How To Beat The Curve In Splitgate
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How To Be A Better Splitgate Player

Here’s How To Be A Better Splitgate Player. We’ve put this simple guide together to help you to become a better player. But, before we get into the guide we gave a question for you. Are you playing the Splitgate beta? And if the answer is no then why not?

Splitgate is by far one of the most fun PvP shooters to come out in 2021, rivalling the likes of Call of Duty (COD) and Battlefield. Splitgate combines two major franchises that nobody realised we needed until now, Portal and Halo, bringing the best of both worlds into this chaotic, multiplayer shooter.

But this isn’t about how fun Splitgate is or how it could redefine shooters for the next generation of gamers (although I believe it does have the potential to do that), this is about how to crush your enemies and become the greatest Splitgate player in the world!

How to be a better Splitgate player

With splitgate being a free to play game you need to move quickly to stay ahead of the curve if you want to be the very best. The first thing I would recommend doing, as I would with any online shooter, is getting some headphones. Why? You may ask. Well to listen, listen to your enemies footsteps, listen for portals being placed, but most importantly to hear where the action is to either avoid it, get a better vantage or just get stuck in.

With headphones on you become so much more aware of your surroundings in game, especially the movement of others, increasing the immersion but also your reaction time, which we can all agree is vital in a game like this. I started using game sound through my headphones just over 2 years ago and honestly I’ve improved tenfold as a gamer.

If you’re playing Splitgate on an Xbox you can connect your bluetooth headphones so you aren’t tied down by wires.

Now it’s time to build your squad

Think of all the major e-sport teams, what’s the one thing they all have in common? A team!

Your next step into becoming the greatest Splitgate player is to build your own team, there is only one rule that you need to follow for this, communication is key.

So where do you start with building a team? Well obviously friends would be the first place to go as we can already communicate well with them (presumably). But what if that’s just not an option? Well there’s all sorts of online forums out there just make sure you’re careful. 

So why is building a team so important? Because if you want to win a game then you need that communication and that comes easiest with people we know, there’s no scrambling to shout over each other like in game chat. This communication can really turn the tide of any game, even just simple callouts like “behind you” or “they’re in our spawn” gives you a massive tactical advantage.

So we have our squad. What next?

Next you need to work on your movement.

Like many games Splitgate gives you a small jump pack (aka a jet pack but not very good) and this means you have a tonne of different maneuverability options when it comes to getting around any given map.

All these options mean that enemies can come at you from any direction at any time so you need to outsmart them, use your enhanced maneuverability constantly, if you get used to just running around the map, barely jumping or zig-zagging then you will die, alot!

You need to be unpredictable, erratic even, in the way you move. Make it as hard as possible for enemies to know where you will go, the more confused they are the more they will panic giving you time to slip in for the kill.

This step is probably going to be one of the most difficult to master but it is also the most important in your road to becoming the greatest Splitgate player in the world.

Make Use Of Portals

The unique thing about Splitgate is the addition of a portaling system where players can deploy two portals and create an instant pathway between them.

This feature is fun to play around with for sure and I know I’ve spent a few games (much to my teammates dismay) trying to see how fast i can go when I put a portal on the roof and another right below it, but portals are part of the very essence of this game and therefore they can be and need to be mastered in the road to being the greatest Splitgate player in the world.

For example, you can set up a portal in a high place and put the other one next to you, this gives you a birds eye view of the arena and also means you can shoot your enemies without them realising where it came from.

That’s just one example but there are plenty of practical uses for the portals and depending on the game mode the right usage of portals could win or lose you the game.

Because you can only see through your own portals there is always the danger that someone could be staring at you from the other side of a portal that you’re looking directly at and if you’re not aimed at them you would have no way of knowing until you ran through said portal or fall to the ground in a hail of bullets, but this also works in your favour as your enemies (and even your team) can’t see through your portals, meaning you could utilise a multitude of tactics without anyone ever seeing you.

So there you have it, some sure fire ways to help you win in splitgate.

Remember Splitgate is currently in beta and is free to play so what are you waiting for? Go download it and put all these tactics to the test.

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Learn From A Better Players

Make sure you utilise the Splitgate replay system. It’s super simple easy to save the replays of your games and then re-watch them from pretty much any player’s perspective. It’s particularly useful to re-watch the action from the enemies point of view. It can be also be used to spot if players are cheating or no. One thing I got the most use out of was identifying the best player during the match. I’d then re-watch the action from their perspective and learn what they do during different situations. I take note of battle tactics, positioning and weapon selection.

Watching replays will only get you so far though, you’ll still need to put what you’ve watched into practice. And then, go and practice some more.

Become A Master At Arms

You’ll need to practice with a bunch of different weapons until you’re at least familiar with alot of them. It’s honestly so worth putting the effort in to learn all the pros and cons of each weapon regardless of if you like it or not. Splitgates weapons have their very own quirks and points of interest so take note of how each one performs and more importantly, take note of which ones you do best with. Stick with the ones you perform best with at first and then broaden your weapon horizons. These tips and tricks will definitely help you to be a better Splitgate player.

  • Different weapons have different headshot multipliers.
  • The Sniper Rifle has the best headshot multiplier.
  • Use the Railgun for one-shot one-kill.
  • Don’t let the Railgun fall into enemy hands, empty the clip!
  • EMP Grenades don’t require much accuracy, throw towards enemy.

Get to grips with above bullet points by spending time creating custom games. Better still, make use of Splitgates awesome practice range to learn the how the weapons handle and how the fire rate changes between weapons.

Make use of Portals To Be A Better Player

How To Play Splitgate

First things first, make sure to register for a FREE steam account.

To play Splitgate, first you’ll need to download it! It’s currently (at the time of writing) in BETA so expect some bugs and more importantly, future updates. Splitgate is free to play, so head on over to Steam and get it downloaded. You can hit the link here, to go right to the Splitgate page on the Steam storefront.

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