Edifier TWS6 Review
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Edifier TWS6 Review

We jumped at the chance to write an Edifier TWS6 review. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the TWS6’s for a few weeks now. So, once they were available we snapped up the opportunity and got to work reviewing these true wireless earbuds.

So, without any further hesitation lets get into our in-depth review

Edifier TWS6 Review: The gloss black case looks really good, classy even.
Edifier TWS6 Review: The gloss black case looks really good, classy even.

Edifier TWS6 Review

I love Edifier stuff. Just scroll down to the bottom of this review and check out some of the related posts. I can’t seem to get enough of them. So I was really excited when I got the e-mail confirming a pair of the TWS6’s were on their way.

First thing I noticed was the absolutely outstanding branded packaging. It’s super high quality and is probably the best packaging on any of the TWS range I have reviewed so far.

The images are bright and the outer cardboard has been made with really strong materials, it feels like a premium box and protects the internal contents well.

And, the best bit about the packaging is that there is almost ZERO single use plastic. There’s just a thin plastic protector over the shiny black charging case, which I can forgive.

Here’s my reviews of the TWS1’s and TWS5’s, check them out, it’ll help you decide which of the range to go for.

Edifier TWS6 Review: They come with a good assortment of adapters.
Edifier TWS6 Review: They come with a good assortment of adapters.

Design & Build Quality

The Edifier TWS6 earphones look pretty much the same as the Edifier TWS1‘s. They’re made using a strong black plastic for both the earbuds and the wireless charging case.

The high gloss black finish will do well to stay free of hair line scratches and mucky fingerprints, so get yourself a small cleaning cloth or store them in something like the the STM Dapper Wrapper to keep them clean and scratch free.

I usually perform a build quality test when I get sent things to review. But with these, I’m going to give them away to a newsletter subscriber at some point, so I couldn’t actually do a scratch test on the gloss case.

Each of the ear buds are easy to put into and remove from your ears, thanks partly to the design of the drivers, they offer a decent surface area for you to grip.

They’re about as lightweight as you’d want really. Any lighter and you may not notice if one fell out of your ear! (Not that I think they would, as they’re really good for workouts).

They’ve been designed with compactness in mind and they offer a snug, tight fit.

I wore the TWS6’s on a 10km run and they didn’t come loose, they were extremely comfortable and the sound they produce helped me get through a long up hill section! The IPX5 water resistance came in handy for that too.

Edifier TWS6 Review: The gloss black case easily scratches!
Edifier TWS6 Review: The gloss black case easily scratches!

Unfortunately the touch controls are quite limited. You can access siri or other voice assistance by tapping the left earbud twice. To pause and resume you double tap the right one. However, the controls that are available do work well and are responsive.

They come with five different pairs of ear tips ranging from 11 to 13 millimetres. As well as three pairs of differently-shaped wing tips. You’ll find a size that fits you perfectly, I especially liked the memory foam ones, they’re so comfortable!

Edifier TWS6 Review: Features

  • Bluetooth 5
  • IPX5 Water Resistance
  • 7-8 Hours Playback
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Extra Wing Tips
They’re available in either black or white.

Sound Quality

My experience with Edifier gear is that sound quality is usually really good. And again, these are no exception.

The bass is really punchy and is a bit more heavy than the TWS1’s, it doesn’t hit too heavy though and won’t rattle your brain! The mid-range is well rounded and vocals sound good. The amplification technology Edifier have used makes it feel as if the songs you’re listening too are full and highly detailed. The only thing lacking somewhat was the high range, it seemed a little bit bland.

Another good feature is that they have ‘passive’ noise cancellation. And what that means is that background noises such as cars passing by on the road or your dishwasher on a rinse cycle sound about as half as loud as they otherwise would. It makes for an awesome listening experience.

The packaging is really, really good.
The packaging is really, really good.

Where Can I Buy Them?

The TWS6’s are available from Amazon for around $120 / £89.99. They are just at the top edge of the budget price range for an earbud. But, they are a great buy, especially for the features you get for the price point.

Summary and Verdict

Overall I do really like these. They’re probably my favorite out of the range in terms of the overall package.

You’ll do well with the Edifier TWS6. They sound great, the microphone is clear and offers great clarity for phone calls or Zoom meetings.

I really like the design of the gloss black finish of the case, but I’m caught between style and function. It’s a shame that such a good looking case will end up being so heavily scratched.

They are the best sounding in the range though and like I said, it’s a toss up between style or function.

Score 8.0 / 10

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