EcoFlow Delta Mini Review
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EcoFlow Delta Mini Review

I got the chance to check out the EcoFlow Delta Mini, so here’s my full review. The reason I got in touch with the team over at EcoFlow, was because I’d seen a whole host of different content creators covering it in YouTube videos.

I wanted to put it through it’s paces and find out if this portable power station was any good and what it was capable of.

  1. First Impressions
  2. Build Quality
  3. Power & Charging Performance
  4. Smartphone App
  5. Full Tech Specs
  6. Where To Buy
  7. Summary & Verdict

EcoFlow Delta Mini Review

Winter is fast approaching and news headlines that contain the words ‘POWER CUTS’ and ‘WINTER BLACKOUTS’ are becoming more frequent. It’s probably just scaremongering from the main stream media to sell newspapers and get clicks.

But, what if there was a random power cut or blackout in the middle of the day? Well, that’s where the EcoFlow Delta Mini comes in. Having said that though, it’s not just for emergency power. The EcoFlow Delta Mini can be used for lots and lots of situations, which I’ll detail below.

The EcoFlow Delta Mini is a stylish looking product that won’t look out of place on a desk or in a camping field. They’ve done a fantastic job of designing a product that looks and feels premium.

That’s enough of an introduction then, let’s dive right into my EcoFlow Delta Mini Review, I’ll start with my first impressions and then detail all of my thoughts on the build quality, technical aspects and overall functionality.

First Impressions

First up then, what were my first impressions of the Delta Mini? In a word, great. When the courier handed over the parcel I thought it’d be much heavier than it is. Considering the unit is full with loads of individual cells, it’s really quite portable, I guess the ‘Mini’ in the name is a bit of a clue to that though.

I quickly opened up the outer box to be greeted by a great looking branded EcoFlow product box. I was really impressed with how strong the cardboard is, a surefire way to ensure the product doesn’t get damaged in transit is by using thick grade board.

Opening up the product box then, I was pleased to see to big chunks of polystyrene holding the unit in place, the last thing you want is a unit full of lithium based batteries moving around and banging into things.

I was also quite happy to see that EcoFlow haven’t used excess amounts of single use plastic in the packaging. There is one immediate improvement they could make though.

On the top of the unit is a plastic sticker. This sticker explains that because of their eco friendly method of construction, the finish on each EcoFlow Delta Mini unit is unique. It’d be more eco friendly without the plastic sticker to be honest, it’s unnecessary.

Overall, my first impressions are great and I was really rather excited to get it charged up and give it a good test.

EcoFlow Delta Mini Review
EcoFlow Delta Mini Review

Build Quality & Features

This unit can be used as emergency power in the home, to provide electricity to power tools on the go or for camping. To be able to cope with all of these uses, it has to be extremely well made.

Because it contains Lithium it needs to be super strong, you don’t want to damage the internal batteries during day to day use. A damaged Lithium cell can be quite dangerous. But, I didn’t have to worry, this thing is beautifully made.

At the top you’ll find the low-profile handles which are quite thick and feel robust. It gives you confidence when you’re carrying it that they won’t give way. Because of the size and shape of the handles, it’s really comfortable to carry.

The main two-tone body of the unit is constructed with plastic, I suspect it’s made with ABS plastic, but I wasn’t able to confirm that. Regardless of the technical nature of the plastic, all you really need to know is that it’s extremely strong. It really feels like it’ll take a good amount of punishment and continue functioning perfectly.

When pushing on the side of the Delta Mini it didn’t flex at all. I also traced a sharp knife down the side of the plastic to see if it would leave a scratch. It left a small feint mark on it, but nothing you’re able to see unless you already know it’s there.

At the front on the Delta Mini is where you’ll find the LCD screen, USB ports and a bright yellow power button. The screen is super clear, bright, offers a great amount of detail and is easy to read. When charging it’ll show you how much input you’re getting from the source and how long it expects to take to fully charge it.

The USB ports are neatly positioned. I think there’s enough USB’s for a family camping trip. Anymore and it’ll start to look a bit congested.

Underneath that you’ll find the main power button, it’s raised and when pressed it gives you good tactile feedback and a satisfying beep. I quite like the beep, as it let’s you know that the unit has performed an operation; you wouldn’t want to turn it on accidentally, the beep alerts you to that.

At the back you’ll find the re-charge ports, AC sockets and 12V port. I really like how it has all been laid out. There are two options in terms of speed when charging the unit, fast or slow. I was really thoroughly impressed with the fast charge functionality, the fans kept spinning up to keep it cool though.

Right at the bottom of the unit are the feet. They help keep the unit still, but I can’t help but feel they should be a little bigger to raise it off of the ground ever so slightly, to help with keeping it cool.

EcoFlow are so sure of their strong build quality that they offer a two year warranty. If you do go ahead and buy this unit, make sure you register the warranty by following the instructions on the included warranty card.

Overall I’m thoroughly impressed with just how solid and well built this thing is. EcoFlow have kept end-users in mind when designing this product and it shows. Next, let’s look at what this thing can power and if we can find it’s limit.

The back of the Delta Mini is where you'll find AC and 12v sockets.
The back of the Delta Mini is where you’ll find AC and 12V sockets.

Power & Charging Capabilities

The EcoFlow Delta Mini is built using 882Wh of lithium-ion batteries. It’ll output up to 1,400W continuous power, but it can go all the way up to 2,100W intermittently.

The USB ports are rated for a maximum of 12W per port, the USB-C port can handle up to 100W and the 12V socket can output a total of 126W. So, what does all of this mean? Basically, it’s got a lot of power!

What can you power with the Delta Mini then? I wanted to find out, so I went to work to get all of my small kitchen appliances lined up for a test. I wanted to see how long I was able to power certain items for. I’ve detailed them in a table below.

Appliance:Socket:Powered It:How Long:
Air FryerA/CYes59 Minutes
HeaterA/CYes1 Hour
Sandwich MakerA/CYes3 Hours
Portable Fridge12VYes13 Hours
Fridge FreezerA/CYes5 Hours
Tea KettleA/CNoN/A
What can you power with the EcoFlow Delta Mini?

As you can see from the appliances I powered, it’s a really capable power station and will help make your life that little bit easier if you did suffer from a power cut. You’d still be able to rustle up some lunch and keep your food from going spoiling!

Because of how portable it is, it’s also super useful for camping. I have a winter camping trip planned for December 2022, I’ll be taking the Delta Mini with me, aswell as the sandwich maker. Perhaps I’ll even take the small electric heater, just to take the cold out of the tent.

I wanted to make some food ‘off grid’. I plugged my air fryer into the Delta Mini and enabled the A/C power outlet using the app. There is a button, but I wanted to try the App. The chicken tenders would take around 20 minutes to cook, so it was a good test of continuous power consumption.




The cooling fans on the Delta Mini kicked in after around 5 minutes, they’re noticeable but not overly loud. The fans were about the same volume as the air fryer.

You may have noticed in the above table that there was something it couldn’t power, and that was my tea kettle. Now, I did know it wouldn’t power it because my tea kettle is rated at 3000w power draw.

The reason I wanted to try was to understand what the mini would do when up against something it wasn’t designed to provide power to.

I plugged it in and flicked the switch, it started to boil the water as normal but as the power consumption rose, a bright red ‘Overload’ lit up the display and the power cut out triggered. I knew it’d be to much for it to handle, but it was a great test of one of the built in safety features.

Overall then, I really think this is going to be incredibly useful for me. When I’m on the road camping or away for work I usually take a bunch of 10,000mAh battery packs with me for charging my smart phone and other devices, but this’ll totally replace those.

Yes, it’s very obviously a lot more bulky than a battery pack, but in a way it’s more convenient.

Smart Phone App

EcoFlow have invested significant resources into creating a functional smart phone app. I didn’t think I’d find it all that useful to be completely honest. But, my opinion quickly changed once I’d used it.

The main use case for me, would be when going on a camping trip. The feature I’d make the most use of is the remote power on / power off functionality. To remotely power a small electric heater on or off without getting out of the sleeping bag, is honestly a game changer.

You would need to take a travel router with you to make full use of the smart phone app, the mini does need to have wifi available. But, I don’t exactly pack light when camping.

Using WIFI for the app has it’s drawbacks, but I can understand why they didn’t go with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth would have made it easier for people with malicious intent to connect to your device.

Bluetooth does not require any authentication and people can connect to your Delta Mini and cause all of the havoc they want. Now, I do understand that people will be relying on their power station in off grid situations, there is a solution.

I make use of my Netgear Nighthawk router. It’s a little rechargeable WIFI router that I’ve set up with the same SSID and Password as my home network.




The App is super useful and easy to setup.
The App is super useful and easy to setup.



There are loads of settings and customisations.

If I ever have to use it off grid, I just turn it in on and it’ll allow connections to any IOT devices that are already on my network.

I guess a compromise could be made, if EcoFlow allow the choice of either Bluetooth or WIFI for app connectivity, with a clear warning about the pros and cons of each.

App Set Up

Setting up the app is simple. The super clean UI takes you through the setup wizard, which is really easy to understand. To make it quicker, have your WIFI password to hand.

Key Tech Specs

For the nerds and geeks among us, I’ve detailed some key tech specs below.

Main Features EcoFlow Delta Mini
Power: 1400W (2100w Surge)
Battery Type: Lithium
Charge Cycles: 800+
Fast Charging: Yes
Outputs: 2x 230V, 12v, 100w USB-C, 2 x 12w USB, Fast Charge USB
Dimensions: 37.8 X 24 X 18.4 CM
Weight: 10.7 KG

Where To Buy

The EcoFlow Delta Mini is available from loads of online retailers. For peace of mind I’d recommend choosing a trusted retailer that has a super simple return policy, just in case.

Most retailers sell the Delta Mini for roughly the same price, but will differ greatly in terms of delivery costs. For consistent pricing and delivery charges, consider buying it from Amazon. Hit the button below to check the latest price and deals.

What’s In The Box

  • DELTA mini Power Station
  • AC Charging Cable
  • Car Charging Cable
  • DC5521 to DC5525 cable
  • User Manual

EcoFlow Delta Mini Review Summary & Verdict

I really like it and I can’t wait to see how it performs when I take it camping. For day to day backup power needs or powering your tools on the road it is the ideal solution; it’s small but not lacking in capabilities.

In the portable power station market, EcoFlow is fast becoming the go to brand. It’s created an incredible product in the DELTA mini.

Verdict: 9.5 / 10

It ticks all of the right boxes, it’s got a great selection of input options, large battery capacity and a great app. In other words, it’s pretty much perfect. My only criticism is that I think it’s slightly overpriced. If it was reduced by around £50 / $50 it’d get top marks.

The Delta Mini comes with everything you need.


The Delta Mini comes with everything you need.

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  1. On the table of what it can power: the air fryer for 59mins so after 59 mins you would need to recharge the power source? Doesn’t seem a lot for taking camping, what with the other camping equipment, it’s bulk and weight etc. Can it be recharged with solar panels?

    • CodeWithMike

      Hi Dan,

      The quoted 59 minutes is based on the heating element in the Air Fryer being constantly ‘on’ once it’s up to temperature the element switches off and you’ll get lots more run time, I hope that makes sense. I’ll update the article ASAP to make it read clearer.

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. sounds like a really handy item to have whether camping off grid or for this power cuts we have coming up!!

    • CodeWithMike

      Hi Joo,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, certainly a handy item to have in the house. Fairly expensive but maybe a worthy investment?

  3. Another excellent power bank it seems; it’s very helpful to have a list of appliances and how long the EcoFlow Delta Mini can power them for. In real life maybe one might want to power a number of devices during a power cut which I think may reduce the powering time considerably.

    • CodeWithMike

      Hi Nigel,

      Many thanks for your comment. Yes, it seems you’ll have to choose which device to prioritize in the event of an unexpected power outage.


  4. sharon martin

    what a great article, sounds like the perfect thing for camping or when there is a power cut.

    • CodeWithMike

      Hi Sharon,

      Many thanks for your kind words.

      I think the main concern for me is being able to cook during a power outage! Camping comes second, but a great option to have nonetheless.


  5. Debbie Hoare

    Sounds like the ideal gadget if we were to get caught in the middle of a power cut. It sounds like something worthwhile to invest in.

  6. I have 2 Ecoflow river pros at 600 warts each whi h I love. I can cook, chare phone, tablet run my Weboost 24/7. I just ordered the Delta mini to power 2 small 10 cu ft refrigerator and I use the second one as a fridge. the Delta mini should be perfect. can’t wait. I see Ecoflow as the leader in the power bank products.

    • CodeWithMike

      Hi DLF,

      Yes, I think the build quality and features set them apart from their competitors. Let me know how you get on with the Mini.

      Kind regards,


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