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FUZE4 Nintendo Switch Update: New Features, Price Drop & More!

The devs responsible for FUZE4 Nintendo Switch have announced that the price for FUZE4 Nintendo Switch has dropped, quite significantly too. The learn to code platform for Nintendo Switch is now priced as follows:

UK: £12.99
EU: €14.99
US: $19.99

With A New Price Comes New Features & Updates

The latest patch (released in January) adds loads of new functions and commands including a host of powerful 3D functions like intersect collision, object grouping and extended environment commands.

The 3D creative possibilities are now huge. In addition 2D games have also been given many new Tile Map functions that dramatically increase the scope of 2D level maps. This means that complex levels can be controlled with ease.

The patch added more though. Fans of FUZE4 have been blessed with undoubtedly the most important update. That being open sharing.

Before the patch your projects could only be shared between friend IDs, now all projects can submitted to the FUZE Arena portal where they are given a unique code. Allowing anyone to download the project.

This images shows the FUZE4 Price Update image.
FUZE4 Price Update makes it incredible value!

What Next For FUZE4?

The future of FUZE

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is just the beginning. Over the next few months teamFUZE will start working on on a plan for new platforms. These will be released over the next 24 months.

With the latest new features and the new ‘very low’ price the time to get involved is right here, right now! If you are still undecided if FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is for you, check out the review we did. It really is a great game!

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