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Time Crisis
Game Profiles, PS1

Time Crisis (1997) [PS1]

Originally released as an arcade game, Time Crisis is a single player shooter game that was later ported to the PlayStation and packaged with the light gun controller made by GunCon. In the 3D first person rail shooter, players wield a light gun to defend themselves against oncoming enemies. The […]

Virtual Reality

Challenges Facing VR Game Developers

Virtual Reality has been around for years in gaming, but only in recent times has it become both effective and accessible for the home entertainment market. The VR world of the eighties and nineties saw huge headsets used, often in specialist stores, whilst home gamers settled for joysticks and television […]

Company Profiles

Genesis Gaming

Genesis as a brand was established in 2011 They are a Polish brand of peripherals and accessories for gamers. They have been supplying accessories for players of all levels since their inception. โ€œGenesisโ€ means formation and continuous growth. They currently manufacture and supply: MICE KEYBOARDS MOUSEPADS HEADPHONES SPEAKERS MICROPHONES CONTROLLERS […]

Clock Tower PS1
Game Profiles, PS1

Clock Tower (1995) [PS1]

In the first instalment of the series, Clock Tower is a survival horror, point & click adventure game that requires players to control Jennifer Simpson, the main character, with the use of an on-screen cursor. In the 2D world, players can command Jennifer to investigate objects, navigate to other areas, […]