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Essential Gaming Accessories for Every PC Gamer

Every gamer needs to have these essential gaming accessories. Whether you are a casual gamer or chasing your gaming career, there are few things that can improve your overall playing experience.

Buying all of the latest gaming accessories doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be better in some games, but they provide more comfortability and a smoother gaming experience.

The gaming accessory market is growing steadily over the last couple of years, and gamers spend around $160 billion on games, and there is a good reason for the high demand.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the essential gaming accessories that you’ll ever need to tune your skills and improve your overall health while playing games.

Most Essential Gaming Accessories for Every PC Gamer
Most Essential Gaming Accessories for Every PC Gamer

Essential Gaming Accessories for Every PC Gamer

Let’s start with the basics! You’ll need a mouse and a keyboard. But, not just any mouse and keyboard. It needs to be orientated towards gaming specifically.

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Whichever game you play, you need to have a good gaming mouse. This PC accessory will definitely improve your gaming performance exponentially. A wireless gaming mouse offers a lot more features than a regular mouse doesn’t have. Things like vibrations, quick clicking, or customization it is what will give you the edge in competitive online games.

A good quality mouse cannot go without a large mousepad. A large mousepad will provide smooth maundering and a lot of space for specific actions.

One of my favorite gaming mice is the Logitech G502, check it out. Just hit the affiliate link here.

Gaming Keyboard

Another must-have in your gaming set up is a high-quality keyboard. Both the gaming mouse and keyboard are at the same price range (around $100), which is a good investment. 

High-quality keyboards have a lot of game-improving elements. Besides the cool lighting behind the keys, it provides faster presses, more personalization, and improved durability.

If you are on your PC for many hours during the day, it is best if you also include an ergonomic addition, such as wrist rest, which will help you avoid injury or fatigue.

A really great keyboard helps improve your game ten fold! This Majestouch 2 by Filco is superb. Hit the affiliate link to check it out here.

Essential Gaming AccessoriesGaming Headset

This accessory will definitely be the best way to improve your in-game skills. When you are playing Battle Royale games, for example, you need to be aware of your surroundings. That is where a gaming headset comes in handy.

Most Essential Gaming Accessories for Every PC Gamer
Most Essential Gaming Accessories for Every PC Gamer

You will be able to hear enemies from whichever direction they are coming from. Additionally, most gaming headsets are equipped with a microphone, so you will be able to communicate with your teammates during multi-player games.

Make sure you buy a gaming headset that provides comfortability since playing games for a couple of hours can cause discomfort on your ears.

We’ve reviewed several gaming headsets on the blog and by far the best would have to be something like the Sades Wand! We reviewed it recently so check it out here, Sades Wand Review.

Dual Monitors

Competitive games require a lot of multitasking, which is why dual monitors are an essential gaming arrangement. Additionally, you can also improve your FOV (Field of View), enabling you to have a wider viewing angle.

You can also find curved double-sized monitors, but most of them are not compatible with all games, so the other parts of the screen will be useless.

I have a dual monitor set up at the home office, I use two of these LG ultra wides. They are the perfect combination of size and refresh rate that make all the difference to your gaming!

Hit the affiliate link here to check the LG ultrawides out.

Gaming Chair

If you spend many hours playing video games, you definitely need a comfortable chair. This is one of the best investments for you since playing in an uncomfortable position every day can have a serious toll on your health. 

Gaming chairs promote better posture, improve blood circulation in every part of your body, and prevent neck problems. Try to buy a gaming chair with ergonomic qualities since your health is the most important thing you should consider.

This Courgar Armor Pro gaming chair is a fantastic chair to enable those long gaming sessions to be completed in perfect comfort. It’s really reasonably priced when you consider the feature set.

You can check it out on Amazon using the affiliate link, check it out here.

Gaming Glasses

Some people don’t know that computer screens emit blue light, which leads to eyestrain. That’s why, after a long gaming session, your eyes feel tired and watery. This can lead to more serious health problems and cause eyesight problems. 

The best way to block the blue light that harms your eyes is by getting a pair of gaming glasses. Some people go for a blue light filter on their computer, but this feature takes away from the graphics. Gaming glasses actually enhances the overall gaming experience and protect your eyes at the same time.

Here’s a decent pair of gaming glasses to help protect your eyes from the dreaded blue light! Hit the affiliate link here.


No gaming set up is really ever 100% complete without a dedicated microphone. Especially if you’re a streamer.

You’ll find microphones ranging from $20 all the way up to the lofty heights of over $300.

If you’re planning on streaming now’s the time to buy a decent microphone. You’ll need to look for one specifically marketed towards streaming. There are some fantastic deals to be had at the minute.

The best type of microphone for streaming would be a condenser microphone. A condenser microphone such as the FIFINE K669B would be ideal. It’s fairly budget friendly at just over $35. And you can get it from Amazon. Just hit the affiliate link here.

PC Cleaning Equipment

Keep your PC clean. It’ll run cooler and last longer! Keeping a PC clean is super simple you don’t even need to touch it, unless you have finger prints or smudges on the case. The best way to clean your PC of dust is to use a compressed air canister.

Quick PC Cleaning Tips

  • Wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in dust from your case.
  • Turn off your PC and unplug the power and peripheral cables.
  • Open a window or door to let fresh air into the room and dust out.
  • Remove the side and front panels from your case.
  • Use a can of compressed air to clean the dust from any dust filters
  • Use a can of compressed air to clean the dust from your CPU.
  • Use a can of compressed air to clean the dust from cooling fans etc.
Probably The Most Essential Gaming Accessory

The great news is that, compressed air is really cheap! You can buy it using the affiliate link here.

Headphone Stand

A non essential gaming accessory but one that completes a gaming setup!

The Satechi offers many features such as a durable aluminium base, a cable organizer, and compatibility with all brands and sizes. Also included are rubberized grips at the top and base, a 3.5mm port to plug your headphones in, and the choice of three colours space grey, silver and gold.

Check it out using the affiliate link here.

A Camera Is Essential

If you’re going to be streaming your games then a good quality camera is a must! I personally use a standard Logitech Webcam. Now, this is fine for generic use and Skype calls but you’ll want something better for streaming your games on Twitch.

If you’re not quite ready to spend a small fortune on a dedicated streaming camera for your games then you might want to take a look at an action camera.

Something like the GoPro Hero 7 is a really great price on Amazon at the minute due in part to the Hero 9 being released recently. Check it below, using the affiliate link.

Check out a the Go Pro Hero 7 here.


One problem that we can resolve quite easily is lack of and accessibility of your USB ports. They say less is more but let’s face it, that’s not the case with USB. We could all do with more!

For those of us who store their gaming PC under a desk or slightly away from our gaming positions, accessing ports can become a regular annoyance. To solve this, go ahead and get a USB Hub and USB extension cable. With those two fairly inexpensive items accessibility of a USB port is no longer an issue.

Just plug it in, place the hub on or under your desk and you’ll have easy access to your ports.

Among the essential gaming accessories listed here, a racing wheel is ideal if your a racing fan.
Among the essential gaming accessories listed here, a racing wheel is ideal if your a racing fan.

A Racing Wheel Is An Essential Gaming Accessory

If, like me, you enjoy playing racing car games a steering wheel is a must. I’m not much good at them mind but I enjoy them nonetheless.

Racing wheels come in different variants. Some focus purely on the steering wheel as the sole element whereas others focus on the buttons surrounding the wheel, such as flappy paddle gear changes and an included clutch pedal etc. There are also custom buttons that you can programme to perform certain actions.

There are a few things to look out for when picking a Racing Wheel.

Force feedback:

this gives you a much more realistic driving experience. When you turn into a corner a high speed, the wheel will fight back to give you a more authentic driving experience.


If you really want to test your driving skills you really should set the in game gear selector to the ‘manual’ option. This ensures the pedals included with your steering wheel aren’t redudant.

A lot of the racing wheels also come with a brake and accelerator which is fine for most people but if you are looking to elevate your driving experience and change gear yourself then look out for models with a third pedal.


A lot of the newer wheels that were once made for Xbox One now work with your PC thanks to backward compatibility introduced by Microsoft! But, be sure the double check the steering wheel you choose will work with your desired game.

The best racing wheel in my opinion is something like the Thrustmaster T300 RS, it’s a premium option but it does take your racing to the next level! Hit the affiliate link to check it out.

Essential Gaming Accessories Final Words

These are some of the essential accessories that will improve your overall gaming experience and health. Using all of these accessories wouldn’t necessarily mean that you will be a better player, but it will definitely improve your overall gaming experience. 

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