Edifier S350DB Review
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Edifier S350DB Review

We’re back with some more Edifier gear and this time we take a look at Edifier S350DB. Mike’s responsible for this one, so kick back, relax and have a good read through the review. This one’s a good read!

We’ve covered lot’s of Edifier stuff on the blog such as our GMSE Review, so make sure you check that out too, or just search for ‘Edifier’ in the search bar above.

Now the intro is done, let’s get into our Edifier S350DB Review.

Edifier S350DB Review

The Edifier S350DB is described as being a 2.1 speaker system that has a pair of super high quality satellite speakers and a large 8-inch sub-woofer, it’s rather imposing and you’ll need a fair bit of free space beside your TV or audio source for the sub.

It makes a great alternative to a higher-end Bluetooth soundbar for around the same price. At £250 / $299 it’s quite a bit more expensive than the last 2.1 speaker system we reviewed (Edifier XM3BT Review).

But, with the price increase comes an increase in quality and a larger feature set that you just don’t get at the lower price point.


  • Titanium Dome Tweeters
  • 8-Inch Booming Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth 4.1 aptX Wireless Sound
  • Wireless Remote Control

Design & Build Quality

These really stand out from cleaner, more modern looking speaker designs. Edifier themselves say that they’re ‘old school‘, I’m not sure I totally agree with that though (more on that below). But I do really like the design, styling and build quality.

The design and styling of the S350DB isn’t in anyway, shape or form discrete. The massive wood style box design of the sub-woofer could be described as legacy these days but the silver tipped cone speakers and exposed drivers and screws give it a modern minimalist feel.

The wood grain looks great but it’s become comfortable. What I mean by that is, I’d prefer something a little different, perhaps if Edifier could produce range of color ways or even a completely out there abstract patterned design.

I think they’ll look at home in most environments as long as you have the space to allow the air to escape from the side port on the sub.

Edifier usually have really great build quality, the only time I was slightly put off was their XM3BT, but that was a budget offering. The S350DB’s are in a different league all together.

They’re built beautifully and are really heavy! That’s to be expected though as the magnets that enable these to sing as well as they do are huge.

There are no sharp edges and everything fits together well. To test the build quality, (as I usually do with review items) I shook them and bashed them on the side of my desk.

It didn’t cause any damage to the speakers, there isn’t anything rattling around inside and it didn’t affect the sound. They really are solid, these things will last years and years.

Edifier S350DB copper coloured feet are a nice touch.
Edifier S350DB copper coloured feet are a nice touch.

One thing I almost forgot to mention is that on the bottom of the active sub unit there are copper / gold colored feet. I’m not sure why they chose that color but they look amazing.

Sound Input Options:

You get three input options and all of them are simple to use. Especially if you use the wireless IR remote control. It’s as simple as pressing a button to select the input of your choice.

  • 3.5mm Aux Jack
  • Optical
  • Bluetooth
Edifier S350DB Review: The back input panel.
Edifier S350DB Review: The back input panel.

 Optical Coaxial Digital Input 

I’ve not seen a VGA cable speaker output before!

Sound Quality

The S350DB really shines when listening to your music library, particularly if you have an Amazon Prime HD music subscription. The sound is immense due to the premium quality and bit-rate that Amazon let you stream the audio at.

I really like speaker systems that make use of a powerful sub-woofer, I think it stems from when my friends and I started to get our very first cars.

The first thing we did was buy a ridiculous 10 inch sub-woofer that we stuck in the boot of a tiny Peugeot 106! I think I just really like the deep chest thumping boom you get from a great sub-woofer.

This sub-woofer reminds me of that, the bass you get from it is really deep and that’s at stock levels. If you adjust the levels on the side of the right speaker you can make the bass go even deeper. Just don’t annoy the neighbors because the bass on this system certainly isn’t subtle.

The active sub with an eight inch driver gives you 70W of power. The two satellites give around 50W making a total of around 150W.

The subwoofer is massive!
The subwoofer is massive!

Having two really good quality speakers paired with the sub is a delight. There isn’t much in terms of low end from them but the highs and mid ranges are a delight.

The balance on the mid range is really great. The two speakers provide loads of granular detail and fill the entire range with clean natural sound. The high end is slightly flat but you can adjust that to your liking with the volume and equalizer controls on the side of the speaker.

I always crank the treble up anyway to hear the high end through all of that heavy bass. The sound the whole system produces is what I’d describe as natural. Even when turned all the way up there wasn’t any distortion, only a little rattle but that was caused from the kitchen work surface I placed these on.

How Much Are They?

They aren’t cheap, they’ll set you back £250 / $299. So it just puts them out of the budget bracket and slowing starting to move into the more premium price points.

Don’t get me wrong, these are still cheap when compared to brands such as Kef. You get good ‘bang for your buck’. The long list of features and the sound quality is amazing for the price.

You can buy them from Amazon here.

Summary and Verdict

Overall I’m really impressed with them, I didn’t think Edifier would be able to match or beat the Edifier R2000DB’s but they have and I’m really interested to see if the range of speaker systems they produce keep getting better or will they eventually plateau?

Whilst the wood grain design looks great it’d be nice to have something different in terms of colors available.

Score: 9.5/10

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We were sent the Edifier S350DB in exchange for an honest review. The speakers where then returned.

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