Path of Exile and Chaos Orbs

Path of Exile is one of the best free role-playing games out there. The story engulfs you in the fantasy world of Wraeclast. The in-game world settings are like many others but with one big difference. The system itself offers you a free, player-driven economy spinning around the Chaos Orbs. 

Unlike many other games where you can win with money, PoE is slightly different. As you can’t buy equipment with cash. But the game uses items as its currency: you can earn or buy Chaos Orbs PoE

Although this game is completely free, sometimes you have to use other means to get some items faster. Doing so will give you more time to explore and gather all the other resources you need. And you will have more time for thrilling player-versus-player competitions and many opportunities to explore.

In-game currencies

With the game following a free-to-play model. It is economically designed around the players and the items and loot that they collect. Thus forming the players’ market, trading items for others, and driving the economy of Wraeclast.

Removing gold from the game is something new. As you already know, the economy of this world. Revolves around the orbs and scrolls you gather. The same items are often seen and used to upgrade your equipment, enchanting its abilities.

To gain any of these items, you have to defeat various monsters. Explore and find hidden chests. Or simply go to the local town vendor and complete some of the recipes there (exchange specific items set for the set currency). All of this differs for the various orbs and scrolls. Meeting different criteria to obtain them is normal, as they have slightly different purposes.

What is Chaos Orb

As you already know, Chaos Orbs are a form of uncommon currency in Path of Exile. It is one of the most exchanged orbs between players. They are obtainable from various sources and are used to re-roll your item modifiers (armor, etc.). You can get them from killing monsters, finding a chest, from containers, from “Arcanist’s Strongboxes,” and lastly, from the vendor by completing a “full rare set (of items on level 60 to 74)” recipe.

Many players need Chaos Orbs as they are the best in-game currency. You probably already know about their usage. But do you know how time-consuming it is to find a chest and slay all those monsters? It takes many hours to get a significant amount. Especially when you need hundreds to cover your needs.

Although the process of gathering them is difficult, there is a simple solution to it. You can get the Chaos Orbs easily by getting someone to do the job for you. That will save you a lot of time, and all it takes are a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Path of Exile most common currency and its use

The most common use of the Chaos Orbs is for trading. For example, you have any other types of orbs like the Orb of Fusing or the Orb of Alteration. You have one of them and want the other. You can’t barter them. In that sense, it will be better to sell the one you want and exchange it for Chaos Orbs. As you know, it is the main trading currency item among the players. With the latter, you can get the gear or scrolls you need.

To put it simply, in the game, Chaos Orbs take the form of cash. Gamers exchange various orbs, scrolls, and any kind of item for them and then, in turn, trade these orbs for the ones they need.

Another use is, as you know, to reroll on the rare items you already have. That is quite expensive, as the chances of getting the mods of your items to be exactly what you want are very low. That is why you will either need tons of luck or many, many Chaos Orbs.

Lastly, you can use them on rare maps. That is much safer than using the Alchemy Orb and can still produce great results.


To wrap it up, you can see that in PoE, the orbs and the other similar items. Take the place of an in-game currency. Different from many of the other games out there that use gold and silver coins. The new and fascinating item-driven economy has a lot to offer.

The commonly used currency items can be used for various things. Provide value for exchanges, reroll mods on equipment, or even maps.

With the many uses of that orbs and their popularity among everyone. It is understandable why many want and need them. You can see from above that they have many great uses. The only downside is that gathering them is time-consuming. That is why you can buy some or get someone to do it for you. Of course, this is just an option. If you do not want it. You can spare some time and spend hours farming for these same Orbs.

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