The best Advent Calendars For Nerds & Geeks (2022)
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The Best Advent Calendars for Nerds & Geeks (2023)

As the meteoric rush toward Christmas 2023 revs up, you might be wondering: which advent calendars are the true MVPs for geeks and nerds? And remember, there’s no shame in wearing your geek flag proudly – I’m an unabashed Pokemon fanatic myself!

So, let’s embrace the inner nerd and dive into a holiday season.

The Best Advent Calendars for Nerds & Geeks 2023

Here’s a bunch of nerdy advent calendars that I think you’ll love:

  1. Pokemon Holiday Calendar
  2. Wera Tool Calendar
  3. A Nightmare Before Christmas
  4. Eight Innovation Electronic Games
  5. Guardians Of The Galaxy Lego
  6. Minecraft
  7. Build Your Own Porsche
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Star Wars Funko Pop
  10. Chilli Hot Sauce
  11. Marvel Funko Pop
  12. Deluxe Pokemon Calendar
  13. Limited Edition Harry Potter
  14. Spiderman
  15. Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller’s Advent Calendar
  16. Jurassic World Dominion Advent Calendar
  17. The Advent Calendar for Crossword Lovers

Pokemon Holiday Calendar

Starting off with a bang. Who doesn’t love Pokemon? It’s been incredibly popular since it debuted but when YouTuber Logan Paul started creating content about his love for Pokemon things took off like never before.

He revealed back in 2020 that he bought a sealed 1st Edition 1999 base set booster box for a record-breaking $216k! That’s an absolutely staggering amount of money. There are some really expensive Pokemon booster packs available. The good news is that this Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar doesn’t cost the earth.

You’ll get 8 Foil Promo Cards, 6 Booster Packs & loads more Pokemon bits Included in this incredible item. It won’t be around for ever and is selling out fast, so be quick to grab it and treat yourself or the nerd in your life to a wonderful countdown to Christmas.

Wera Tool Calendar

Wera Tool Advent Calendar
Wera Tool Advent Calendar

Possibly my favourite holiday countdown on the list, and for good reason. Wera make some of the finest quality tools you can buy on the mass market. They’re also quite expensive to buy individually, a great way to get a good selection of Wera tools is to buy this.

Contained within is a selection of amazing tools, including; stainless steel bits, wrenches and a bottle opener.

This one is perfect for the mechanical wizard in your life, it’s a great price aswell really, considering the price of individual tools, it makes a great way to start off a Wera tool collection.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

I have to be honest here. I didn’t really like A Nightmare Before Christmas at first. It wasn’t until my wife forced me to re-watch it for the 3rd time that it really started to grow on me. It wasn’t long before I fully appreciated just what a master piece this Tim Burton epic really is.

This is one I’ve purchased for my wife for this years Christmas countdown. If you buy this one aswell, you’ll get 24 mini funko pops, one for each day on the countdown.

It’s not quite my favourite on the list but it’s definitely towards the top of the list. It’s almost the perfect advent calendar for Tim Burton fans.

Eight Innovation Electronic Games

Probably the best advent calendar for Nerds available this year.
An exceptional Christmas Countdown Calendar.

Now if this isn’t the perfect advent calendar for geeks I don’t know what is. This one comes not only with 24 games that you can play, but you’ll need to build them yourself. It’s suitable for people above the age of 14 years old. It has some really small electronic parts, so is a possible choking hazard.

It’s made by Haynes, yes, the same people that make the car manuals. Another plus point is that it’s one of the cheaper ones on this list.

You’ll be able to make various electronic games with some cool components such as a circuit board, copper wires and battery cells. It’s proper geeky and I love it.

It’s available from quite a few places from Asda (walmart), Ebay and Amazon. If you buy it from Amazon you’ll get free, fast shipping and we’ll also get a tiny commission to help us pay for the upkeep of this blog. Hit the button below to check it out.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Lego

Guardians Of The Galaxy Lego Advent Calendar
Guardians Of The Galaxy Lego

This is the first Lego branded product on the list and it’s a powerhouse. Guardians Of The Galaxy merch is incredibly popular and now Lego have created an advent calendar. Featuring Groot, Rocket Racoon and other members of the team, this is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Behind each of the 24 doors are 24 individual Lego mini figures and accessories. Perfect for young people and old nerds like my self! It’s really well made and the mini figures have a great likeness to the characters they are trying to portray.

The only question I have is, will Thor turn up behind one of the doors? Well, go and buy this advent calendar and find out.

Minecraft Advent Calendar

It wouldn’t be a list of nerdy advent calendars without featuring at least one Minecraft offering. And I’ve found one of the perfect ones for Minecraft fans. Not only is it jam packed full of great Minecraft branded stationary, it’s relatively cheap in comparison to some of the other premium ones on this list.

As with most of the others, it’s got 24 amazing items for you to open each day. I particularly like the Minecraft lanyard that’s included behind one of the doors. I’m not the worlds biggest fan of Minecraft but this advent calendar is really cool and one I’d be pleased to be given!

You can check the latest deals and price on Amazon, just hit the button below and you’ll be taken right where you need to be.

Build Your Own Porsche

If this isn't a great advent calendar for Porsche nerds, I don't know what is!
If this isn’t a great advent calendar for Porsche nerds, I don’t know what is!

I’ve been a Porsche 911 fan since I was around 5 years old. My dream car is the 1990 model of the 911. So, as I can’t afford to spend upwards of £50k for a good condition example, I’ll settle for this epicly geeky advent calendar instead.

Over the course of 24 days, you’ll open a window and get an individual part to slowly build your very own model sized 911. You can choose from loads of colours, I think the light green looks amazing!

It’s one of the most expensive on the list at just shy of £50 / $50. But, if you’re a big Porsche fan, like my self then it makes it worth it. It features a realistic Porsche 911 engine noise and it’s been created using super high quality materials.

Another thing I like about this one is that once Christmas is over, you’ll still get plenty of use out of it. It’s a perfect keepsake. Hit the button below to check it out, be quick these will probably sell out fast!

Harry Potter

We’re 8 calendars into our best advent calendars for nerds & geeks article, we’re only just featuring one with some of the amazing characters in the world of Harry Potter! My sincerest apologies, there are just so many great ones to choose from.

It was incredibly difficult to pick just one Harry Potter one, there are about 5 different ones available this year but I think this one is the best.

This brilliant cube style advent calendar is jam packed with everything a Harry Potter geek could ever need and more! I particularly like that they’ve included socks, as we all know, it’s not a proper Christmas without somebody gifting you a pair of socks.

Hit the button below to check out the latest price of this awesome Harry Potter one on Amazon.

Star Wars Funko Pop

Now, this is a proper nerdy advent calendar. It’s the second Funko Pop style one that’s featured in the list and this time, it’s a fully licensed official Star Wars product. Star Wars is more popular than ever before, thanks to recent TV shows launched on streaming services. It’s popularity never really dwindled but thanks to those TV shows it continues to be a major force in nerd and geek culture.

This one by Funko Pop is arguably one of their best. They’ve done probably 20 different advent calendars and I recon this one pips them all.

Inside the charming looking design you’ll find 24 amazingly detailed Mini Funko Pops, one of my favourites in the set is a rather Christmasy looking Darth Vader, instead of his usual black get up, he’s sporting a bright red suit and candy cane.

A lot of your other faves are included in the set, so go ahead and hit the button below to check the latest price and get your self a great advent calendar.

24 Days Of Chilli

I didn’t know whether or not to include this one. I wasn’t sure if it fit in the category of either geeky or nerdy advent calendars. But, I figured Chillis and and understanding the correct names of the plants and their associated scoville scores is slightly geeky, so there we have it, I’ve included it!

This one is exactly what it says on the tin, this fiery advent calendar is sure to warm you up on those cold winter, festive nights.

Over 24 days you’ll get to experience 12 different chilli hot sauces. This one isn’t for me but I’m sure alot of the blog readers love hot sauce.

This one is perfect for the budget conscious as it costs just over £10 / $10 which makes it probably the cheapest one included in our list.

Go ahead and hit the button below to check out the latest deals on this brilliant choice for chilli lovers.

Marvel Funko Pop

My third and final Funko Pop on the list. And, this one covers a wide range of Marvel characters and is probably best suited to fans of Marvel who don’t have a particular favourite movie in mind.

It features 24 mini Funko Pop characters including that pesky evil hooligan, Thanos. I recon my favourite in the set is the Christmas Themed Groot, who’s managed to get himself tangled in a string of Christmas fairy lights.

This one is also fairly expensive but it’s an incredibly detailed and well made selection of some great Funko Pop vinyls. A perfect addition to any collectors collection.

This is another one that’ll sell out lightning fast, so make sure to hit the button below to go direct to where you need to go.

Deluxe Pokemon Advent Calendar

The second Pokemon festive countdown on the list. But, this isn’t just any old advent calendar, it’s the deluxe edition. At almost £60 / $60 it’s the most expensive on the list, it includes loads of figurines including 3″ and 2″ Pokemon characters.

It’s got tons of Christmas themed accessories too, you can build your very own Pokemon Christmas scene and you can bring it out and display the scene year after year.

So whilst it may seem expensive on the surface, you’ll get lots and lots of use out of it. It also includes reusable pop-up displays for the characters which light up and play sounds. If I hadn’t bought the Wera Tool’s one and the Nightmare Before Christmas one for my wife, this would have been my second choice.

It won’t be around long, so hit the button below to check the latest deals over on Amazon.

Limited Edition Harry Potter Advent Calendar

I’m writing this article at the end of September, this may not be available for much longer. It’s proved to be incredibly popular among Harry Potter fans. It’s also limited edition, so it won’t be restocked. I think part of this scarcity is also to do with the price, it’s less than £15 / $15, it’s a bit of a bargain for the budget concious.

You’ll get to open up the doors and be greeted with 24 Hogwarts surprises. It includes some great official Harry Potter items including glasses, stationary items and key rings.

So, calling all Hogwarts hopefuls, go and get this fantastic festive countdown for Harry Potter nerds.


A brilliant advent calendar for nerds, it's also perfect for kids!
A brilliant advent calendar for nerds, it’s also perfect for kids!

Marvel has featured quite heavily in this article but here’s a specific one for Spiderman super-fans. This one is marketed towards kids but I wouldn’t be mad to be given this advent calendar.

It’s reasonably priced and features some brilliant items including stationary, figurines and notepads etc. You’ll get 24 official Spiderman gifts, one behind each door for each day of the Christmas countdown.

Are you a casual Marvel fan or a Spiderman super-fan? Prove it! Go ahead and buy this advent calendar, hit the button below to check out the latest deals.

Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller’s Advent Calendar

One of the best advent calendars for nerds! Fallout 4, an amazing game!
One of the best advent calendars for nerds and geeks! Fallout 4, an amazing game!

Last but not least, it’s a Fallout 4 themed advent calendar. Another cheaper option and contains some awesome gifts for each of the 24 countdown days.

It’s slightly different than most on this list as each item is hidden behind a sort of envelope style door. If you’ve played the games you’ll recognise all of the bits and pieces you get to open each day.

It’s probably my third favourite on the list and one I’ve purchased for my brother as he loves the Fallout franchise.

Jurassic World Dominion Holiday Advent Calendar

And last but not least a wonderful offering from Matel. I love the artwork on the front of this one. Look at how frightening those dinosaurs are! The scary scene reminds me of the PS1 game, Dino Crisis.

I really like this one, the 24 included surprises allow you to build famous scenes from the Jurassic Park universe. There are also mini human figures and dinosaurs included, obviously.

It maybe nearly £34 / $34, which is possibly the second most expensive on this list, but it’s sure to give that special geek in your life a huge smile each and every time they open a door during the countdown to Christmas.

You can pick it up from Amazon and it’s also occasionally on Ebay, hit the button below to check it out and we’ll take you right to where you need to be to buy it.

Mindmade The Advent Calendar for Crossword Lovers

An advent calendar for Crossword Lovers
An advent calendar for Crossword Lovers

Well, I did think the Jurassic World calendar was the last one on the list. But, I just had to include this one. It just shouts out ‘nerdy advent calendar!’ and I love it. It’s really quite cheap too, considering the amount of fun the cross word lover in your life will have filling them in every day.

Behind each of the 24 doors you’ll find a crossword puzzle of differing difficulties. Solve it and you’ll get 1, 2 or 3 points. Try and complete all of them and tot up your points before Christmas Day.

There’s a maximum 48 points to try and get, buy two of these and challenge a friend to a friendly Christmas Countdown Crossword Challenge.

Hit the button below to check it out on Amazon, it’s only £11 / $11, so a bit of a bargain.

The Best Advent Calendars For Nerds & Geeks In 2023

So, there we have it, a list of the best advent calendars for nerds this year has to offer. Let me know in the comments below what you plan on buying and who you plan on buying it for.

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