This Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20,000 can charge 2 devices simultaneously!
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Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 Review

Let’s get straight into our Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 Review and see if this portable battery pack is any good.

The Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 is a portable battery charger which has a huge 20000mAh capacity. It’s charged via a Micro USB port, you then transfer the power to a smartphone, tablet or other compatible device using your normal USB cable.

Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 Review – First Impressions

My first impression of this power bank was that it’s quite heavy. Weighing in at 450 grams (15.87oz) it’s around 82 grams heavier than one of it’s competitors comparable devices. In real terms there’s little in it and if you are worried about weight you should probably sacrifice a bit of battery power and opt for a smaller capacity which isn’t as heavy.

It feels strong, looks good and comes in basic blue packaging.

Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 ReviewHow Does It Perform?

I charged the battery pack and at the same time, allowed my iPhone and Airpods to be discharged – so that I could run a test.

This battery pack has two USB-A outputs so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It’s ideal for me as I was testing charging the iPhone XS and the first generation AirPods.

It’s really simple to use, plug the USB-A male into the female connection on the Sandberg charger, (the white LEDs immediately light up to indicate battery level) and then plug the other end into your phone, tablet or other device. I like the battery status indicator, it’s simple and the thin strip of LEDs looks great.

My phone and earbuds charged quickly, as if they where plugged into mains power. The charger didn’t become hot to touch unlike a lot of other cheaper portable battery chargers.

I used the Sandberg Saver 20000 as my main charger and it managed 7 full charges of my iPhone and one full charge of my AirPods before I needed to re-charge the device itself. That’s pretty much inline with what Sandberg say on their website.

Sandberg say their Saver 20000 will charge your phone 8 times,

How Is The Build Quality?

So far so good then but how is the build quality? It feels well built but at the same time it feels like the top casing (where the LEDs are) would crack or break if I dropped it. The rest of it feels solid, so I’m not sure why the front top section feels weaker than the rest of it. When pressed, the plastic bends inwards. My initial reaction to this was perhaps the casing is a standard design and it’s only the internals that differ depending on which capacity you opt for, which would make sense.

It also scratches quite easily, so if you want to keep it pristine keep that in mind.

The button on the right hand side allows you to start charging a device if it doesn’t immediately recognise you have connected your phone to it. That button feels solid. I like it.

What I should bear in mind is the fact that Sandberg have added their ‘Saver’ branding to this product. If you want something that’s a lot tougher you’ll need to opt for something out of their ‘Active’ range.

We reviewed the Sandberg Active Lightning Cable and if you want tough and hard wearing, we thoroughly recommend it. I imagine other peripherals in the active range are just as good and hopefully we’ll review some of those in the near future.

Features and Specifications

Description:Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000
Product Category:Mobile Accessories – Powerbanks
Battery Capacity:20000mAh
Output:2 x USB-A Output 5V/2.4A
Connectors:1 x Micro USB female 2 x USB-A female

Summary and Verdict

With a fully charged Sandberg Saver Powerbank in your tech arsenal you’ll never run out of battery power when you need it most, you can ensure that you will always be able to charge your devices anywhere anytime – without having to depend on a power socket.

I really like it and it’s much better than the iMuto battery pack I bought a few months ago. At around £28 for the Sandberg Saver 20000 it’s a wise investmentment.

Score: 8/10

You can find out more about Sandberg by visiting their website here.


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