How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft
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How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft

Here’s a super useful tutorial on How To Breed Villagers in Minecraft. It’s not just the cows, pigs, wolves, and chickens that’ll mate! Villagers will too. Minecraft village residents are a fabulous source of resources and what better way than to grow your own resources than to breed the villagers and then use them as a source of Emeralds, Iron, Enchanted Weapons and much more.

Now don’t worry, breeding villagers in Minecraft isn’t as X Rated as it sounds. It’s done respectfully, keeping within the confines of the games 10+ age rating. We’ve got you covered, simply follow the below guide and you’ll have those villagers mating in no time at all!

It makes sense to breed them from a economical and financial perspective but you also need to remember that your village population is finite, it won’t live forever. Your villagers can and will die due to various ailments, injuries and other reasons. You’ll need to keep a fairly even birth-death rate if you wish for your population to remain stable.

If you wish to grow your village then you’ll need more births than deaths. Also, it’s worth noting that there’s one particular benefit of growing the population of your village, when your township grows large enough, Iron Golems will automatically spawn to protect it’s inhabitants.

The other benefit is that it drastically enhances trading in the game. Each villager will have a different profession and all professions will carry different items so it opens up a vast variety of items you may not have been able to get a hold of with a smaller villager population.

Increasing your villager count will also make the almost infinitely sized Minecraft world a bit less lonely.

Breeding Villagers can be used for their resources.
Breeding Villagers can be used for their resources.

How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft

To breed villagers in Minecraft the most obvious thing you need are two villagers of opposite genders. You’ll also need to ensure you have a room with beds and then make sure they’re in the room together, alone. The villagers won’t just go at it like rabbits, they need to be incentivized. And, what better way than with food. They will not breed until they have enough food in their own inventories.

The first step to breeding villagers in Minecraft is to find a village with a large enough population to ensure you have two villagers of the opposite sex. Once you’ve done some exploring, found a suitable village and identified the two individuals that’ll be doing the deed you then need to get them into a room together with a bed. But that’s not all you’ll need.

For breeding to commence there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. The first thing is, and this may seem obvious is that there needs to be at least three empty beds in the same room that you’ve put your villagers in.

Now it all depends on how many little villager babies you want but the more empty beds you have in the room, the more villagers you can breed and the more babies will be born.

The second thing you need to be aware of is that the beds you have in the room need to have a bit of space around them. You’ll need to ensure that there’s a two-block height above all of the beds. The headroom is super important, it’ll stop them from suffocating by allowing them to get on and off the bed with ease.

Breeding villagers doesn’t increase your reputation, but when a baby villager grows up, you can make them an apprentice to get additional reputation points. Read on to read more about how your minecraft reputation can change.

Villager Breeding Step By Step Guide

  1. Find a village or build one.
  2. Prepare your buildings by adding doors.
  3. There should be three times more doors than adult villagers.
  4. Ensure a minimum of three beds in the breeding room with two empty blocks above each bed.
  5. Trade with your villagers, once will do.
  6. Make sure there’s 3 loaves of bread, 12 carrots and 12 potatoes in the inventory per one villager.
  7. Feed the food to your villagers
  8. Give them some privacy, leave two villagers alone in a building.
  9. 20 Minutes later a baby villager should arrive!

If you’re unfamiliar with a new village make sure you clear it of pillagers, evokers, zombies etc. You don’t want them to spoil the fun.

Find or Build A Village.
Find or Build A Village.
Make sure there are enough beds for your villagers to breed.
Make sure there are enough beds for your villagers to breed.
Give your Minecraft Villagers plenty of food!
Give plenty of food!
As if by magic, a baby appears!
As if by magic, a baby appears!

What If My Villagers Won’t Breed

If your villagers won’t engaging in any mating at all then remember these following points:

  • A villager must be willing. Your villagers will breed as long as there are empty beds available in village.
  • The empty beds must have 2 empty blocks above them.
  • Villagers can become willing by having either 3 bread, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes in one slot in their inventory.
  • Directly after mating they’ll no longer be willing.
  • Make sure to trade with your villagers, at least once.
  • Willingness is granted the first time a new offer is traded.
  • After the first trade, they’ll become willing again at a one-in-five chance on each trade after the first.

Most villagers that have an abundance of of food, most likely the farmers, will throw food at other villagers. They’ll then pick it up and after awhile they should collect enough food to become willing. You can also throw bread, carrots, or potatoes at the villagers yourself to encourage breeding.

Villager Professions

Most of the villagers have professions and with each different job type comes different items. Each of the Minecraft professions have a slightly different appearance that will help you to identify them.

If you want to get a hold of the diamond armour, iron or chainmail you’ll need to find an Armourer. Butchers will be able to supply you with emeralds and meat, obviously. Cartographers predominately trade maps and compasses.

To source gemstones, go and see a local cleric villager. And, if it’s crafthing or hunting tools you need, Fletchers will take care of that.

There are several other villager professions including:

  • Farmers
  • Fishermen
  • Leather Workers
  • Librarians
  • Shepherds

As with most societies these days, some villagers are unemployed and they’ll offer very little in the way of trade-able items. You can identify an unemployed villager by their plain looks.

Tradeable Reputation

Your reputation will differ depending on which village you visit. It changes in every single Minecraft village. It ranges from a whopping -30 all the way to +30. You’ll start the game out at 0. To increase your rep you can trade with villagers and better your self by upgrading their professional skills.

Now, don’t go do anything that’ll get you negatively looked at by your fellow villagers because as with a rep increase, it will decrease too. Your reputation can be in danger of decreasing if you start attacking the villagers and their offspring.

So here arises a problem. If your village is full and you want to get rid of one particular person and bring in another, don’t kill them! Send them away instead.

You don’t want your reputation to drop below -15. When it dropes below -15 the local villagers will become increasingly hostile to you. And, those iron golems that protect your villagers, will do exactly that, they’ll attack you. This makes trading increasingly difficult, I’d almost go as far as saying it becomes nearly impossible.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be attacked by those guardians (iron golems) don’t kill one! Run away instead. If you kill an iron golem, you’ll lose another 10 points from your rep. Another thing to keep in mind is that your villagers will gossip, which can change your reputation.

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