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E-sports betting – the past and the present

Betting has become something that is more discussed on social media and other platforms in recent times. More people than before the pandemic enjoy gambling, and especially placing bets on sports.  But for those of us not particularly interested in traditional sports, there are other alternatives. Where traditional bettors might […]


What Is a Python Request Library?

A Python Requests Library is a library for developing APIs for requests. The library allows developers to create, parse, and execute HTTP requests easily. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous requests and has support for validating request parameters, header fields, and body contents. A Python library is a set of […]


The Most Played Games In Thailand

Thailand is well known for its passion for video games. Online games have been growing exponentially over the last decade, but Thailand gamers have their own personal preferences.  In the last years there was a rebirth in co-op games. It may be related to the toxicity of some games’ community, […]


Is Mobile the Future of Sports Betting?

It is no secret that sports betting in the US has completely changed since the Supreme Court’s decision in 2018 to effectively hand the legislation back to individual states. Over half the country can now bet legally and millions of Americans have now signed up for new customer accounts. Whether […]


How Does Coding Help Students

Coding is a demanded skill right now. It is not only a profitable sphere nowadays, but a real lifestyle. No wonder, there are plenty of books, which are focused on teaching children coding. However, it is not only about learning programming but about self-development. Getting some coding help is important […]