SADES A6 Gaming Headset Review
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Sades A6 Gaming Headset Review

We were asked if we’d like to write a Sades A6 Gaming Headset Review. I’ve not reviewed Sades stuff for a while. The Sades A6 is a £25 / $35 gaming headset that’s firmly marketed as being a budget offering. But, at just £20 will it be any good?

Let’s get into our Sades A6 Gaming Headset Review.

Sades A6 Gaming Headset Review

The Sades A6 is a 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. Created by Sades, a Shenzhen based company. I’ve reviewed a Sades Gaming Mouse before which was good. I have high hopes of this headset having the same build quality as the mouse.

Sades A6 Orange LED are bright and looks good against the black.
Sades A6 Orange LED are bright and looks good against the black.

Design & Build

Firstly I want to talk about the styling. For me the design is some what industrial minimalist but somehow it seems busy? I’m not sure if that description will make sense to some of you. But that’s the easiest way I can think of to describe the A6 headset.

The headset I received was the black and orange one. I didn’t really like it at first, I didn’t think it’d suit me. It’s a similar feeling to the way I felt about the Edifier W800BT headphones I reviewed recently.

But, after using them to play some games in a dark room the bright orange LED really makes a statement. My wife commented that they looked unusual and that they really stand out.

So far so good then. But how is the build quality?

The first thing I wanted to talk about in terms of the build quality is the headband. Let’s get the bad out of the way first shall we?

Thin materials make the Sades A6 feel like a sub-par product.
Thin materials make the Sades A6 feel like a sub-par product.

The headband is made of a thin, soft, cushioned plastic and the outer frame is made using a light steel. Whilst the steel construction makes it fairly strong, the overall build quality is actually quite poor.

I’m not sure it’s the price that’s causing the build quality issues, as you can get some fairly decent gaming headsets such as the Radon 610 from Genesis for roughly the same price.

The saving grace though is how comfortable the ear cups are. They’re really soft and provide a good tight fit to help minimize background noise. The material is described as being a skin-friendly leatherette.

I also really like the self adjusting headband. It’s a neat idea and I don’t have to spend ages adjusting each side individually. It’s lightweight and over the course of 3 hours was really comfortable.

The inline controls are well designed. The volume, microphone and RGB light are all controlled via the multi-functional in-line remote.

Sades A6 Review: The inline controls work well.
Sades A6 Review: The inline controls work well.

Sound Quality

The Sades A6 has a virtual 7.1 surround sound chip, and it does the job just fine. They would hugely benefit from a decent DAC though.

The 40mm diameter Hifi Speaker has high sensitivity and accurate sound reproduction. It allows you to hear each sound with a great level of detail. Perfect for trying to identify where those pesky enemy footsteps are coming from.

I did also listen to an album by Logic. It’s heavily hip-hop orientated and as expected the gaming headset lacked any real punch to the low end. I can’t say I’m surprised, as gaming headsets that I’ve reviewed all tend to have poor bass levels. It’s to help with clarity and detail in the sound.

The microphone is clear and your team mates will be able to hear you easily. It could do with a wind shield though, as it does pick up muffles, background noise and breathing sounds, all of which would be reduced greatly if the Sades A6 came with a pop-shield / wind shield.

Sades A6 Review: The ear cups are really comfortable.
Sades A6 Review: The ear cups are really comfortable.


The SADES A6 is worth purchasing if you are looking for a dedicated gaming headset and aren’t to bothered about having a great all rounder for listening to music.

It’s also well worth buying if you are on a tight budget and want some added features such as LED lighting and in-line controls.

It’s decent for the price!

Score: 6.5/10

The SADES A6 is available to buy from Amazon.


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We were sent the SADES A6 Gaming Headset in exchange for an honest review.

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