Rendering GPU – Auto-select
  • Power-Management Mode – Prefer Maximum Performance
  • Preferred Refresh Rate – Highest available
  • Shader Cache – On
  • Texture Filtering -Anisotropic sample optimization – On
  • Texture Filtering – Negative LOD Bias – Clamp
  • Texture FIltering – Quality – Performance
  • Texture Filtering – Trilinear Optimization – On
  • Threaded optimization – Auto
  • Triple buffering – Off
  • Vertical Sync – Off

NVIDIA GPU’s are often the first choice for people looking for a fantastic FPS and price point. They tend to make some great entry level cards which can handle CS:GO with ease. They also manufacture and sell some crazily capable top of the range GPU’s that sell for thousands of dollars.

I personally favor the Ge-Force series of GPU’s for the simple fact is that they are highly customisable by anyone with a small bit of tech know-how. You don’t have to be a tech genius to get the best gaming performance out of your GPU

So, give those optimal settings ago. If you’ve changed the settings as reccomended above and you’re still experiencing frame rate and jitter issues there are more things you can do.

Turn On Low Latency Mode

Make sure you’ve got NVIDIA’s latest control panel downloaded, you can find it on their website. Once you’ve downloaded it open it up and check your settings.

You want to go ahead and click on ‘Low Latency Mode’ and try either of the ‘ON’ or ‘ULTRA’ settings. Don’t forget to save it and then re-launch CS:GO, you should seem some amazing FPS peformance.

Other FPS Improvements in CS:GO

We’re not quite done with making sure you’ve got the best NVIDIA settings for CSGO just yet. There are other changes and settings tweaks that you can make to improve it further.

Go ahead and open up steam and go to Settings. Once you’ve opened up the settings window cleare the cache, cookies and downloaded data.

  • Open Steam
  • Click Steam -> Settings
  • Click Web Browser
  • Click Delete Cache
  • Click Delete Cookies
  • Click Downloads
  • Click Clear Download Cache
  • Steam should restart
  • Restart CS:GO
Best NVIDIA Settings CS:GO 2022
Best NVIDIA Settings CS:GO 2023
Delete the browser cache and cookies.

I really hoped this helped set your FPS on the right track to becoming 60FPS when playing Counter Strike.

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CodeWithMike is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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