Genesis Boron 500 Gaming Mouse Pad Review
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Genesis Boron 500 XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Genesis got in touch and asked us to review the Boron 500 XXL Gaming Mouse Pad.

We all need a mouse mat. Gamers specifically need a decent mouse mat to complete your gaming or workstation setup. We love RGB, most gamers do. You can never have enough RGB peripherals (well not strictly true)!

These high end RGB mouse mats come from companies such as Razer, Corsair, Steelseries etc. There’s another company you should throw into the mix too. It’s a company called Genesis. You may not have heard of them but you should most definitely check out their tech!

Genesis Boron 500 XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Let’s get into our review. As you know already, we’re taking a look at the new Genesis Boron 500 XXL RGB Mouse Mat. This mouse mat is XXL in size, which means it will allow you to place both your keyboard and mouse to help keep your desk free from scratches.

Features – Genesis Boron 500 XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Review

The mouse mat has a supringly long list of features.

It has an 11-Mode RGB Backlight. You can cycle through each mode with the press of a button. The button is located top left hand corner of the matt. Which is also where the power cables connects.

The full features are as follows:

  • 11-mode Backlight
  • Mode Switch
  • Cable Management
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Base
  • Soft Speed Surface
  • Smooth Cloth Surface
  • LED Backlight
  • Stable Rubber Base
  • Edge Protection

Design and Build Quality – Genesis Boron 500 XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Review

The design on the mouse mat is really nice, even though for most of the time you won’t see it as it’ll be covered by your keyboard and mouse. If you opted for a small keyboard like the Keychron K2 you’d see more of the design.

The matt is a lovely dark black colour with a dark grey mechanised character. The only gripe I had at the time (I’ve gotten used to it now) was that at first the grey looked a little like mould!

Underneath the matt the rubber helps the mouse mat grip to most surfaces but it does still move a little bit more than I’d have expected it too. It didn’t move during actual use, just when I nudged it a bit.

If you look on the left hand side of the image below you’ll see what I mean regarding what I initially thought was mould!

The Boron 500 Gaming Mouse Mat.
The Boron 500 Gaming Mouse Mat.

The RGB lighting goes all the way around, I set it to constantly change colours and that fits in with my other peripherals by Corsair.

There is no additional software required, so you won’t need to install anything that will use up valuable diskspace! The more space for games the better in our opinion. This does mean however that you are unable to create your own RGB lighting effects. But that doesn’t matter too much.

It’s a fairly budget mouse mat and does everything it sets out to achieve.

The Smooth Cloth Surface of the mouse matt allows for high precision of motion tracking with all types of mouse sensors. You get a perfect glide across the surface of the mat.

If you team this mouse mat with a Genesis gaming mouse you are onto a winner! It feels so smooth when gaming!

Pricing and Availability – Genesis Boron 500 XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Review

It’s available for around €25.00 / £22.00 / $27.00. If you compare that to something from Razer for example it’s a lot cheaper. You can check out the Genesis Website to find local stockists.

The Razer Chrome Extended is around £60!


It’s brilliant. Well built and has a surprisingly long list of features. It’s Well worth the price and it will liven up any boring plain white desk!

Score 8/10

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