QV Nintendo Switch Release Date
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QV Nintendo Switch Release Date

QV Nintendo Switch Release Date announcement soon. Yes that’s right, the Inter-dimensional action adventure game is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Read on below to find out more!

QV Nintendo Switch Release Date

We’re looking forward to hearing about the upcoming release. More details should be announced soon. But, in the meantime check out the full press release below:

QV Nintendo Switch Release Date

  • Join Quby for a journey across dimensions!
  • Uncover secrets of the ruins and restore balance between dimensions!
  • A new original action adventure for Nintendo Switch!

A new action adventure game, QV, has been announced to be released on Nintendo Switch by the game publisher CFK.

IZZLE, the maker of QV, is a promising Korean game developer full of creative ideas, bravely marching into the console game market with the help of Google Korea and KISED, Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development.

QV (for Nintendo Switch) tells the story of a girl named Quby who is destined to protect the balance and harmony between worlds and dimensions. In the game, she explores ruins of the old worlds and uncovers secrets hidden in the ancient sites.

Players will journey with Quby across dimensions and find what mysteries the ruins have in store for them.

Aside from various enemies, Quby has to make her way through traps, puzzles, and golems guarding the altar. It is her power to control dimensions that will be of great use when she explores the ruins. With her power, Quby can create portals, walk on water, and do many other amazing things.

QV will be released worldwide for Nintendo Switch (DL Only). Join her for the adventure across dimensions some time this year.

It’ll be available on the Nintendo Switch Store.

Announcement Trailer


QV Nintendo Switch Release Date Character Art
QV Nintendo Switch Release Date Character Art


A girl with a mission to keep worlds and dimensions in harmony.
She has the power to open, or close dimensions through “the Gate.

QV Nintendo Switch Release Date Character Art
QV Nintendo Switch Release Date Character Art


A penguin from the other world. He left his world when the balance between dimensions became unstable. May look like a bird, but can’t actually fly.

Further Information

Title: QV
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action Adventure
Release: TBA
Price: TBA
Player(s): Single
Supported Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Publisher: CFK Co., Ltd.

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