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Edifier X3 Review

Ever since the announcement of these I’ve been waiting for the chance to write our Edifier X3 Review. So, when they arrived a few days ago I was super excited to check them out. I’d only just about finished closing the door on the delivery driver and I’d already ripped the package straight open and got to work on the review.

I love Edifier’s audio gear. It’s great quality and their audio equipment always does what they say it’ll do. They’re no if’s, but’s or maybes, it just works.

So, when I saw the feature list they were promising to deliver with the Edifier X3’s my initial reaction was one of concern. I wasn’t sure they’d be able to achieve it in a pair of totally wireless ear buds that cost less than $35 / £27.

Let’s take a look at my Edifier X3 review in full and see if these are as good as I’d hoped they’d be. Because, on paper they should be fantastic.

Edifier X3 Review: The packaging is really good!
Edifier X3 Review: The packaging is really good!

Edifier X3 Review

I reviewed loads of Edifier headphones on codewithmike in recent times and my first impression almost always features a comment on the packaging. What do I make of the X3’s packaging then? In a word, great.

The packaging is fantastic. I used to think that the Edifier W800BT were the best packaged budget headphones on the market but the X3’s have well and truly taken that crown.

They’ve used the classic Edifier packaging colours (like with their TWS1, TWS5 and TWS6) white, grey and silver which work extremely well together. But, the introduction of the orange looks immense and is actually quite striking. I mean, just look at the image above, it looks so good!

If you were in a store, on the high-street your eye would definitely be drawn to these and that’s a big plus in my opinion.

I also really like that is hardly any single use plastic used in the packaging. Apart from the tray and a baggy the spare ear bud sizes are kept in. There are improvements to be made to reduce their plastic use.

For example, they could use a black card tray instead of the plastic one. The little baggy isn’t quite single use plastic, but could easily be replaced by a cardboard insert type of storage system that I’ve seen on other brands of headphones.

This would almost make the packaging completely recyclable. Perhaps single use plastic is one for them to think about in the future. It’s certainly a measure I use when reviewing most things.

So the marketing team have done a great job, but what do I think of the styling and design features on the actual product?

The matt black shell case looks brilliant. But, it's a little lightweight.
The matt black shell case looks brilliant. But, it’s a little lightweight.

Styling & Design

Once I’d opened up the box I was greeted with a pair of black earbuds. The styling is wonderfully simple but so much better than the styling of the TWS1’s. And that’s for one simple reason, matte black!

The gloss black does look great, but the case is easily scratched so I understand why they decided to use the matte plastic.

The Edifier X3’s are available in two colours:

  • White
  • Black

I kind of wish there were a few more colours to choose from but I do understand why there are only two options. It’s a cost saving. Holding onto stock of loads of different colorways would only have increased the base unit cost. And that would have definitely made it’s way to the customer.

I was sent the black ones. They look great but I imagine the white ones look just as good too. But, thinking about it in terms of overall usability and convenience, maybe the black ones are slightly better as they won’t show the dirt and grime as much as the white ones. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

The earbuds have a textured ‘X’ on both the left and right bud which ensures they aren’t boring to look at and gives it a bit of styling. There isn’t much else in terms of styling touches to make them noticeable but they are nice to look at.

The black is a classic yet simple design that works really well. I feel they’re missing a trick here though and could have maybe added a contrasting colour to the X to really make them stand out.

The charging case design is really straight forward and it’s hard not to notice that it’s actually quite lightweight. The only design feature to speak of on the case is a contrasting Edifier logo on the top of the case, which looks good.

On the back is the micro-USB charging port, where else can they put it? It’s fine where it is but to make the design cleaner they could have put it on the bottom. It would be fine there and wouldn’t have caused any issues with usability.

Overall, I really like the design & styling. They are understated and will suit everyone regardless of your overall fashion style. I quite like the fact that some people would call them ‘boring’. It’s a plus, in my opinion. I don’t want everyone to notice I’m wearing a pair of decent headphones especially if I’m ever travelling through no so desirable areas.

IP55 Waterproof Rating

Each of the earbuds has been granted an IP55 waterproof rating. Which, basically means they’ll be absolutely fine if you get caught in the rain when you’re out on your daily run. But, things with an IP55 waterproof rating shouldn’t be submerged completely in water.

The Earbuds look great inside the X3 Charging case
The Earbuds look great inside the X3 Charging case

What’s in the Edifier X3 Box?

The box contains everything you’ll need to get setup. It even includes a couple of spare silicone ear tips of different sizes. So you’ll be able to find one to fit your ears however large or small!

  • Edifier X3 TWS earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Quick Guide + Manuals
  • microUSB charging cable
  • 2 spare pairs of silicone earbuds

Edifier X3 Review Sound Quality

For my sound test I listened to Eminem’s latest album called ‘Music To Be Murdered By’. As with most hip-hop, a good low end is essential to get the most out of the music.

They sound awesome. The first think I noticed was the impressive boosted bass response. They really brought some of the ‘boom bap’ tracks to life. I’m not sure what drivers these are powered by but they enable the bass to sound punchy, but not too in your face.

The Mid-range I’d describe as sounding balanced. They aren’t perfect but they aren’t terrible either. I think clarity has been enhanced with Edifier’s custom driver tuning. This tuning has, in the past on other headphones made certain sound frequencies sound unnatural, but with the X3’s they are perfectly balanced in my opinion.

I’ve said previously that I love a good high end and that’s still the case! In fact, on systems where I can tune the bass, mids and high’s myself I often crank the treble up to really allow them to sing. Whether it’s a cymbal, high-hat or a double snare I want to hear it.

The X3’s have a decent enough high-end which I really like, but I’d want to equalise them if the option was there. It isn’t quite enough for my tastes. But, they’re fine for most listeners and casual use.

The sound quality is so good you you can hear individual elements of the music and make out added touches the music producers have included such as very subtle sounds that would only normally be picked up on more expensive headphones such as the Air Pods.

Edifier always impress me with the sound quality they manage to squeeze out of their devices. And overall I’m really quite surprised how good these are!

Microphone Quality

At some point you’ll need make a phone call or record a voice note. And, to ensure your voice is captured effectively the built in microphone in the headphones you use must be good quality. And, the good news is that the microphone on the Edifier X3 Earbuds is basic but does the job just fine.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be able to use it to broadcast a radio show! But capturing a voice memo or leaving a voicemail to someone will have your voice sounding crisp and clear.

I tested this by leaving a voicemail for my wife, I played it back and it picked up my voice easily and with a good volume level. The microphone quality was a bit of a surprise but a welcome one at that.

A nice styling feature on top of the Edifier X3 charging case.
A nice styling feature on top of the Edifier X3 charging case.

Build Quality

My current day to day headphones are the AirPods and they take a fair bit of punishment throughout the day.

If I leave them in my pocket I’m bound to sit on them at least 3 times a day. The X3’s are well made and I reckon they’ll cope with the same punishment I give my Airpods.

The only weak point in the build I could find was the lid! Make sure you don’t over extend the opening. It feels as if only a little force could damage the closure mechanism.

The build is good. Far better than I expected for such a budget pair of earbuds and I can see them lasting me for a very long time. The longevity of them would also entirely depend on the internal components of which I can’t really put through their paces, so only time will tell if they live up to my expectations.

Both the left and right bud are each equipped with a 60mAh battery. This gives you almost 5 hours of battery life if you listen as loud as they’ll go, which is of course not recommended due to long term ear damage!

The charging case has a 500mAh battery that will enable you to listen for a whopping 15 hours! There’s enough juice to last you a fair few days. And whilst we’re on the subject of battery life.

The charger is micro-USB. I’d have preferred USB-C but then if USB-C technology and fast charge was introduced it’d probably increase the price significantly and the X3’s X factor is definitely how cheap they are.

Touch gestures are a welcome addition. And work well. I don’t like them as much as the AirPod ones but they do the job.

Single TapPlay/Pause, Answer/End Calls
Double Tap (Left)Previous Track
Double Tap (Right)Next Track
Triple TapVoice Assistant
The back view of the amazing packaging.
The back view of the amazing packaging.

Where can I buy the Edifier X3’s?

The Edifier X3’s are available to buy from Amazon. You can hit this Amazon affiliate link and we’ll take you right to where you need to be. They’re currently selling for $40 / £29 which let’s be honest is an absolute steal.

Or, if you’d prefer to buy the Edifier X3 using a non affiliate link, you can do so by clicking here.

Edifier X3 Review Summary & Verdict

Score: 9/10

The price and feature list can’t be ignored, they’re a powerhouse in terms of a budget offering. And to feature such a good quality microphone for the price, thy can’t be sniffed at!

I had considered giving them a 10 out of 10. The reason for the 9 was that I felt the closing mechanism could be improved ever so slightly. I also thought that the placement of the charging port could be moved to the bottom to give the whole thing a cleaner look.

Edifier X3 Review Accessible Audio Description

For the visually impaired you may find it easier to listen to the blog rather than have your screen reader read it aloud. The Edifier X3 Review has been recorded as a podcast for you to enjoy at your leisure and to make our blog as accessible as possible.

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CodeWithMike is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to www.amazon.com

We we’re sent a pair of these earbuds in exchange for us writing our Edifier X3 Review.

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