The Best Pokemon Gifts For Adults
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Amazing Pokemon Gifts for Adults

If you’ve landed on this article, the chances are you’re looking for some imaginative Pokemon gifts for adults. There’s more to it than just buying cards from the trading game. There are loads and loads of more creative options than that!

Let’s be honest right from the get go, Pokemon is a game for all ages, not just for kids. A lot of adults I know are into all things Pokemon. From card collecting to playing the games on their consoles, there are lots of things to love about the franchise.

Here are 13 amazing Pokemon Gifts for Adults.

  1. Limited Edition Pokemon Notebook
  2. Pokemon UNO
  3. Pokemon Wall Calendar
  4. Gaming Play Pad
  5. Pokemon Monopoly
  6. Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar
  7. Funko Pop Vinyl
  8. Pokemon Coffee Mug
  9. Pencils & Pens
  10. Pokemon X Fossil Watch
  11. Wall Art
  12. Rug
  13. Pokemon X Fossil Wallet

So, what do you buy the grown-up Pokemon fan in your life? Well, you may not realise it, but the sheer number of different official Pokemon products is insane. To help you make sense of it, we’ve identified some amazing adult friendly Pokemon gifts.

Pokemon Gifts for Adults

Pokemon’s universal and seemingly ever lasting appeal comes from the fact that it is both a really accessible franchise for children and adults. This cross-generational appeal boils down to it’s simplicity as well as it’s hidden depth which appeals to more mature audiences.

A lot of different franchises the world over could only dream of accomplishing this. This depth is in the form of a subplot within the plot. It also comes from subtle mature jokes and adult themes in some of the console games. The console games are also pretty challenging, they can require a great deal of skill and experience to master.

With that in mind, what’s on the list of the best gifts for adult Pokemon fans? Well, first up is a limited edition notebook.

Limited Edition Pokemon Notebook

Every adult Pokemon fan would love to receive a notebook as a gift!
Every adult Pokemon fan would love to receive a notebook as a gift!

This awesome Pokemon notebook made by Moleskine is limited edition. It may not be around for long but you can be sure it’ll be super high quality.

I love the design and the overall aesthetic of this one, there are a couple of different characters available. But, unfortunatley Pikachu doesn’t make an apperance.

A notebook makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays or ‘just because’. They make a bunch of different limited edition notebooks. I have a couple of them, they’re really handy to have at home or for work. I often use it to make notes when I’m working on reviews or writing an outline of an application I want to code.

These were exclusively available from Amazon but you can find them on Ebay, just expect to pay a premium as they are being resold by scalpers. Hit the button below to see if it’s still available.

Pokemon UNO

If you haven’t played UNO you’re seriously missing out on a fantastically competitive card game. What makes a great game even better? A Pokemon themed version of course.

UNO is one of those games that you can spend the whole night playing round after round. Gather up your friends, order some food and get a few drinks. You’ll have a lot of fun playing it.

My friendship group tend to stick loosely to the official rules but we do have some ‘house rules’ that bend the official ones ever so slightly.

A Pokemon themed deck of UNO cards doesn’t come with any rule changes but it’s a great gift for an adult Pokemon fan or an UNO collector.

This isn’t a limited edition run which means it’s readily available online, you can go ahead and hit the button below to check for some latest deals on Amazon, it’s fairly cheap at under £13 / $13 anyway.

Pokemon Wall Calendar

A great gift to kick 2023 off with a bang. This super geeky calendar looks so good you won’t want to use it. Featuring 12 different Pokemon, one for each month of the year.

Use it to organise your day to day life activities as it’s got space to write important dates and events. It’s made of super high quality paper and is really glossy.

It’s around £15 / $15 so not too expensive for a themed wall calendar. It’s certainly better than a cheap bog-standard wall calendar and it’s also much more fun.

As calendars go, this would be the one that i’d want to receive as a gift. It’d look brilliant on a kids bedroom wall or given to a fully grown adult Pokemon fanatic.

Hit the button below to buy it from Amazon. The button will take you to the item details page where you’ll find all you need to know.

Gaming Play Mat

This cool looking play mat can be used as a trading card game play mat or a mouse pad. It’s multi functional and fun.

If you don’t know the rules for Pokemon TCG it’s well worth reading up on them. It’s not all about collecting rare cards, the game is so much fun. Play mats are often included in Pokemon Card bundles and make great mouse mats.

The game pad pictures isn’t technically an official Pokemon product, so if you’re a purist and you want an official one you’ll need to check out the official Pokemon store. If you’re not too fussed there are loads available on Amazon for fairly reasonable prices.

I’d suggest buying an official product if you’re going to be using it for the trading card game. But, if it’s just going to be used under your mouse, an Amazon one is fine.

Hit the button below to check Pokemon game pad options on Amazon.

Pokemon Monopoly

One of the best Pokemon gifts for adults you can buy!
One of the best Pokemon gifts for adults you can buy!

Just look at that awesome Pokemon Monopoly board. There’s many classic Monopoly elements included aswell as a plethora of Pokemon themed destinations, characters and forfeits.

This is one of the better themed boards I’ve seen recently. I really like the included player tokens, you can play as Pikachu, Togepi, Pichu and more.

I also adore the artwork showing the Johto region. If you play a game of Monopoly, just remember it’s only a game. Try and keep those family arguments to a minimum! Especially if you’re playing it at Christmas time, as has become traditional in my family.

This version of the property trading game sells for anywhere between £30 / $30 and £60 / $60. So make sure to time your purchase just right, when it’s at it’s lowest. It tends to get more expensive toward festive holidays.

It’s available from Amazon and Smyths toys (if you’re in the UK). Hit the button below to check it out.

Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar

It was one of the first Pokemon gifts for adults I thought of for this article.
It was one of the first Pokemon gifts for adults I thought of for this article.

This amazing Pokemon holiday calendar by Funko Pop wasn’t featured in my advent calendars for nerds and geeks article. But, it could have had an honorable mention. I just couldn’t justify having 3 Pokemon themed advent calendars in the list!

This one is just like the full size pop vinyls but small. There’s 24 mini Pokemon figures, one behind each door. Once you’ve opened them all, don’t throw the box away as you can open it out and use it a Pokemon scene.

It’s fairly expensive for an advent calendar, but it’s jam packed with collectibles and makes a change from sugary sweets and chocolate advent calendars that are gone as soon as you’ve opened the door.

There are loads of different ones to choose from buy I really like this one, you’ll find it over on Amazon or somewhere like Ebay may have some stock but expect to pay a premium due to scalpers buying up stock and re-selling them.

Hit the button below if you want to buy it.

Funko Pop Vinyl

Whilst we’re on the subject of Pop Vinyls, why not get a full sized one? They make great stocking fillers and are really quite inexpensive.

I found around 25 different ones to choose from. This means that regardless of yours or your loved ones favourite Pokemon there should be one to suit. I really like the Jolteon pop vinyl pictured above. Just look at how detailed it is.

This officially licensed Pokemon product will look simply fantastic next to any Pokemon or pop culture collection.

I think I’ll get the Jolteon, Flareon and Eevee ones as a set and stand them next to each other on my shelf, that’d look really cool.

Hit the button below to check them out.

Pokemon Coffee Mug

Everyone has tons of mugs and I’m willing to bet everyone has their favourite mug. Mine just happens to be my Mario colour changing heat reactive mug, I’ve had that one for about 5 years.

Buy someone a Pokemon coffee mug and I guarantee that it’ll probably end up being their new favourite mug. It makes the perfect gift for Pokemon fans and for coffee addicts.

Why not buy them this coffee mug, a fresh pack of coffee and perhaps a small bottle of scotch. A splash of whiskey in your coffee is sure to soothe those sense after a long day at work. This Pokemon gift idea is definitley just for adults!

The good news with the coffee mug pictured is that it’s an officially licensed product. It’s around $20 too, so quite a good price for a good quality mug. I’d certainly be delighted if someone bought me this for Christmas *hint*.

Check it out, hit the button below.

Pencils & Pens

Office based gifts don’t normally land well with me. But, Pokemon themed pens and pencils would definitley get my seal of approval.

My pencil of choice at the minute is a Harry Potter themed pencil, I got it from a local discount super market with a bunch of other stationary and I use it atleast 4 times a week when making notes.

Pens and pencils are a great gift if you pick the right ones. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with Pokemon based stationary.

Yes the set pictured above may seem slightly childish but It’d make a brilliant stocking filler or secret Santa gift. Pens and pencils are cheap too, often available for just a few pounds. Check the button below to see what’s on offer at the moment.

Pokemon X Fossil Watch

Potentially the most expensive on my list of the best Pokemon gifts for adults. But, it’s probably also the best on the list. It’s the collab I didn’t expect to be honest. Pokemon and Fossil have joined forces to create some pretty cool looking watches.

They’re not just cool looking, they’re super functional tool. Fossil have a good reputation for making some high quality watches.

The collab is exclusively available from the official Pokemon store and there are a bunch of different watches to choose from.

They start at £129.00 and are available in different sizes, the one pictured is the stainless steel ladies watch which is over £200.

Hit the button below to go over to the official store to check them out.

Wall Art

I suppose when your a child you have posters on your wall. But, when you get older and go from child to teenager to adult you can’t really have posters up any more. But, you can have ‘wall art’. It’s pretty much the same thing but with a different name.

There’s some amazing Pokemon wall art available to buy. It’s not officially licensed, I guess you could call it, fanart.

A particular favourite of mine is the pictured water colour style. The Squirtle and Blastoise art piece is sublime and I’ve just ordered it for my office. It won’t look right on my bedroom wall but it will look just right in my home office.

Because they aren’t licensed they’re relatively cheap to buy. Hit the button below to check these beautiful water colour prints out on Amazon.

Pokemon Rug

Nothing says 'Pokemon gifts for adults' more than a rug!
Nothing says ‘Pokemon gifts for adults’ more than a rug!

There’s nothing that says ‘i’m getting older’ more than buying a new rug. But, you can make buying a new rug more fun by buying a Pokemon one.

This circular Pokeball rug is amazing and will look perfect in your hallway. Alternatively you can use it as a dog bed. The photo doesn’t quite do it justice.

I love the vibrant colours of this rug. It is quite small though, so if you do go ahead and buy it, make sure you read and understand the dimensions.

Hit the button below to check it out.

Pokemon X Fossil Wallet

A card holder makes a great Pokemon gift for adults.
A card holder makes a great Pokemon gift for adults and teenagers.

And last but certainly not least, another collab product. This time Pokemon and Fossil have made mens wallet. Having said that, it’s more of a card holder so I guess both male and female could use it if they so wish.

Buying a wallet is a right of passage, I’ve had mine for around 10 years and when it comes time to buy a new one, it’s always a sad but happy time. Sad because most often than not wallets hold sentimental value.

I’m looking forward to the day I have to get a new wallet, I’m most definitley going to be buying a Pokemon X Fossil collab wallet.

There are quite a few different colours to choose from, but my favourite is the black one pictured in this article. The black card holder looks fantastic, constructed from leather it’ll be hard wearing and should last a long time.

It’s got enough room for three credit or debit cards and your ID, so there is plenty of room for your day to day spending cards. It’s another Pokemon exclusive so it’s only available from the official store. You might find it for sale on Ebay, but as with others in this list, expect to pay a premium from re-sellers.

Hit the button below to check it out.

The Best Pokemon Gifts For Adults

I had an absolute blast researching and writing this article. I really hope it comes in handy and you’re able to find the right gift for your grown-up Pokemon fan. If you come across any more gifts you think that’d be suitable drop a comment below.

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