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Introducing the GameSir VX AimBox

Multi-platform Console Adapter. Gamesir, a leading provider in innovative, high quality game peripherals is pleased to announce the launch of the new VX AimBox. 

Designed for use with multiple consoles, the VX AimBox features the most advanced technology for a keyboard and mouse adapter for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. 

Console controllers are excellent for playing many games, but if you are a gamer who wants to be highly competitive and perform your best, you need that bit extra. If you play FPS it can be difficult to transition to using a controller – especially if you have been using a keyboard and mouse throughout your gaming life. The GameSir VX AimBox is simply the best option for gamers to work around the restrictions of console controllers and get back to using a mouse and keyboard combo with the adapter.

The VX AimBox is a wired adaptor with no wireless receiver or power switch meaning there is a fast and flexible connection with no latency. Easy to use with advanced VX agility translator technology, the VX AimBox provides 1:1 gaming accuracy with mouse and keyboard on the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Highly customizable for each game thanks to the GameSir mobile app, you can modify the keymaps and mouse sensitivity to suit you for any game. 

The three USB 2.0 ports are reversible so you can plug a USB mouse and keyboard in any direction that you choose without having to worry about whether the unit is upside down or not. The VX AimBox also features a Type C interface to provide a power supply if you choose to use a keyboard or mouse that needs an extra power boost. 

Compatible with all gaming keyboards and gaming mice, the VX AimBox is the only adapter you need, no matter which console you choose to game on. 

The GameSir VX AimBox is available for RRP £59.99 / $49.99 from https://www.gamesir.hk/products/gamesir-vx-aimbox

About GameSir:

Founded in 2010, GameSir is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance gaming peripherals, providing high-tech gaming hardware and excellent gaming experience for every gamer. In the name of “Gaming is Winning”, we know exactly what each gamer really crave – the accurate control and enhanced gaming experience. Therefore, we tested every potential solution to meet the needs of gamers, which is our mission.

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