Mathland Nintendo Switch Release Date is coming soon.
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MathLand Nintendo Switch Release Date

MathLand Nintendo Switch Release Date has been announced.

Created by indie developer Artax Games, Mathland is an educational adventure game. It’ll be available to download for the Nintendo Switch next week.

The educational adventure game has a focus on maths challenges and exploration and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch on 24th February.

It’s been available for iOS and Android devices for a while now but the launch on Nintendo Switch will allow it to the console gamer market.

You’ll play as Ray in a an attempt to recover the lost gems. Along the way you’ll be able to improve your maths skills with some basic to moderate maths challenges.

The Nintendo Switch copy of the game will include all original islands and game modes for a really competitive price of only 5.99 €/$.

MathLand has managed to combine maths and puzzle challenges with the mechanics of an exploration game really well. It has different difficulty levels so the came can adapt to any skill set or age group.

That includes Adults! If the older crows want to freshen up their maths skills or keep their brain active this game is ideal.

Plot Synopsis

Max has stolen the sacred gems and has cast a spell on the islands! He is afterall a evil, wicked pirate. The islands have been overrun by obstacles and traps. Ray will have to find the stolen gems to restore the natural balance on the islands.

There are more than 25 levels containing, Lava volcanos, cursed birds, magic doors and a few surprises along the way.

MathLand Nintendo Switch Release Date – Switch Trailer

Mathland for Nintendo Switch is coming soon.

MathLand Nintendo Switch Release Date – Features

  • Sali the seven seas with your pirate ship.
  • Maths challenges with all operations: Addition, subtraction, product, division and comparison.
  • Different difficulty levels, suitable for all ages. 
  • 5  different worlds full of challenges to beat: Isle of the Pirate, Selvatic Island, Mystery Marsh, Furious Volcano and Remote Ruins.
  • Endless adventure: Lava volcanos, cursed birds, magical doors, carnivorous plants, quicksands… and much more!
  • Improve your score finding collectible items.

Check out our early thoughts on this educational game in our MathLand Nintendo Switch Review.

MathLand Screenshots

Find out more over on the official website:


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  1. Too cool! I am a Math Educator in the U.S. and I typically serve in some very poor schools. I also happen to be a gamer…an avid gamer that loves to share the passion with others around me. I would love to check out this title to see what kind of value it could have in the classroom for students.

  2. Looks interesting!

  3. I’d like this game. I think it’d help me improve my kids math skills.

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