Quntis Fast Charger Review
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Quntis Fast Charger Review

There are thousands of fast chargers on the market but only a handful are worth spending your hard earned cash on. We were asked if we’d like to write a Quntis Fast Charger Review

The Quntis PD Fast Charger and Cable is marketed towards users of newer iPhones that are fast charge compatible.

So here it is, our Quntis Fast Charger Review. Read on below to find out if it’s any good.

Quntis Fast Charger Review

The Quntis Fast Charger comes with an Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable that’s a whopping 2 metres in length. Finally, a charger that also packages up a cable longer than 1 meter!

Quntis Fast Charger has excellent packaging.
Quntis Fast Charger has excellent packaging.

First Impressions

Long time readers of the blog will know what we’re about to say. Packaging. We love a company that creates stylish and good quality packing for their products. It shows that they care about first impressions.

Qunitis have done an excellent job with their packaging. The blue styling around the logo and the white background work well. The image of the charger and cable has been printed well and is a high resolution image. It gives you a clear representation of what’s inside the box.

Opening the box you are greeted with a clear lack of excess plastic packaging which is thoroughly refreshing to see, we really need to be using less single use plastic.

I’m not sure if the box is recyclable or not, perhaps they can add packaging disposal information on the back of the box in the future.

So far so good then. But, how is the build quality?

The Quntis Fast Charger has a fairly simple design.
The Quntis Fast Charger has a fairly simple design.

Build Quality & Style

The charger has a larger profile than a standard Apple charger which is probably due to the PD technology, but it’s not overly bulky.

It’s a great size, fits in the palm of your hand and it’ll fit into all tech backpacks or tech pouches such as the STM Dapper Wrapper with ease.

A USB-C – lightning cable is bundled with the charger and is really thick and feels like it’ll last a lifetime. I just hope it doesn’t fail at the ends like the cables from Apple tend to.

The bundled USB-C cable is high quality.
The bundled USB-C cable is high quality.

The white gloss finish looks fantastic, my only worry is that it will scratch easily over the lifetime of the product. I decided to test how tough it was with a scratch test.

For this test I took my ‘unboxing knife’ (which is basically a folding camping penknife) and tried to scratch the top of the charger with the point of the blade.

Ensuring it was unplugged from a power source, I used firm pressure and rubbed the blade back back and forth. To my surprise it really is quite tough! The knife tip only left really feint scratches that are hard to see with the naked eye and hard to capture on camera.

You may just be able to see them in the image below.

You can only just make out the feint scratches on the top of the charger.
You can only just make out the feint scratches on the top of the charger.

A big plus point for build quality then, how does it perform when charging devices?

Charging Performance

The key feature of the charger is the 18W USB C Power delivery. That ensures it charges devices lightning fast.

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and XS/Max can utilise the PD charging technology. For my fast charging tests I’m using the iPhone X.

I left my phone battery level drop to around 5% before I started charging it. I wanted to get 30 minutes of charging time. The Quntis fast charger managed to charge my iPhone X to 59% in just 30 minutes.

It beats their quoted charging performance figures:

10 minutes: from 0% to 18%

30 minutes: from 0% to 50%

The Quntis charger comes with PD as standard.
The Quntis charger comes with PD as standard.

What is PD?

USB Power Delivery is a fast charging technology, that delivers a higher level of power than a standard charger. It enables users to charge their devices up to a third quicker than standard.


In such a congested market charging brands have to do something special to stand out from the crowd. And the Quntis Fast Charger does just that, it’s simple design and strong build quality combined with the fast charge capability give Anker a run for their money.

Score: 8/10

The Quntis Fast Charger is available from Amazon.

About Quntis

Quntis which is an American brand founded in 2015.

Quntis specializes in consumer electronics and accessories. Our products range from bluetooth headsets, car vent mount, electronic wine opener, LED lights to charging cables – with the main focus being charging cables for Android and iOS devices. 

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