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Genesis Radon 610 Gaming Headset Review

Genesis got in touch and asked us to write a Radon 610 Gaming Headset Review. We accepted and eagerly awaited delivery of the headset. The budget headset is geared towards gamers and costs a budget friendly £30.00 but will it be any good?

Genesis Radon 610 Gaming Headset Review – First Impressions

I had heard of Genesis before but only when I was looking for a gaming mouse a while back. So the company are relatively new to me. After using it for two weeks playing COD, Overwatch and PUBG, how will it fair?

I’ve said it many times before. First impressions count. My first impression of the Genesis Radon 610 Gaming Headset was that it looked like a premium product. It comes well protected inside an outer sleeve and inner box. I’m a sucker for good packaging and Genesis have done a great job of it.

This image shows the Radon 610 Gaming Headset on a Headphone Stand.
The Genesis Radon 610 is an awesome gaming headset from a brand you’ve probably not heard of.

Genesis Radon 610 Specifications

For a budget gaming headset the Radon 610 comes with a range of impressive features. It has the following:

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • Integrated Sound Card
  • 50MM Drivers
  • Red LED Backlight
  • Strong Braided Cable
  • USB Connection

The Genesis Radon 610 Gaming Headset works with PCs, laptops, and most gaming consoles, it has a USB connection, giving you the flexibility to game on whichever system you choose.

Immersive Sound

In my opinion a good gaming headset shouldn’t overpower and drown out audible clues of approaching enemies such as footsteps or distant gunshots. You can gain an advantage in most FPS games as long as the treble and midrange frequencies are well tuned with an even frequency response. The Radon 610 have hit the nail on the head with their sound tuning, the sound quality is excellent.

A headset with heavy bass can overpower a few subtle sounds like footsteps which is why I often choose a headset with bass that is punchy yet not too hard hitting. It allows you to be more aware of your enemies position.

The 7.1 Virtual Surround sound really immerses you into the gameplay and although there is no active noise cancelling the larger ear cups cover the entirety of your ear making external disturbances none existent.

A Very Comfortable Headset

It’s really really comfy. For me, I game for hours at a time. I want to forget I’m wearing the headset, otherwise it becomes a nuisance and distracts from the game. It’s quite bulky isn’t heavy and it fits nicely on my Corsair headphone stand.

In my experience, budget headsets are either stylish or comfortable. Genesis have accomplished both. The individually adjustable cups make it easy to fit any size head and the faux leather covered ear cups feel smooth and won’t irritate your skin.

I wore this headset for 4 hours playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and it’s one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve ever used.

This image shows the Radon 610 Gaming Headset Packaging
The Genesis Radon 610 Packaging is really good quality!

Build Quality

The Radon 610 gaming headset has a really strong braided textile cable that’s over 2 meters long. Because the cable is really thick, you won’t get many (if any) tangled cables, it also helps increase the headset’s life span. I really like the idea of adding a thick sturdy cable. It feels like it won’t break any time soon and gives you confidence in the product.

I twisted the headphones quiet rigorously, as I do with all review products! I do genuinely see how far I can twist it before I get nervous that I’ll break it. It’s really strong but felt like it’d bend out of shape if I went overboard with the build quality test. (please don’t try and twist yours, as I won’t be held responsible for you breaking yours!) I don’t believe it’ll break easily. So it should survive a drop or two off of your desk onto the floor.

The only criticism to the build quality is the microphone button feels a little cheap. I feel like they could have used a good quality sliding switch instead of a single push button.

The foam covered microphone tip feels strong and the microphone arm is easy to maneuver and it stays in position.

Radon 610 Gaming Headset – Microphone Performance

This headset has a sensitive, high quality, noise cancelling microphone with windscreen included. I used it a few times to record myself playing COD online and the audio is crisp. It’s obviously not as good as a dedicated mic such as the Snowball or the Yeti but it does the simple job of audio capture for gaming perfectly.

Genesis Radon 610 Review – Video Clip

Who doesn’t love a boomerang! The Genesis Radon 610 Inner Box.

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Full Product Specification

Illumination colorRed
Impedance32 Ohm
Diameter of driver50 mm
ColourRed, Black
Weight380 g
ConnectorsUSB Type-A
Wire braidCloth cable
Cable length210 cm
Microphone sensitivity-42 dB
Microphone frequency response20 – 20000 Hz
Microphone moutingBuilt-in
Sound pressure level105 dB
Headphones frequency response20 – 20000 Hz
Volume controlEarphone-integrated
PlatformSony PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch
Audio systemVirtual 7.1
Headphones typeOn-ear
Catalog numberNSG-1454

Summary & Verdict

I think it’s brilliant. It certainly stands out from the crowded headset market for being a genuinely great gaming headset. I’ve used a budget Mars gaming headset that was around £25 before now and this just blows that out of the water.

Once you try this you’ll never ever pay over £100.00 for something like the Corsair Void Pro when this offering from Genesis nails every gaming headset measurable possible.

So what would I score it?

A solid 9/10.

Thanks to Genesis for sending us the headset to review. You can find out more about Genesis over on their website.

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