Virtual Reality

Challenges Facing VR Game Developers

Virtual Reality has been around for years in gaming, but only in recent times has it become both effective and accessible for the home entertainment market. The VR world of the eighties and nineties saw huge headsets used, often in specialist stores, whilst home gamers settled for joysticks and television […]

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Edifier TWS5 Review

Welcome to our Edifier TWS5 Review. We recently wrote an article covering the TWS1’s. When we got the chance to take a peak at these Edifier TWS5’s we couldn’t say no! Full disclosure, these where sent to us and weren’t paid for with our own cash. We’ll always be fair […]

How to Design a Chatbot
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How To Design A Chatbot

How To Design A Chatbot. Many businesses, companies, institutions and organizations have made the decision to create a chatbot. This is because they’ve started to realise that automation (in the form of a chatbot) can make those repetitive tasks a lot easier, thus saving time and money. Saying that though, […]