What Are Some Examples of React.js Development?

The digital world is constantly changing. And, of course, it’s not easy to adapt quickly to new changes in a new reality. However, those companies that want to succeed need to train this skill and be always ready to change the direction of their development.

Great products like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and others are constantly improving their experience and adapting to new frameworks and trends. Apart from this, one more thing unites these platforms 一 they are written using React js. The technology experts from a trusted web development company analyzed other inspiring examples of using React js for creating popular solutions and tried to understand what stands behind such popularity of this library.

Why React.js?

React (React.js or ReactJS) is a free and open-source JavaScript library. It is used to create user interfaces based on components, small pieces of code that can be combined to form larger ones or used as standalone UI elements.

React helps developers build large and dynamic web applications without the need to refresh the page after making any changes. React websites are a popular and preferred choice for developers due to their scalability, simplicity, ease of learning, and improved performance.

The best proof of its popularity is the number of applications written with React, so let’s take a look at a list of some of the most famous ReactJS-based applications.

Top 5 Projects Based on React

Many types of applications can be built with React, from large projects with a complex structures to startup projects. In the article, we will look at five examples of projects that are different from each other to make sure that React is a universal tool.


Besides the most famous example, Facebook, which is a “founding father” of React, React played an essential role in developing the worldwide popular social network Instagram. It was initially a photo sharing app, but soon, when Facebook purchased Instagram, the tool was used to update its entire web application and add to the web platform a majority of valuable features, such as a news feed, login, comment counter, text block editor, and geolocation.

Since then, Instagram has become one of the popular websites built with React. In addition, Instagram is constantly evolving and is supplemented by new features, such as a shopping market, live streaming, and a wide variety of filters. And it’s all thanks to React, which has made its user interface simple and easily adaptable.


Netflix is one of the reactive websites built with React. The technology is the base of their platform called Gibbon, where it is used for low-end TV devices instead of the DOM used in web browsers. Netflix developers say the ReactJS library helps improve startup speed, performance, modularity, and other benefits.


PayPal, the world’s leading online payment service, also benefits from React. In the rapidly changing world, users prefer to interact with a user-friendly interface with seamless features, and this is made possible thanks to React. The technology provides top-notch stability and security, making it easy for freelancers, service providers, and merchants to receive cross-border payments.


Airbnb, a worldwide accommodation booking service, uses React to build its interface. This helps them quickly load their web page elements onto the screen and update their content smoothly without any hassle or delay. Reuse of components and refactoring are two factors that made Airbnb turn to React as the main developing tool. React’s implementation improved the website’s overall performance and provided the best user experience.


In the wake of the popularity of the React library, Dropbox, a file hosting service, also began to use it to create elements of its platform. The tool allowed the company to fix a large number of errors, solve service problems, and raise productivity to a new level.

Social media, streaming platforms, and payment systems are just a few examples of how React can be used. Large and well-known applications add React to their technology stack and take advantage of this library to improve performance, address issues other tools cannot solve, and get additional benefits. Look to trusted technology partners if you also want to improve your website with React or create a new product from scratch.

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