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Sades Wand Review

When the Sades Wand was first announced I just had to get my hands on it and write my Sades Wand Review for the blog. It’s been a while since I’d reviewed a gaming headset.

I’ve reviewed a fair few headsets from different manufacturers in the past, with one of faves being the Genesis Radon 610 gaming headset. So, I’m eager to see how the Sades Wand compares.

I also reviewed the Sades A6 and gave it a 6.5 / 10. I’m hoping the Sades Wand is a lot better and on the face of it at least, that looks to be the case.

Let’s get into the review and find out if the Wand is any good.

Sades Wand Review: The Earcups are soft and really comfortable.
Sades Wand Review: The Earcups are soft and really comfortable.

Sades Wand Review

Without breaking from tradition, I’ll start with my first impressions. When the headset arrived in the mail my initial thoughts were that the packaging is a vast improvement over the A6.

The box is black and blue. The colours match the headset and it looks really uniform in the box. There’s a clear plastic window so you can see the Wand in the packaging and it has a premium feel to it. The colour scheme remains consistent through the entire product, which I like.

Unboxing the headset the first thing you notice is the gloss black sides of the ear cups. The gloss matched with the matte black of the rest of the body of the headset works really well.

There are two triangle cut outs on the side of the ear cups that have a blue LED built in and once I’d plugged them in, they lit up and I have to say I much prefer the blue LED to the orange of the Sades A6.

The ear cups have a soft leatherette finish which in theory means that should be incredibly comfortable. One thing I did notice about them is that they do deform quite easily.

This tells me they aren’t the best quality but for the asking price of the Wand, I can’t really complain. I’ll touch more on the build quality a bit later in the review.

Overall my first impressions are that this is a decent headset in terms of styling and design. But let’s play a few games to understand if it performs as well as it looks.

Sades Wand Review: The blue LED is bright and stands out.
Sades Wand Review: The blue LED is bright and stands out.

Sades Wand Review Sound Quality

Taking this headsets price into account I was almost expecting to be a bit disappointed with the sound when playing some PC games. To cut a long story short though, I was not disappointed.

This is partly in fact down to the digital 7.1 surround sound chip which gives a far greater sound capability than headsets that only feature stereo.

The increased treble and reduced bass when 7.1 mode is activated, allow you to pay attention to those little sound clues that can be used to track enemy movement around you.

I played Gears 5 and being able to hear sounds from multiple directions felt like an entirely new sound experience, really impressive at the price point.

The soft leatherette ear cups I mentioned earlier are really comfortable and after playing Gears 5 for around 2 hours I didn’t notice any dis-comfort at all.

The boom mic is activated when you lower it and it’s decent enough for what you’ll use it for. I recorded some gameplay using OBS and it did pick up some of the PC cooling fan noises.

This means that the mic is fairly sensitive. Your team mates will probably hear distortion if you start to talk (or shout in my case) too loudly. It’s best to keep your voice down, or lower your levels in your sound control panel.

As mentioned, the built-in mic can be turned on by swiveling it down, to mute it you just need to move it back to the upward facing position. It helps if your privacy conscious. But, it’s not removable. This would have allowed a greater deal of confidence that the mic isn’t active.

The mic feels well built so shouldn’t cause any issues in terms of hardware failure.

Listening to music feels flat and the lack of real bass doesn’t help when I watched Red Tails. The booming engine sounds really tested the bass. But you must remember this is a gaming headset and isn’t tuned for film or music.

Overall I’m really pleased with the sound quality of the Sades Wand.

The side view of the Sades Wand.
The side view of the Sades Wand.

Build Quality

I’ll start this section by discussing the cable. We’re offered headsets to review all the time and one thing I always look for in a head set is a good solid braided cable.

The cable is a fairly common component to suffer from hardware failure.

Instead of a regular plastic USB cable the Wand has a thick, braided cable that protects it from everyday use and damage. The cable is also quite long, nearly 2m so even if you accidentally run over it with your gaming chair, it should be strong enough to handle it and keep working.

The cable length is good if your PC is far away from you. But, at the same time can be a pain in the backside to have excess cable if your PC is within arms reach.

In-line controls are fantastically well built and large enough that you know which button to press without looking at them. Gamers who like to play in the dark are also catered for as the buttons have a nice blue LED light built in.

I also really like the branded and LED illuminated Sades logo.

Buttons are well built.
Sades Wand Review: Buttons are well built.

On the in line controls you’ll find an LED control button, volume up, volume down, mute and the 7.1 surround sound button.

The overall plastic construction feels strong but I’m worried I’d be able to break the headset easily, as the ‘twist’ test doesn’t give me the confidence that this headset would survive being dropped or thrown on the desk in anger! I also worry the gloss black on the ear cups will scratch easily.

Overall, the build quality is fine for the price.

Price & Where to buy?

The Sades Wand is available for $18 / £35. And you can get it from Amazon by clicking the affiliate link here.

Summary and Verdict

Score: 7/10

The Sades Wand gaming headset is a great choice for the budget-conscious gamer. They’re perfect for the sole purpose of being a gaming headset, if you want to use them for listening to music as well, look elsewhere.

Overall, I think there are a few decent headsets out there on the market but for the price you’ll pay for these, they’ll be little difference between headsets from different manufactures.

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