Genesis 750 Neon Gaming Headset Review
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Genesis Neon 750 Gaming Headset Review

Here’s my Genesis Neon 750 Gaming Headset Review. My last foray into a headset by Genesis was all the way back at the start of 2020. I reviewed the Radon 610 which I really enjoyed, I enjoyed it so much I almost gave it the perfect 10 out of 10 score. It’s been used as my go to headset for nearly two years now! The Neon 750 will have to do one better to replace my trusty workhorse. We’ll see.

For this review, they got in touch and asked me to check out the 750. I accepted and then waited for the package to arrive from Poland. I’ve been an avid fan of Genesis ever since they first contacted me, all of the products I’ve reviewed have all impressed me and I’m hoping the Neon 750 does aswell.

The specs are quite impressive, as is the price. For a headset that costs around $65.99 it’s got a rich feature list, it looks very stylish too. On paper then, this should live up to the worthy track-record Genesis has garnered. They’re still not as big in the UK as I think they should be and maybe, just maybe, the Neon 750 Gaming Headset will help acquire some more interest over this side of the English Channel.

I’ll start the review in my usual manner, I’ll first discuss my first impressions and then I’ll dive straight into my thoughts on the sound quality. So, let’s get started.

Genesis Neon 750 Gaming Headset Review
Genesis Neon 750 Gaming Headset Review

Genesis Neon 750 Gaming Headset Review

Having reviewed several Genesis products from Mice to PC Cases, one thing always stands out and that one thing is the incredibly strong branding. The red and dark grey colour scheme of the product box looks simply sublime. The packaging itself is made with really thick, super high quality cardboard.

The product imagery is vivid and the glossy embossing they’ve laid over the image of the headset really makes the box stand out from a crowded headset market.

Upon opening the box I was greeted with a nice surprise. There wasn’t much in the way of single use plastic packaging. Don’t get me wrong, the tray that houses the headset is made of plastic but that’s it, the rest of it is completely recyclable which is great to see.

I’ve been using single use plastic as a key measure in my reviews for the last year so it’s good to see Genesis ahead of the curve with their packaging. If I remember correctly when writing my Radon 610 Review, I noticed that didn’t have much plastic packaging either.

In terms of included accessories, it’s fairly basic. You do get a decent looking storage bag with the headset. Perfect for keeping the cable from getting damaged when travelling. I think I’d have liked a hard shell style case but that’s just personal preference. This doesn’t affect overall performance, it was more of an observation than anything.

Speaking of the cable, there’s a braided and a non braided extension, I’d have preferred it to be either one or the other and not a mish mash of different components. It’s not in keeping with the overall look and feel of the headset.

Overall I’m really pleased that I’ve started to like this headset so quickly. My first impressions are great and I hope this headset does those first impressions justice. Let’s move on to the audio quality and see what it’s like for gaming and for it’s secondary purpose, music consumption.

The packaging looks fantastic.
The packaging looks fantastic.

Sound Quality

For the sound quality test I decided I’d boot up State of Decay 2 on the PC. I’ve not played this awesome Zombie survival game in a while, I figured it’d make a good test. The epic background soundtrack of thematic music and zombie gargles would put the headset through it’s paces.

Before I detail my thoughts on the sound I just wanted to touch on getting set up. All of the headsets I’ve reviewed in the past have used a single USB connection for audio and power. The Neon 750 however, needs USB and a headphone jack to provide power and sound, which I found a bit strange. It’s slightly embarrassing to admit but It took me a good few minutes to figure that out! Ok, back to the sound quality.

I loaded up State Of Decay 2 and my immediate reaction on first hearing how the intro music sounded through the Genesis Neon 750 Gaming Headset was one of disappointment. The only real way I can describe it would be that it sounds ‘tinny’ with a complete lack of bass.

Now I know gaming headsets aren’t focused on bass as the primary frequency at all but I expected there to be something there in terms of a decent bass response. To try and improve things I jumped into the audio settings on my PC to double check what it was set up as. If you use windows 10, headsets can be set up as ‘Headphones’ or ‘Headset’.

I tried both options. The Headset option was the default setting with a complete lack of any punch to the bass. The Headphones option improved things slightly but not enough to move my opinion skywards. That’s the bass covered then, what about the other aspects?

The high and mid-range frequencies both sound good and each musical element is well detailed. That ‘tinny’ sound I described above is the high end. It makes the dialogue in the game sound crystal clear, it’s got incredibly good clarity and that clarity helps identify incoming threats such as zombies or other enemy factions. The clarity is perhaps the saving grace for this headset. It’s the single best aspect of the overall sound profile.

The included removable microphone is neat touch. It can often get in the way and being able to remove it is something I wish more gaming headsets had. In terms of the microphone performance, it picked up my voice just fine. There isn’t a windshield included with the headset. This means it does pick up a bit of background breath noises but it doesn’t affect the quality of my voice enough that my team mates couldn’t hear me.

Next up, a quick music test. I listened to a few tracks from Kanye West’s new album and the story was much the same as when I played the game. The bass could do with more punch and the high-end, specifically on the opening track sounded somewhat over-bearing.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad headset. In fact, despite my somewhat negative opinion of the sound quality, I think it’s just about where it should be in terms of price point. Let’s move on now and check out how well made this gaming headset is.

The internal box also gets the design treatment.
The internal box also gets the design treatment.

Build Quality

Everything I’ve reviewed from Genesis so far has been nothing short of awesome in terms of the build quality. This means though that I’ve come to expect nothing less than top-notch build quality in the products they release. And, overall the build quality in the Neon 750 headset matches that reputation. It’s built with quality materials. Plastic and aluminum are both used in the construction which makes it both strong and lightweight.

I used my ‘twist test’ to check out how much punishment it could take. It almost twisted all the way around without breaking and it popped back into position without showing any signs at the abuse I’ve just put it through.

The earcups are made of faux leather and are a good size to completely surround the ear, which should help completely immerse you into the audio experience.

I do have a slight issue in terms of comfort, the bar that goes over the top of your head is not as comfortable as I thought it would be. I gamed for around two hours and the first hour and a half I hardly noticed I was wearing the headset but after that It was slightly uncomfortable. To resolve this I think they need to add a bit more padding to the top.

PC connectivity is rather strange. Power for the headphones and RGB lighting is supplied via a USB connector, while audio signals are transmitted through a single 3.5mm jack for audio and a single 3.5mm jack for voice.

It’s a really strange setup, once you’ve untangled the birds nest of cabling it still looks a bit of a mess. If you’re the sort of person who prefers a super clean, simplistic desk set-up this gaming headset isn’t for you.

The only good thing about the cable is the in-line controls. They work well and are easy to use. They control the mute function, volume and LED’s.

Speaking of the LED’s, the colours behind the Genesis logo look really, really good. I think one of my favourite things about this headset is the styling touches and overall design. It’s fantastically well designed and it’s probably one of the best looking headsets I’ve reviewed.

The inline controls work well.
The inline controls work well.

Where To Buy The Genesis Neon 750 Gaming Headset

As with most Genesis products it’s pretty hard to get a hold of in the UK. The best place to find information on stockists would be on the Genesis website. Hit the link here to go and check them out. We don’t know if these will be stocked by Amazon. But, if they do get listed I’ll update this review with the link.

I did find the Genesis Argon 200 on Amazon if you wanted to check that out. Hit the link here.

Full List Of Features

Here’s the full list of features from the Genesis website.

Remote control functionsTurn on/off the backlight, Turn on/off the microphone, Volume control
PlatformSony PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, Laptop
Construction of headphonesClosed back
Microphone muteOn cable
Illumination colorRGB
Impedance32 Ohm
Diameter of driver50 mm
SpecializedFor Gamers
Driver unit materialNeodymium magnet
Included AccessoriesPouch, USB Adapter
Signal to noise ratio95 dB
Microphone mountDetachable
MaterialArtificial leather
Headphones typeOn-ear
Microphone frequency response100 – 16000 Hz
Microphone sensitivity-42 dB
Sound pressure level106 dB
Headphones frequency response20 – 20000 Hz
Audio system2.0
Wire braidPlastic shield
Volume controlCable-integrated
Cable length150 cm
ConnectorsUSB Type-A, 4-PIN
Catalog numberNSG-1792

Summary and Verdict

As much as I wanted to give this a high score I just can’t justify doing that. The lack of bass response, the weird cable design and the comfort challenges I faced can really only leave me with one option. A 6.5 is a fair score.

Genesis are a good gaming peripheral brand, in fact I’d say they’re a fantastic brand. For the most part they make great headsets but they haven’t quite hit the mark with this one. The price point is fair but I think you will get better for the same spend.

I’ll still be sticking with the Genesis Radon 610’s, they’re my daily drivers and they’re perfect.

Score: 6.5/10

The headset looks great and it’s one of the best looking I’ve reviewed.

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