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STM Charge Tree Swing Review

Here’s my STM Charge Tree Swing (STMGCTS) Review. Are you like me? Do you hate having a load of cables all over your desk when you’re trying to work? Well I might have a solution for you.

The Charge Tree Swing by STM Goods. This three in one charging station can charge your phone, Apple watch, and Airpods all in one, reducing cables or time to charge if you only have the one charger.

So without further ado let me tell you all about this wonderful device.

STM Goods Charge Tree Swing Review

Let’s start with my first impressions. The box came a little scuffed in places, mostly on the corners of the boxes. This wasn’t very noticeable until I was looking in depth at the box so I wouldn’t really worry about it. The box has one of those flaps on the front so you can see the STMGCTS when it is inside the box, not a huge thing but a nice little feature nonetheless. 

As far as first impressions go I was pleasantly surprised, the device itself looks good quality and even though it was slightly scuffed the box is well designed and tells you almost everything you need to know (more on that later).

But you didn’t come here to hear about a box, you want to know about the actual product. So the STMGCTS  has three distinct areas for each type of product it charges.

The phone section is the main part of the device. This is just a flat surface on an incline with a small platform to stop your phone falling off. This means you can still easily see your notifications or scroll through facebook whilst your phone is charging, unlike some other wireless chargers where your phone is laying down flat. This is a huge bonus in my books. Just remember your phone must be Qi wireless charge compatible to charge on this device.

The next section is the Airpod case charger. This is located behind the phone charger on the base of the STMGCTS. There isn’t a whole lot to say about this part, you put your Airpod case onto the pad and that’s it. After a while your Airpod case will be charged.

The final part is the Apple Watch charger. You can find this on the back part of the phone charger incline at the top. This charging part folds away when it’s not in use for ease of storage. Your Apple Watch will sit nicely over this charger without issue and then when you’re finished you can just fold it away. The folding away feature is also nice if you’re yet to have an Apple Watch so you can just forget about it.

A cool thing about each of these charging ports is that they each have a light on them and it flashes to show if the device is charging when placed on it.

The STM Charge tree is a great addition to your desk.
The STM Charge tree is a great addition to your desk.

What Comes in the Box?

So naturally there are a few little extras that come with the STM Goods Charge Tree Swing. In the box you get a cable to plug in the STMGCTS, however you don’t get a plug, you only get the cable which is really annoying if you don’t have a plug that accepts the cable as it isn’t a USB on one end. 

You also get a silicone shelf that can attach to the platform for the phone charger, this is for if your phone is too small to give it a little boost to make sure your phone reaches the charging part.

Build Quality

The STMGCTS is built out of silicone and is highly durable. Since I’ve had it I’ve dropped it a few times (I have butter fingers) and it still works just as well as usual. The STMGCTS is well built and can take a beating, so if you’re clumsy like me you will definitely want to get your hands on one.

There’s also the case of the swing watch holder. I’ve had to swing it both ways quite a lot of times to test it out and I can say, at least for mine, it doesn’t seem to be having any negative effect on the device overall.

Charging Times

So obviously the most important part of any all-in-one charging station is how quickly it will charge your devices.

With it being three chargers rolled into one you can imagine that it isn’t as powerful as a singular charger would be, and whilst this is the case the charging times aren’t terrible. You might not want to use the STMGCTS if you’ve got a limited amount of time and need a quick charge but if you have time to leave it, say overnight, then your devices will be fully charged for you in time.

Price & Where To Buy

If you want to get your hands on one of these beautiful devices then it’s going to set you back around £59. For what you get I think this is a fair price. You’ll find it available for sale on Amazon, hit the affiliate link here to check it out.

The black one looks amazing.
The black one looks amazing.

Summary and Verdict

Overall I like the STM Charge Tree Swing but it’s not without its issues. I’m not a fan of wireless chargers, period because I don’t like the lack of maneuverability you get from them and this is no different however having the phone stand up is a huge plus.

Score: 8/10

I would give the STM Goods Charge Tree Swing an 8/10 because, for a wireless charger, it is good quality. One more fault I have is the lights for each charging station are very bright, so if you’re using this through the night there is a good chance your light is going to look like the inside of a disco.

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