The Best Advent Calendars For Kids 2022
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The Best Advent Calendars For Kids in 2022

Start your countdown to the holiday season in style with these advent calendars that are absolutely perfect for kids. In my opinion, you’re never too old for an advent calendar, so there may be something for you in here too.

  1. Peppa Pig Story Book Advent Calendar
  2. Purple Ladybug Gorgeous Gifts
  3. Unicorn Advent Calendar
  4. Disney Princess Storybook
  5. Lego City Kids Advent Calendar
  6. Christmas Rubber Duck Kids Countdown
  7. Roblox Advent Calendar
  8. World Cup 2022 Kids Christmas Countdown
  9. The Crazy Scientist
  10. Super Mario
  11. Hot Wheels Racing Car Advent
  12. Barbie Advent Calendar
  13. Pokemon Holiday Calendar
  14. Polly Pocket
  15. Creative Construction

Read on below to have a look at the very best advent calendars for kids that 2022 has to offer.

Festive countdown calendars are great because as you count down the days to Christmas, each day you get the chance to see what’s hiding behind each door, it really allows you and your kids to get excited for the most wonderful time of the year.

The advent calendar market is huge and there are so many to choose from. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a 5 year old or a 50 year old, there’s something for you. From nerdy advent calendars for mechanical engineers, to pretty in pink unicorn calendars, there really is something for everyone.

Peppa Pig Story Book Kids Advent Calendar

Peppa Pig is the perfect advent calendar for kids.
Peppa Pig is the perfect advent calendar for kids.

We’re starting off this article with cartoon royalty! This is perfect for Peppa Pig fanatics. You’ll get 24 mini-story books to enjoy and allow your little one to enjoy a different bed time story every night.

There’s also a super special story for Christmas Eve called Peppa’s Christmas Eve, which is sure to create a special feeling on the eve of the most magical night of the year.

The stories includes: Peppa’s Theatre Trip, Peppa Plays Football, Pedro’s Pirate Treasure, Peppa Goes Swimming, Miss Rabbit’s Day Off, George’s Noisy Dinosaur, Tooth Fairy and Peppa’s Christmas Eve.

You’ll get lots and lots of use out of this brilliant kids advent calendar. It makes the perfect festive keepsake for Peppa Pig fans! It was made for last years Christmas but there isn’t any dates or anything like that.

It’s available on Amazon, hit the button below and we’ll take you right over to the Amazon page where you can check the latest price and buy it.

Purple Ladybug Gorgeous Gifts

Suitable for kids aged 6 years and above, this advent calendar is jam packed with a menagerie of different gifts. One for each day of the Christmas countdown including; jewelry, craft items, glitter, fidget toys and more.

This is the perfect advent calendar for your kids, nieces, nephews or younger siblings. It also offers good value for money when you consider how many gifts you get.

It comes with a ‘for parents only’ instructions and guide to each toy and day. It’s a great addition as it gives you a heads up as to what’s behind each door, so you can decide if supervision is required.

This is a much better choice when compared to calendars that are stuffed full of high calorie chocolate, it gives you a fun experience to share and get excited about Santa coming to visit.

As with most on this list, it’s available on Amazon, hit the button below to go and check the latest price.

Unicorn Advent Calendar

What self respecting kid wouldn’t love a Unicorn advent calendar? This wonderfully colourful addition on the list makes a great advent calendar for kids aged 4 years old and above.

It comes with a 24 different gifts including hairclips, necklace, stickers and more. Aswell as this, once you’ve opened all 24 different doors there’s a hidden puzzle among the gifts. This hidden puzzle with spell out the word ‘UNICORN’. It’s quite interactive and is so much fun for your little ones.

As far as advent calendars go, considering how much fun and interactivity you’ll get out of this, it’s fairly inexpensive. And again, if you want something that isn’t full of chocolate, this one is ideal.

Hit the button below and we’ll take you straight over to Amazon to check the latest deals and prices.

Disney Princess Storybook

Not just for girls, this advent calendar is perfect for all kids.
Not just for girls, this advent calendar is perfect for all kids.

Perfect for your little princess. This awesome official Disney Princess Advent calendar is absolutely perfect for your children. It’s the perfect opportunity to combine fun with learning and they won’t even realise it.

Behind each door you’ll find a different book for each of the 24 days.

Each storybook is different, there’s a mixture of classic stories and some modern ones too. And of course they are all about various Disney princesses.

I really like the size of the calendar, it’s quite large. It makes it look like it’s really good value for money and it really is.

The books are paperback so supervision maybe required if you’re buying this for younger children, to keep them in tip-top condition.

My brother has a daughter and I know she will absolutely love this, she’s into pink and princesses! I said it above, but just to re-iterate, it’s perfect for your little one.

Hit the button below to check the latest deals on Amazon.

Lego City Kids Advent Calendar

Lego, a classic kids advent calendar. This Lego City one has 24 different gifts to open allowing you to build a wintery Christmas scene.

Behind each of the 24 doors you’ll find a plastic bag with the pieces contained within. The build instructions are shown on the inside of the door that you open.

Once you’ve opened them all, don’t throw away the box, as that forms part of the scene.

It includes a husky dog figure and 5 minifigures, including a snowman, robot and Santa Claus. There is a whopping 313 individual Lego pieces included in this set, which makes it quite good value.

There’s loads of different Christmas ones from Lego to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Hit the button below and check out what Lego advent calendars for kids are available from Amazon.

Rubber Ducks Christmas Countdown

Make your kids bath time fun with rubber ducks! What’s even better is they can open a different one everyday and have an entire duck family ready for their Christmas Eve bath.

Behind each of the doors you’ll find 18 Christmas themed rubber ducks and 6 novelty rubber duckies. You can build an entire collection. The ducks are child safe and made with a non-toxic plastic, which meets the US Toy Standard.

Actually, thinking about it, this one’s not just for kids, it’d make the perfect surprise for anyone who loves rubber ducks. If there a seasoned duck collector or just starting out, these cute rubber ducks will be sure to put a smile on faces regardless of age.

Check them out on Amazon but hitting the button below.

Roblox Advent Calendar

The popularity of Roblox has never been higher and with that popularity comes all sorts of merch, in comes an advent calendar.

It contains 30 individual pieces of Roblox and that’s not all. It also comes with 2 exclusive online codes that give you access to exclusive items, which is great value for money.

Because each figurine takes 3 or 4 days to complete, it builds that excitement for your child. The anticipation of completing a Roblox universe figurine is almost un-bearable!

This advent calendar is quite pricey, but when you consider the brand name, the higher than average price is to be expected.

It’s available right now on Amazon. Press the button below to go over there and check out the latest deals.

World Cup 2022 Kids Christmas Countdown

It seems strange to be talking about a World Cup advent calendar, but the World Cup starts on Sunday, 20 November and ends on Sunday, 18 December. So, it makes sense that a company would launch a football themed calendar this year.

This one comes with some fantastic surprises including; stickers, fidget toys, stationary etc. It’s the perfect Christmas countdown for Football mad children and remember, it’s not just for boys!

Don’t throw away the box as it forms the main board of a finger football game that you’ll be able to set up and play with your kids. I really like this one and I really think you will too.

Countdown to Christmas and the 2022 World Cup in style.

It’s relatively inexpensive and available from most good online stores. Hit the button below to check the latest price over on the Amazon website.

The Crazy Scientist

This is as the name suggests a Scientific advent calendar. And, it’s brilliant. It contains loads of scientific experiments covering a number of different disciplines including; biology, chemistry, mathematics, magnetism and more.

Parent’s should worry because it comes with detailed instructions you’ll need for each experiments. The advent calendar does come with an age rating, so shouldn’t be given to kids that are younger than 8 years old, for obvious reasons.

There’s everything you need for atleast 1 experiment each day, you even get a pair of safety goggles! Which speaks volumes on just how awesome this one is.

Some experiments can be messy, so make sure you read the booklet carefully and set up the experiments exactly as outlined.

It’s on Amazon right now. Hit the button below to check it out.

Super Mario

Perhaps the all time best advent calendar for kids?
Perhaps the all time best advent calendar for kids?

A Christmas advent calendar for kids list wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s written on if it doesn’t include Super Mario! And that’s exactly what we’re including here.

This calendar contains 26 individual items which means on some days you’ll get more than one item behind the 24 doors.

It features classic characters from the Super Mario Universe. If you’re kid hasn’t been exposed to the world of Mario it’s the perfect chance to do just that.

Each figurine is extremely well made as are the accessories. They’re heavy, durable, and are true to the character designs. Because of this high quality the price is slightly higher than average children’s advent calendar. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Don’t throw the box away either, as it forms part of the scene, should you wish to use it for that.

Hit the button below to go to Amazon and check the latest deals and price.

Hot Wheels

What’s not to love about a Hot Wheels advent calendar? This one is jam packed with amazing hot wheels surprises.

You’ll get 8 decorated Hot Wheels vehicles and 16 accessories for every day of the Christmas holiday countdown.

There’s also, in this new version a foldout play mat. This’ll allow your kids to play with their new Hot Wheels vehicles and get their imagination working overtime, buy them one each and let them race against each other (as long as there aren’t any arguments over who wins!).

If you want plenty of bang for your buck, this advent calendar should be heading straight into your basket right about now.

Hit the button below to check it out on Amazon.

Barbie Advent Calendar

If you’re after a great value advent calendar, this Barbie one is the one to go for. Behind each of the doors you get 24 surprises. These surprises are comprised of different clothes, shoes and other bits and pieces.

You don’t just get those 24 items though, you get a full size Barbie doll included aswell! As I said, it’s great value.

It not only makes a great advent calendar for your children but it also makes a great standalone Xmas gift. Pair it with other Barbie toys and accessories and create an amazing Barbie Bundle that they are sure to love.

The box is quite big so they tend to ship it ‘naked’ this does reveal what it is. If it’s a surprise and you wish to order it from Amazon just make sure you update your shipping preferences, so it ships in an inner Amazon box.

Hit the button below to check the latest price.

Pokemon Holiday Calendar

I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to add something by Pokemon to this article. Pokemon is loved by people of all ages and in particular, kids. It’s got everything kids could ever want in a toy. Fun characters, great interactivity and above all, allows them to use their imagination.

There are a bunch of different Pokemon Holiday Calendars so make sure you choose one that’s right for you. But, I think the 2022 Holiday Calendar is the best of the bunch.

This one contains all of your favourite characters, including; Pikachu, Eevee, Jigglypuff and more. In total there are 16 Pokemon and a bunch of other accessories.

Your kid will get a surprise behind each of the 24 doors. And, as with others on this list, don’t throw the box away as it does make up apart of the scene. Some of the parts are quite small, make sure you don’t leave kids unsupervised with them. It’s suitable for kids aged 4 and up.

Polly Pocket

This one your kids will get to open 25 surprise doors, right up to Christmas day. This makes it different to the rest of them on this list.

There is a total of 34 items included including Polly Pocket dolls and plenty of accessories.

The Pocket Advent calendar box can be used as a display or scene backdrop. You can get your kids to put their figures and accessories in and around the packaging to create a brilliantly fun storytelling adventure, let their imagination run riot.

It’s suitable for ages 4 and above but supervision is recommended regardless of ages as there are small parts which could pose a choking hazard.

Hit the button below to go to the Amazon page and check the latest deals.

Creative Construction

Your child will absolutely love this advent calendar. Perfect for budding builders and construction workers, I’d have loved this one as a kid. It features a whole range of different construction vehicles.

Aswell as this, you’ll get a play mat so your kid can set the scene and really allow imaginative play to take hold.

This advent calendar contains 24 different types of construction trucks, with each truck being crafted with excellent attention to detail and quality.

There are a few duplicate designs but it makes for a fun and interesting game, match up all the same trucks. You can even pitch them against each other in a race because they contain friction engines, pull them back to wind it up and watch them zoom off! The possibilities for unique games are almost endless.

It’s great value for money too and one of the cheapest we’ve listed so far, make sure you check it out on Amazon. Hit the button below.

The Best Advent Calendars For Kids In 2022

So, there we have it, a list of the best children’s advent calendars that 2022 has to offer. Let me know in the comments below what you plan on buying and who you plan on buying it for!

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