All PS Plus Games in 2022.

All Free PS Plus Games in 2022

Here are all the new PS Plus Games in 2022. We’ll cover all of the free PS Plus Games available to subscribers in 2022. Within our article we’ll create a complete list of every single title given away as part of Sony’s subscription service this year. We’ll update the article each and every month on the day that Sony announces those PS Plus Game line-ups for the month.

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All Free PS Plus Games in 2022

Here’s the complete list of every 2022 PlayStation Plus game. Let us know what you’d like to see come to the gaming subscription service in the comments at the bottom of this blog article.

Each month we also cover the PS Plus games that are coming and the top picks we’d love to see, if you want to check those out make sure you hit the link here.

Mar 2022 Games

  • GTA Online (PS5)

To be really honest, I’m completely bored of GTA 5, when are we getting the next game in the series? It’s a complete cash cow now but people continue to pump money into additional paid content. Paid content must be making Rockstar an absolute fortune. I just hope they re-invest that money into GTA 6 and make it the best game they could possibly make.

Anyway, I’m sure you don’t need any more information about GTA, but if you do, hit the link here to take a look at the IGDB page for it. And, if you want to buy the game you can click the link here and go straight to the Amazon page.

Feb 2022 Games

  • No Games Announced

Jan 2022 Games

  • No Games Announced

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