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Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Review

The guys over at Genesis asked us to review the fantastic looking Xenon 770 Gaming Mouse. It’s been a while in the making but today we’re looking at the MMO-focused gaming mouse. If it performs as well as it looks we’re in for a treat!

This mouse features an optical sensor, the choice of four detachable side wings and awesome RGB lighting (which everyone knows makes your mouse perform 100% better), this gaming mouse ticks all of the right boxes.

So without further ado, read on below for our full Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Review.

The Genesis XENON 770 Looks at home on the Corsair Mouse Pad
The Genesis XENON 770 Looks at home on the Corsair Mouse Pad

Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Review

The Xenon 770 costs around £34 / €39 / $41. That’s a great price and is firmly in the budget gaming mouse bracket. In terms of competitors there are only two other MMO orientated mice I can think of that we could compare it to.

The first being the Razer Deathadder Essential and the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse. When we manage to get hold of those other two mice we’ll do a full comparison. But for now let’s focus on the Genesis offering.

Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Review – Specs

For the ultra geeks and nerd amongs us, you can check out the full feature list below: (This table is taken directly from the official Genesis website so be sure to check them out)

Maximum resolution:10200 DPI
Programmable buttons:Yes
Illumination color:RGB
Sensor model:Pixart PAW3327
Resolution:10200 DPI
Sampling frequency:1 000 Hz
Specialized:For Gamers
Maximum frame rate:8000 FPS
Maximum tracking speed:220 inch/s
Glide type:Teflon
Weight:110 g
Acceleration:30 G
Number of programmable buttons:14
Number of buttons:14
Resolution:200 – 10200 DPI
Cable length:180 cm
Connectors:USB Type-A
Supported Operating Systems:Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, Android 4.2.2
Height:39 mm
Width:69 mm
Length:128 mm
Catalog number:NMG-1473

Build & Design – Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Review

The Xenon 770 is a great looking mouse. The packaging is well designed and also looks fantastic. We’ve said countless times before that we’re suckers for good packaging.

The 770 has a matt black finish with an almost completely smooth texture, there’s just enough roughness to ensure it grips well in the hand.

One the right hand side there’s a finger rest with is a nice touch and it helps make the mouse really comfortable to use. As well as the finger rest the overall shape of the mouse feels really comfortable and it won’t become annoyingly uncomfortable after long gaming sessions.

As it’s advertised as an MMO orientated mouse the main focus on the functionality is the 9 side buttons that you can configure as you like. The side buttons are easy to remove and re-attach. They provide you with as much button customisation as you like.

The button press is strong, tactile and has a premium feel. Nothing about it feels budget in our opinion. On top of the mouse there is a button for adjusting your DPI. Nothing new here but some budget mice don’t include this feature!

You can adjust the mouse’s DPI setting from 200 DPI to 10,200 DPI!

There’s a thin RGB lighting strip around the back edge of the mouse and a one colour light for the Genesis logo. The mouse wheel lights up too in a single colour and looks brilliant.

We’d have liked it to be all RGB though, but that’s a personal opinion and not one that takes anything away from this mouse.

The bundled software is basic but does the job just fine.

The design is great and we love the RGB!
The design is great and we love the RGB!

What’s the Software Like?

The software provided with the Xenon 770 is basic but works well. It has all of the the options and configurability you need to set-up the mouse just how you like it.

There are loads of different lighting effects to choose from. You can even turn off the light at the back of the mouse all together if you want.

You can pick the colours of the RGB lighting using the in-built colour wheel. There’s also functionality to adjust the Windows mouse settings but we always recommend that you only adjust those settings in the dedicated Windows Settings Application.

There’s very little else to say about the software, basic but functional and does the job.

Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Review – Brand Video

For a closer look at the Xenon 770 take a look at the video below, produced by the manufacturers it gives a great look into the attention to detail and functionality included in the mouse.

A great video view of the 770 Gaming Mouse.

Road Testing the Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse

We love giving our review products a proper thrasing. The Xenon 770 was no exception. It performed remarkably well in our rigorous testing. You need to know just how much punishment a product can take before breaking.

One area that often fails is the cable. The Genesis Xenon 770 has a really strong braided cable. We tested it by pulling, tugging and bending to the point that we were sure it’d break but it held on and it didn’t damage the overall mouse functionality.

Another area that can often go wrong on a mouse is the button press. Now, because the 770 has full body left and right click they are really strong. We tried to bend them back but they wouldn’t budge.

The Xenon felt solid in the hand too with little to no flex whatsoever when we tried to squeeze it!

We didn’t just beat the mouse up!

We did use it for gaming, MS Word, Excel and Visual Studio. It’s a great productivity mouse too. For example in Photoshop you can use the side buttons for functionality such as crop, copy and paste etc.

The DPI settings (mentioned above) combined with the mouse’s lighter weight meant that it worked really well in FPS and other fast paced games. We played Overwatch and Modern Warfare and we performed reasonably well!

Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Side Buttons
Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Side Buttons


The Xenon 770 does everything it sets out to do perfectly, it has plenty of tactile buttons and is extremely comfortable. The look and feel is that of a premium mouse and not one with budget in mind. It’s well worth it!

Score: 10/10

The mouse does exactly what Genesis say it will do. Genesis are open and honest about the specification and when we used the mouse day to day it’s extremely comfortable, accurate and responsive.

1 point was taken off because it was just a little light weight for us. If it had the addition of being able to add weight, it’d have hit 10/10 for sure.

Perhaps a bluetooth version would be an ideal addition to the range too!

Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Front View
Genesis XENON 770 Gaming Mouse Front View

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