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Dominate Your Game: The Exogrip Gaming Grip Advantage is Here!

Exogrip introduces their groundbreaking gaming grip*, designed to revolutionize the gaming experience. 

Exogrip, a gaming accessory startup, has unveiled a new gaming grip that conforms to gamers’ hands, providing enhanced comfort and control during gameplay. The innovative gaming grip is designed to effortlessly mould to the unique shape of each users’ hands, offering unparalleled comfort and control. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and cumbersome grips! Perfect for anyone who spends long hours gaming, the Exogrip assists players in achieving a more immersive and comfortable gaming experience. 

The PS5 controller grip utilizes patent-pending technology that transforms it into a malleable material when heated. This allows it to perfectly conform to the user’s hand making it comfortable to use. The 3-step process is simple – heat the grip, grip the controller, then game! The three easy steps make it both uncomplicated and accessible to gamers of all skill levels. Heat, Grip, Game. This grip is ideal for gamers of all hand sizes and playing styles.

With the Exogrip, gaming becomes seamless, allowing for extended playing time without discomfort. The Exogrip maximises control and accuracy, giving you the competitive edge that you are looking for.

Exogrip, a gaming accessory start-up, was created by 27-year-old Sam Coombes during Covid-19 lockdown. Coombes secured seed funding from his alma mater, the University of East Anglia, whilst continuing his full-time job as a digital marketing manager. The technology helps reduce hand and finger fatigue whilst gaming, improving performance and reducing the potential for injury. 

Samuel Coombes, founder of Exogrip, said: 

“Having been obsessed with gaming for most of my life, I noticed that the longer I spend doing it the more uncomfortable it got. Exogrip’s smart-grip solution is simple but effective and gives gamers just what they need – comfort and control, which adds up to a better gaming experience.

Most gamers will stop at nothing to unlock new gear, improve their times, work their way up the leader board and level up their gaming ability to beat their friends. This self-moulded grip gives them that all-important competitive edge.”

Exogrip, a gaming grip designed specifically to alleviate concerns about gamers hand health, is entering the market amidst growing concern over the potential health risks associated with prolonged gaming. Studies have linked extended periods of gaming with nerve damage and chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The Exogrip aims to address these issues by reducing strain on the hands during gameplay.

Sam Coombes adds: “Gamers are increasingly aware that their hobby can cause discomfort and pain, and they are looking for accessories that might help. Exogrip’s smart-grip solution has been designed with comfort in mind, and it could help to protect users from hand injuries in the future.”

Price and Availability

The Exogrip is available for £24.99 from the Exogrip website, hit the link here.

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