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Edifier R1580MB Review

I got the chance to check out the Edifier R1580MB recently. I’ve reviewed a fair few book shelf speakers over the last year or so and the R1580MB look fairly similar to the Edifier R1010BT but target different markets. Lets check them out!

The Edifier R1580MB is a compact speaker system with a feature set that should ensure it gets onto your shortlist of speaker systems to look at when on the hunt for new ones.

Edifier describe them as an ‘Active 2.0 Speaker System for Events and Small Venues’.

So let’s get into the review and find out if these are any good.

Edifier R1580MB Review

So first impressions then. The outer box was just a standard shipping container. The inner branded box wouldn’t win any marketing and design awards. It’s just a plain cardboard box with no fancy printing or colors. It does detail some key features and basic information.

Inside the box, there isn’t an overuse of single use plastic which is good and overall the speakers are well packaged.

What’s in the Box?

You get everything you need to get set-up. You won’t need to buy any cables or adapters. Edifier always hit the nail on the head with their included accessories.

Here’s what you get with the R1580MB’s:

  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • Remote Control
  • RCA to 3.5mm
  • Speaker Cable
The back of the Edifier R1580MB passive speaker is really clean
The back of the Edifier R1580MB passive speaker is really clean

Edifier R1580MB Review Design & Styling

For starters, they’re really compact and quite light in comparison to some of the other speakers in Edifiers lineup. You can place them on most bookshelves or on top of any work desk without weight being an issue.

I also like the way they look, the black on black works well and because they are meant to be used as a loudspeaker system, I’m not too concerned about the lack of styling features. They serve a purpose. Edifier have gone for function over style on the R1580MB’s.

The side panel where the controls are have a lovely bevelled edge that hides the volume, bass and treble knobs well and allows the eyes to focus on the front of the speaker.

Don’t bother removing the dust covers though, there isn’t much to look at underneath. It’s a bit boring but again you need to remember Edifier have gone with functionality over style with the R1580MB.

If you’re after some speakers with a bit of color the Edifier R1580MB may not be for you, they come in black only. But overall, its a classic black box design that wont cause any offence.

The R1580MB's are classic black without any bright colors.
The R1580MB’s are classic black without any bright colors.

Sound Quality

Before I give my opinion on the sound quality it’s worth noting that I don’t own a microphone so was unable to test the dual microphone inputs in this review.

These are meant to be used as a loud speaker system. For this reason you’ll find that the sound carries and fills the room with ease, the low resonance also helps keep vocals clear at distance.

For the ultimate positioning and setup, you’ll want to find a larger more open space to put them.

They feature a high quality Class D amplifier with 4 inch bass drivers and 13 mm silk dome tweeters, which should give a fantastic audio response.

To be honest, the sound quality isn’t that far off from the other bookshelf speakers in the Edifier line-up. They sound great and the 100% MDF wooden enclosure helps to minimise acoustic resonance, improving the overall sound quality.

Even without a dedicated sub-woofer for some punchy bass, the Edifier R1580MB sound great. For songs where bass is the main focus you’ll find plenty of other speakers in their range that would be better suited though.

However, if you listen to some chilled dance classics or lo-fi hip hop where heavy bass isn’t the primary frequency these are really really good.

If you won’t make use of the microphone inputs, go for another pair of bookshelf speakers such as the R1010BT or for added bass go for the S1000DB’s.

When it comes to vocals and the high frequencies the R1580MB excel. Vocals are crisp, clear and carry extremely well. Which is good news considering these are meant to be used as a PA system! You’d expect vocals to sound great and they do.


Here’s the full spec for those of you that are interested in this sort of thing:

  • Power Output: 42W
  • Noise Level: 25dB(A)
  • Micrphone Range:-50~30dBV
  • Input Sensitivity: PC:700±50mV
  • Aux: 550±50mV
  • Bluetooth: 550±50mFFS;
  • Frequency Range:55Hz-20KHz;

Build Quality

Edifier has continued with the same clean, basic design that features in most of the other R series speaker systems. And the R1580MB is no different.

The main body is made of MDF and the overall build not only looks strong but feels it too.

Some of the vinyl covered panels have a few blemishes but these could be from the fact that these are review units and I’m hopeful that the quality control department will catch things like this in production units and stop them from being sent to customers.

I did a scratch test with a key and the vinyl covering coped fairly well! Just be careful not to bash it too hard on sharp surfaces and they’ll be fine.

I’ve always said Edifier have really good build quality and I don’t think you can expect better considering these are fairly ‘budget’ speakers.

The MDF is strong, as are the plastics. If you do remove the dust cover, you’ll notice the tweeter has a plastic protector over it, which is a nice touch!

A front facing bass vent is a good addition too, the high gloss black plastic vent looks good and is a decent size to allow the air to escape. So, maybe I should take back my earlier comments suggesting they look boring?

Edifier R1580MB Review: The build quality is fine!
Edifier R1580MB Review: The build quality is fine!

Best Price & Where To Buy?

We found the Edifier R1580MB’s for £89.99 from Amazon. If you wanted to find a better price, we also saw some on ebay for around £70.00 delivered, but these were second hand.

Summary & Verdict

Score: 7.5 / 10

I’m not sure quite where these fit in terms of the market. Who are they targeted at? They’re perfect for use as a home karaoke system or you can use them as PA system in a professional environment. They’re also really good when used as a generic pair of multimedia speakers.

Regardless of what you use them for, they are well made and sound great and will fit your needs perfectly. I just wish the bass was a little better.


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We were sent the Edifier R1580MB in exchange for an honest review.


  1. In edifier-r1010bt and this, which one has better sound quality, or both has same sound quality?

    • CodeWithMike

      Both are very similar in terms of Sound Quality. If you need microphone input go with the R15080MB’s, if you don’t need it, buy the R1010BT’s.


  2. Thanks Mike, Actually I already had r1010bt, but for microphone input, I brought r1580mb as well, It sounds great, thanks Mike, now I have both 😀

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