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Playing on the go: the new Nintendo switch OLED

Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch has been a big success, so much so that the OLED edition was introduced earlier this year. The Nintendo Switch OLED model, while comparable in many aspects, has several noticeable changes that will enhance the experience of owning one. Even if you currently possess a Switch or […]

Chocobo GP Release Date
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Chocobo GP Nintendo Switch Release Date

The Chocobo GP Nintendo Switch Release Date has been announced. Yes, you read that right; your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Square Enix released the news that Chocobo GP is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Chocobo GP is an upcoming kart racing video game developed and published by Square Enix. It is scheduled for release […]

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Following their recent announcement: “the FUZE Player for Nintendo Switch is set for a 28th of December release”, FUZE are extremely happy to say that another five games have been added to the FUZE Showcase Gallery, bringing the total to 27 games available on release day. The full games list […]

Wingspan Available Now
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Wingspan Available NOW on Nintendo Switch

Play either solo or invite up to five friends to share the experience with you. Dive into a world full of beautiful art, exciting bird facts, relaxing music, and amazing card-based gameplay that will test your strategic thinking. Wingspan is a game like no other and a perfect fit for your Switch. […]

The best JRPGS On The Switch
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The Best JRPGS On Nintendo Switch

Here’s our roundup of the best JRPGS on the Nintendo Switch. This comprehensive list contains 23 JRPGS that you simply must download and play. Some of these games are cult classics in their own right and some are just starting to gain a following. Either way, they wouldn’t be on […]

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Date
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Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Date

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Date Announcement. Yes, yes, you did read that correctly. Apex Legends is coming to the Nintendo Switch. When? Well, according to a source Apex Legends will be announced for the Switch tomorrow. The free to play game is already available on Xbox One, PS4 and […]

ScourgeBringer Switch Release Date
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ScourgeBringer Nintendo Switch Release Date

ScourgeBringer Nintendo Switch Release Date is coming soon. The hit roguelite action game officially announces Switch port with a new trailer  French developer Flying Oak Games, composer Joonas Turner (Nuclear Throne, Downwell) and publisher Dear Villagers are proud to announce that the fast-paced rogue-platformer ScourgeBringer is coming to Nintendo Switch. […]