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The Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser

The best pet treat cameras with treat dispenser allow you to communicate with your pets via your smartphone or tablet. They offer monitoring, treat dispensing, and communication channels between you and your furry friend.

The Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser

Treat your dog to a tasty snack with these top smart pet cameras. My dog loves treats, he’s half Labrador after all. Initially, I was concerned he’d be freaked out by a pet camera.

My main worry was that the ‘click’ of the treat being dispensed may have caused him to bark or become scared. He’s a rescue dog and quite skittish. The good news is that the noise hasn’t really been an issue and he’s grown to love it.

These smart devices all distribute treats and it also allows them hear your voice. This will keep your pooch happy and reduce separation anxiety.

So, don’t be afraid to get your dog a treat dispensing smart camera, it turns out they get used to it quite quickly.

What is a Treat Dispenser Pet Camera?

A dog treat camera is a smart home device that helps you with your pet in the following ways:

  • keeps an eye on your pets daily activities.
  • helps reduce stress in your pet, they can hear your voice.
  • records your pets movements and sounds.
  • feeds your pet a treat.

Some of the best pet cameras, like the ones listed in our article feature push alert notifications and the ability to scheduler a treat to be given from the dispenser.

How to select the right pet camera for your pet?

You need to make sure you select the right pet camera for you and your pet. We mentioned above, there are so many on the market now it’s difficult to decide so make sure you use the following advice:

  • Review the ones featured in our article
  • Check online reviews such as ones on Amazon
  • Identify your pets needs
  • Do you need two way audio or a treat dispenser?
  • Select a price range and stick to your budget.
  • Have you got good WIFI signals within your house?

The Best Pet Treat Cameras

As technology gets better and better more and more suppliers are creating pet cams. That means, as a consumer you have a lot of choice! A quick search on Amazon yields so many results.

Don’t allow the sheer number of them to confuse you, we’ve done the hard work on your behalf. We had a tough time whittling it down to just 5 as there are so many on offer at the moment.

Here are the most popular pet monitoring devices on the market that you can buy right now. We’ve included Amazon Affiliate links to each of the cameras, these links will take you right to the product page so make it easier to check them out in more detail.

At a glance – The very best pet cameras on the market right now

  1. Petcube 2
  2. Skymee Dog Camera And Treat Dispenser
  3. Furbo Dog Camera
  4. Petzi Treat Camera
  5. WoPet Treat Feeder Automatic

Pet Treat Cameras Updated for 2020!

We’re continually adding to this article to keep it up to date. So, we’ve gone through all of the very best pet cams and updated our list of best pet cameras for 2020. Check them out below.

First up, it’s the Petcube 2.

Petcube 2

An image showing a dog camera treat dispenser
One of the best dog camera treat dispensers available right now. Image: Pet Cube

First up is the Petcube 2. This stylish pet camera will look good in any home. The 1080p camera with 180 degree lens makes keeping an eye on your pet really simple. The Petcube Bites 2 got an updated treat mechanism that allows a wider selection of treat sizes to be used.

It’s perfect for staying connected to your pet when you are away from home.

It has a solid build quality and is quite compact. The only thing we thought was a bit of a negative was that it relies on a USB cable to power the device. High capacity batteries are getting increasingly small so the next iteration of this smart pet cam should make use of battery power.

Hit the affiliate link here to check it out on Amazon.

SKYMEE Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

A compact sturdy design makes this a great pet cam. Image: SKYMEE

Next up we have the SKYMEE.

The SKYMEE Dog Camera has a great feature set. It has two way audio, allowing you to talk to your pet. It also has photo and video sharing via the SKYMEE smartphone app. The treat dispenser allows doggy treats up to 1.1cm in size.

The camera has a full 1080p resolution and has an impressive zoom of 4X magnification. A bonus feature is that it has night vision capability, perfect if you need to leave your pet for a few hours after dark.

Hit the affiliate link here to check it out on Amazon.

Furbo – the best pet camera for dogs

The Furbo is the best camera for dogs!
The Furbo is the best camera for dogs!

We think the Furbo is the best smart pet camera and treat dispenser for dogs. Like the others on our list it boasts a decent sized treat dispenser, two-way audio and a fairly average night vision camera setup.

A feature that we’ve not seen on other pet cams is a bark notification. It alerts you the Furbo detects your pet is barking. If, like my dog your pet is extremely vocal, it’s good to know how often he/she is doing it whilst you aren’t at home. That way you can take action to stop annoying your neighbours with excessive barking.

Hit the affiliate link here to check it out on Amazon.

Petzi Treat Cam

The Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser
The Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser

The Petzi treat cam is perfect if you need a basic design pet treat camera to monitor your pets activities whilst you are away from home. The Indigogo (crowdfunding) funded camera has a built in Amazon Dash functionality. This means that it’ll track treat levels in real time and automatically re-orders them so you’ll never run out!

It features full HD video camera, high quality audio and night vision.

Hit the affiliate link here to check it out on Amazon.

WoPet SmartFeeder Automatic

The Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser
The Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser

The WoPet SmartFeeder Automatic is the only device on this list that’ll work without an internet connection. It’s also powered by either mains or battery power!

Although, we won’t be using them as they sell an electric shock collar! Not acceptable today.

Hit the affiliate link here to check it out on Amazon.

Differences between Pet Camera and CCTV Camera

If you aren’t sure whether to buy an ordinary security camera or a dedicated pet treat camera you’re not alone. There are benefits for choosing either of the two. Take a look at the differences below

IP Camera

IP Cameras are an extremely popular way of monitoring your home or office. We use a multitude of different IP’s cameras at the office. We have some premium brands such as the NETGEAR ARLO system. We also use some cheaper D-LINK ones for not so critical areas.

What is an IP Camera?

An IP camera, is a type of digital video camera that receives data and sends data via an IP network. Basically, it means sending camera footage over the internet. They are most commonly used for surveillance but unlike traditional CCTC systems, they don’t need local storage via a hard drive.

Pet Camera

What do your pets get up to when you aren’t around? If you need to know then a Pet Camera is for you! Below you’ll find some of the commonly asked questions about Smart Pet Cams. If we haven’t covered a question please feel free to leave a comment below!

Smart Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser F.A.Q

What treats are suitable for pet cam treat dispensers?

We’d recommend buying a hard kibble type of food, the semi moist treats can clog the mechanism.

How do I connect the pet cam to my network?

Follow the devices instructions to connect your pet camera to WIFI.

Are pet camera treat dispensers dangerous?

We don’t think so. As they are quite compact and small they are easy to know over, so ensure they are out of immediate reach of your pet.

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