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iPhone 13 Accessories by ESR Gear

The HaloLock™ System is compatible with iPhone 13. Convenience meets build quality.

The brand new iPhone 13 is an all-round upgrade on the previous generation, with a refreshed battery life, Apple’s new A15 processor and doubled storage capacity as standard. As smart devices go it’s one of the most premium and high quality offerings on the market, and with a price tag starting at £779 users will want to make sure they take good care of their purchase.

Introducing ESR’s new HaloLock™ series: an ecosystem of accessories designed to look after your tech and make everyday life that little bit easier.

The first thing new iPhone owners will want to make sure of is that their device is protected in a strong and dependable case. The HaloLock™ system includes a range of sturdy iPhone 13 cases that combine the convenience of MagSafe with military-grade protection. 

Coming in three types: the Classic, which includes a clear slim case with scratch-resistant acrylic back; and the Air Armor and Air Armor 360. Each case has been rigorously tested, and comes with tough shock-absorbing Air Guard corners. To make sure users are confident in the quality and resistance of these cases, they were dropped from a controlled height a total of 26 times, with no visible damage to either the phone or the case recorded.

Alongside a new series of phone cases the HaloLock™ system utilises the innovative Universal Ring, a circular strip containing 36 built-in magnets which turn any standard iPhone case MagSafe compatible. Providing industry leading magnetic holding power (1.1kg) and fast charging capabilities, HaloLock’s™ MagSafe features allow users to open up the possibilities of their tech and find solutions to everyday life’s tech-related annoyances.

As a result, ESR Gear have created a variety of iPhone 13 accessories as part of the HaloLock™system. There’s the HaloLock™ Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, which allows you to quickly snap your phone onto a mounted charger on your dashboard – a perfect companion for long trips and tricky navigation. There’s also the sleek and minimal HaloLock™ Adjustable Wireless Charging Stand, which can be placed anywhere in your home or office – it could make a great stand for your online cooking recipes or a sturdy support during long FaceTime calls at your desk. Finally, there’s the HaloLock™ Kickstand Wireless Charger, a great accessory for anyone who watches TV on the go. Coming in two colours, white and black, this MagSafe accessory can both prop up your iPhone – using a fold out support –– as well as fast charge your device at the same speed as Apple’s official MagSafe Charger.

Combining minimalist design with maximum protection and utility, the HaloLock™ system provides new iPhone 13 users with a range of sturdy accessories that expand the uses of your tech. Marrying thought out design with convenience, the HaloLock™ system and its MagSafe accessories help support you in every part of modern daily life.

Find our more about these fantastic iPhone 13 accesories on the ESR Gear website.

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