PS Plus Games October 2020


We’re fast approaching that time of the month again where news of the upcoming PS Plus games October 2020 starts to filter through.

So what do we know about the games coming to our PS Plus subscriptions so far? We’re hoping the free October games will live up to the heights that we hit back in July when we got given 3 games!

The team behind Playstation Plus are pretty good at releasing the free game news for the coming month. We usually get this on the last Wednesday of the month. So, this means we expect to get the full picture on the 30th September 2020.

There’s also news of the PS Plus PS5 Collection announced, so there’s something to look forward too in November 2020.

PS Plus Games October 2020

Let’s take a closer look at both of the announced PS Plus October titles. 

October is a time to enjoy Halloween. We’d love to see PS Plus do something different this October and make it a real scare-fest. We’d love to see some real horror / scary games come to PS Plus.

We’ve previously looked at some amazing horror games for the PS1, and we’re really excited to see if they’ll make some amazing scary games available this month to subscribers.

It’d be great to see something like Man of Medan or The Evil Within 2.

October Predictions

We thought it’d be fun to have a look at what we’d love to see become available with our monthly subscriptions.

The Evil Within 2

We'd love to see the Evil Within 2 come to PS Plus.
We’d love to see the Evil Within 2 come to PS Plus.

Detective Sebastian Castellanos has lost everything, including his daughter, Lily. To save her, he must descend into the nightmarish world of STEM.

Horrifying threats emerge from every corner, and he must rely on his wits to survive. For his one chance at redemption, the only way out is in.

Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of stand-alone, branching cinematic horror games that can also be played online with a friend. In Man of Medan, five friends set sail on a holiday diving trip that soon changes into something much more sinister.

PS Plus Games October 2020 Previous Games

There where two simply sublime games for you to download and enjoy during September. The free games for September where as follows:

  • PUBG
  • Street Fighter V

If you aren’t subscribed to PS Plus you can pick up a membership direct from Amazon for as little as £7 / $9.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll need to download the game.

How Do I Download PlayStation Plus Games?

  1. Click the PlayStation Plus icon on your PlayStation home menu
  2. Click the game that you want to download by scrolling left or right and select it with X
  3. Then click ‘Add to Library’, followed by ‘OK’
  4. Press O to come back to the PlayStation Plus menu
  5. Press down to see the PlayStation Plus games in your library and click ‘Download’
  6. Once it has downloaded, simply press ‘Start’ to play!

How Long Will The Game Last?

You will be able to keep and play the game for as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus member. Even if you accidentally delete the game from your PlayStation hard-drive you can simply re-download the game.

PS Plus Games October 2020 – A List of Previous Free Games

If your interested in finding out what games have been released so far on PS Plus then read on. We’ve compiled a complete list of PS Plus Games released since December 2019. You’ll see the month they launched and for with platform.

Details of the games released so far this year on PlayStation Plus.
Details of the games released so far this year on PlayStation Plus.

December 2019:
Titanfall 2 – PS4
Monster Energy SuperCross: The Official Game – PS4

January 2020:
Goat Simulator – PS4
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – PS4

February 2020:
Bioshock: The Collection – PS4
The Sims 4 – PS4
Firewall Zero Hour – PSVR

March 2020:
Shadow of the Colossus – PS4
Sonic Forces – PS4

PS Plus April 2020:
Uncharted 4 – PS4
DIRT Rally 2.0 – PS4

PS Plus May 2020:
Cities Skyline – PS4
Farming Simulator 19 – PS4

PS Plus June 2020:
Star Wars BattleFront 2
Call Of Duty WWII

PS Plus July 2020:
NBA 2K20
Rise of the Tomb Raider

PS Plus Games August 2020:
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

PS Plus Games September 2020:
Street Fighter V

What is PS Plus?

PlayStation Plus is basically a subscription service where you sign up to the PlayStation Network. Once you purchase a membership it provides users with access to a fantastic set of premium features.

These features include getting early access to games that haven’t been released on general sale, free games and beta trials.

As part of the PS Plus subscription, you’ll get two PlayStation 4 games every month and 100 GB of cloud storage space for your game saves.

To play PS4 online multiplayer requires you to buy a subscription to PlayStation Plus, the basic online subscription doesn’t include any games. So make sure you choose the correct subscription to suit your needs as a gamer.

You can choose from a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

What is PS Plus? Find out all you need to know about PS Plus.

PS Plus October 2020 Monthly games

Your membership to Sony’s subscription service includes access to a huge selection of games, with new ones added everything month. The older titles are withdrawn from the collection periodically.

You can keep all games in the PS Plus Games collection as long as you remain a member. If you allow your membership to run out, these games will become unavailable.

If you renew it, you’ll be able to play them again.

PS Plus Games October 2020 – FAQ’s

How much does PlayStation Plus cost each month?

It will cost between £4.17 per month and £6.99 per month.

Can I buy a PlayStation Plus Gift Card for a friend or family member?

Yes, you can! Gift cards are can be purchased from the PS store online. Give the gift of one, three or twelve months PS Plus subscription.

Will I be able to keep the games I have downloaded to my console on PS Plus?

Once your PlayStation Plus membership comes to an end, any gaming content you previously downloaded at no cost as part of the membership (such as Plus Monthly Gameswill no longer be available to play.

How long can I keep PS Plus games?

PlayStation Plus games are only available for a month, so make sure you download it as soon possible. Ideally as the games become available. This will ensure you don’t miss out.

How many free games do you get each month with a PS Plus subscription?

You’ll get two games each month! But sometimes they’ll suprise us and release an extra one every now and then.

Can I play PS1 games with a PS Plus subscription

No, they are not backward compatible.

PS Plus Alternatives

If you don’t own a PS, maybe you own an Xbox Instead? Take a look at the latest Xbox Games pass. It’s the perfect alternative to PS Plus but for the Xbox. It comes with up access to over 100 different gaming titles!

As a PlayStation Plus member you’ll receive two free games every month as a benefit of your subscription.

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