Anker Brand Review: Why you should use Anker instead

I first came across Anker whilst watching a Brand review video on YouTube. As you’ve already guessed, it was for a company called Anker. The product was as a lightning cable. I was in the market for a replacement charging cable for my iPhone 6. The reviewer was absolutely raving about the Shenzhen based company.

Initially, I thought that the reviewer may have been heavily biased towards Anker due to being sent free products for review. I decided I’d give them a shot anyway. After watching the review I went straight to Amazon and ordered two of their braided lightning cables. That first order was the start of my obsession with all things Anker.

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2. Anker Portable Chargers
3. About Anker
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5. Summary

Anker Brand Review: Quality Cables

As an Amazon Prime member, the cables arrived quickly, via next day delivery. The Anker brand packaging is fantastic, great quality and looks like it’s been produced by a quality company. They came with a great alcantara style storage pouch, instructions and an extended warranty.

I put the charging cable to use immediately. The cables can be used to charge iPhones, iPads, iPods and a whole lot more tech that uses the lightning connector.

The cable was used every day for 2 weeks. I wanted to put it through it’s paces. It was purposely bent, yanked and pulled out of the wall and phone. It was basically a form of tech torture. After all, I did need to test the durability. The great news is that it handled everything I could throw at it and then some! I was impressed to say the least, so impressed in fact that I ordered two more to give away as gifts.

Our top Anker product picks at a glance

Anker USB-C ChargerCheck Price On Amazon
Anker PowerCore 20 100mAh ChargerCheck Price On Amazon
Anker 521 Portable Power StationCheck Price On Amazon
Anker Powerline III USB-C to USB-C ChargerCheck Price On Amazon
Anker 58 Docking StationCheck Price On Amazon
Some of the best value for money products Anker sell.

One thing that did spring to mind is that the lightning cables they make are miles ahead of the cables included in the purchase of an Apple device! Perhaps Anker (If you are reading this) could reach out to Apple and strike up a deal to supply their lighting cables for the next iPhone?

Suggested Reading

I carry Anker gear in my tech backpack on a daily basis. I’ve written about it in my ‘What’s in my tech backpack‘ article.

A photo of the Anker Brand packaging.
Anker Brand packaging uses quality cardboard and it looks great!

Anker Portable Chargers

Another major win for Anker here are their amazing Portable Chargers. They are one of the most popular suppliers of portable chargers in the world. Their flagship line is the PowerCore series of which there are many different models with wildly varied specifications. Reviews for the PowerCore are all good with very few negative points.

The chargers Anker produce are in most top ten lists I can find online. Seriously, check it yourself. Just have a quick google search for portable chargers and at least one of them in the list will be made by Anker.

A photo of a plug and extended warranty documents.
The Anker Brand build quality is excellent.

Is Anker A Good Brand?

Anker was founded in 2011 by a former software engineer at Google. Steven Yang started the company after moving to Shenzhen.

In 2012 the company switched it’s focus. They had been concentrating on laptop batteries but had decided smart phone battery chargers and wall outlet chargers would make more business sense. Yang started the company with less than $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) of seed money. It sounds a lot, in the tech world 1 million is peanuts.

Now, nearly 9 years later the company has been valued at over $1,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars). A true entrepreneurial success story. It’s not finished yet though. Recently, it was announced that Anker had reached a deal with Walmart to get products into 4,000 of their stores.

Whilst doing my research for this review I wanted to see what the general consensus online was about the Anker Brand. I spotted a quote from a Reddit user and I couldn’t have said it better myself:

‘I’ve had nothing but great experiences with their products. It’s gotten to the point where, if I’m looking for a specific item and Anker has it, I’ll buy it from Anker and perhaps pay a little more than I would from another brand.’

Anker Review F.A.Q’s

Does Anker support wireless charging?

Yes. Anker sells the PowerWave. The PowerWave product line-up is suitable for most devices that support wireless charging.

What does Anker sell?

Anker sells high performance portable chargers, cables and tech accessories.

How many times will the PowerCore II 20000 charge my phone?

The PowerCore II 20000 should charge your phone around 6 times before running out of power.

Can I take a portable charger with me on a flight?

Yes. At the time of writing batteries with a capacity lower than 27,027mAh can be taken on board. We’d strongly suggest checking with your Airline to double check if any extra restrictions have been put in place.

What is Power Delivery?

USB Power delivery is a fast-charging system that is pretty much standard on most USB-C devices. It allows fast charging for compatible phones, tablets and some laptops. Most of the newer Anker portable chargers make us of this technology.

Are Anker Chargers Good?

In my opinion, they are incredible. They offer super value for money and they work as described. You can’t ask for more.


Now let me clear about something. This isn’t a sponsored post. I’ve bought the items mentioned and I can wholeheartedly say that they are absolutely outstanding. The customer service is great. Make sure you register that warranty! Have you used Anker yet?

Check out Anker’s website for their full product line-up.

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  1. I’ve got a few Anker charging cables, wouldn’t use anything else. Much better than the actual iphone cable aswell.

    • CodeWithMike

      Hi Avis, Yes they are good.

      Whenever I need a new cable the I always add ‘Anker’ to the end of what ever I’m looking for. They always seem to sell it aswell!

  2. Great article. I have heard of Anker before, but this was before they started selling cables and portable chargers. I’ve ordered a few of their PowerLine Lightning cables!

  3. fifthelement

    Anker as a brand are awesome, great customer service too.

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