Sades Axe Gaming Mouse Review
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Sades Axe Gaming Mouse Review

A PR company asked us to write a Sades Axe Gaming Mouse Review. I’d not used anything by Sades before so I was excited to check it out.

Let’s get into the review and see if this RGB Optical Gaming mouse is any good!

First Impressions – Sades Axe Gaming Mouse Review

Opening the box that arrived I was greeted with some awesome packaging, the cardboard was damaged in the mail but, as you can see it’s really sturdy so no damage to the mouse occured.

The branding is great and I like the non matt finish to the picture of the mouse on the box. I’m a sucker for good branding and packing! Off to a good start then, but how does it perform?

Sades Axe Gaming Mouse Review
The Sades Axe Gaming Mouse is a bit of a steal.

Performance, Design & Build Quality – Sades Axe Gaming Mouse Review

I started off by using the mouse for some admin tasks and day to day office work. The mouse is comfortable and has a good weighty feel. (I did add the extra weights that you get with it). The Sades Axe is a good size and it fits the hand really well.

On the side of the mouse there are 6 buttons, you don’t normally get 6 buttons so it’s a good amount to have, the buttons aren’t cramped together and when my thumb is resting on them they are firm enough that they aren’t pressed by mistake.

On the right hand side there’s a finger rest. I didn’t think I’d need it or use it alot but it provides additional comfort when using the mouse for long periods of time. A long all night Call Of Duty session for example.

The trigger button is good but I found myself using the traditional left click instead. The accuracy of my aiming improved with this mouse over my other generic bluetooth brand.

I’m a big fan of bluetooth but I suspect my aim got better due to it being wired, minimising input lag.

At the top of the mouse near the scroll wheel is a DPI switch, it’s handy being able to switch between DPI settings on the fly. It saves you having to dig into the software to mess around with the settings.

Speaking of the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse software. The bundled software is lightweight (using minimal compute power), easy to use and really quick to set up.

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We’ve loved reviewing the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse

The RGB lighting is bright, but it hasn’t been over done, it’s not too ‘in your face’. The colours look great and it fits into my current RGB setup well. Unlike other RGB Gaming Mice it has a a nice touch of having a bit of colour in the scroll wheel!

The Sades Axe Gaming mouse has lots of great features, I don’t think you’ll find better at this price point! It’s under £30 right now on Amazon. You won’t find any of the other well known name brands with a mouse as cheap as this?

In my opinion if you are a gamer or just a general PC user that want’s to add a bit of RGB in their setup I recommend you give this mouse a go! It doesn’t feel cheap due to the fact how well made it is!

The Sades Axe Gaming Mouse is a fantastic peripheral for gamers!
The Sades Axe Gaming Mouse is a fantastic peripheral for gamers!

Any complaints?

The only thing I didn’t like was then when I added the weights, I found no easy way of removing them again. The only way I could remove them was to lightly tap the mouse on the desk. Perhaps a ‘pull tab’ on the weight block would help resolve that small issue.

Summary & Verdict

A solid, well built gaming mouse. With some cool features such as macro buttons and a stand-alone trigger button make it a great buy. Gaming purists don’t want wireless gaming mouses, but i’d like to see a bluetooth version!

Score: 8/10

If they had a bluetooth version, I’d give it a 9!

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