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Sandberg Camo Green Lightning Cable Review

In my opinion the Sandberg Active Lightning Cable is up there with the best lightning charging cables on the market. It’s pretty much all you could wish for when looking for a new cable for your Apple Device. So, let’s take a look and see if it’s as good as I think it is!

This premium charging cable is a bit more expensive than Apple’s proprietary cable but it’s a hell of a lot more durable and comes with an almost unbelievable 5 year warranty!

Sandberg Lightning Cable Review – Tough as old boots

Featuring durable metal connectors and covered in a green camo fabric this charging cable is made for those of you on the go. It’s part of their Active range. Which means it’s really robust and it’s been ‘Double Quality Tested’. I’m not too sure on what that means but it sounds good!

Recently, I was in Wales and took this cable as part of my tech kit. Whilst hiking it didn’t disappoint, connected to a portable battery pack it charged my iPhone XS with ease.

For the few days I was in Wales it chucked it down! And although not advertised as waterproof the cable didn’t suffer any performance issues. I also didn’t observe any discolouration or wear to the camo fabric. And, as with all review products we get sent, I twist, yank and bend it to see just how much punishment it can take. This passed my rigourous build quality test and I didn’t manage to break it. So I can vouch for it being durable!

It’s durability is what sets it apart from it’s competitors. That and the awesome camo colour scheme. It feels very ‘outdoorsy’ and utilitarian and that gives me confidence that it won’t let me down when I need it most.

I really like this charging cable and it’s one I’ll keep in my tech bag for when I need to charge my phone on the go or at the office.

The Sandberg lightning cable is really durable and well worth the price.
The Sandberg lightning cable is really durable and well worth the price.


I do have two slight complaints, one is very minor. The other a wider issue.

First, I’d like to see a 30cm (1 ft) version to make it easier when charging using a portable charger. A shorter cable would make it easier because you wouldn’t have excess cable to stuff into your front pocket. Basically, it makes it less awkward.

And secondly, this is a complaint against the tech industry as a whole. There’s far to much plastic!. I’d like to see less plastic packaging. There’s already a great deal of plastic used in the manufacturing of tech, so please cut down on the plastic packaging.

Features List

Port 1USB A
Port 2Lightning
Cable length1 m
Max Power2.4A
Product colourCamouflage
CertificationApple MFI
Quantity per pack1 pc(s)
Other features
Warranty5 Years

USB C & Android

You’ll find USB-C and Android alternatives available on the Sandberg website, you can view them here.

Sandberg Lightning Cable Review – What’s in the box?

The packaging is great (Less plastic though, please). It’s simply packaged and the blurb on the back is in 24 different languages which is a nice touch!

I did notice that it didn’t come with any instructions on how to register your warranty, I had a quick look on their website and found it. You can register your warranty here.

The perfect Pairing

We’ve also reviewed Sandberg’s fantastic Power Saver 20000 power bank, it’s a perfect companion to go with this lightning cable.

Verdict and Summary

Durable, great colour scheme and does the job. The only thing that might put some potential customers off is the price. At just over £20, it’s quite expensive but it my opinion, it’s worth it.

We’re all Anker fan’s at CodeWithMike but we may have just found a new favourite charging cable supplier! (Sorry Anker!)

Score: 10/10

It’s the first 10/10 we’ve given on CodeWithMike! And we feel it’s fully deserved. Now before we get complaints saying “you can’t give it 10/10 you haven’t had it long enough”. Yes, we know. We’ll revisit this review in 3 or 4 months and update our score based on how it fairs after a longer real-world test.

As you can see, it's quite a bit thicker than the Anker Lightning Cable.
As you can see, it’s quite a bit thicker than the Anker Lightning Cable.


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    Excellent review as always Mike!

  2. CodeWithMike

    Thanks! It’s my new go to lightning cable now!

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