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Clock Tower (1995) [PS1]

In the first instalment of the series, Clock Tower is a survival horror, point & click adventure game that requires players to control Jennifer Simpson, the main character, with the use of an on-screen cursor.

In the 2D world, players can command Jennifer to investigate objects, navigate to other areas, walk, run, etc. and the game’s inventory system allows players to keep items to use at a later time. There is a stamina mechanic which means Jennifer cannot run or walk indefinitely, and an indicator on screen reflects the stamina usage.

The main antagonist in the game, Scissorman, consistently taunts the player, sending them into a panic mode that causes Jennifer to stumble and move slowly, or even die, depending on her health.

Weapons have no effect on Scissorman so the only choice is to use a trap or find one of the hiding spots tucked away in the mansion. If players are caught by Scissorman, they enter a quick time event giving them the opportunity to escape. With eight possible endings, the game has plenty of potential to be replayed.

Clock Tower Overview:

Genre: Survival horror, point & click adventure
Developer: Human Entertainment
Release Date: September 14, 1995
System: PlayStation
Controller: PlayStation controller, Dual Analog Controller, DualShock

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