Splitgate Season 0 Trailer
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Splitgate Season 0 Trailer

The Splitgate Season 0 Trailer has been revealed. Yep, you read that right, we’ve added the trailer and the full press release below. So read on below to check it out. And remember, Splitgate is free to play, head on over to Steam to download and play this awesome Halo + Portal hybrid that’s set to become a hugely popular PVP game.

If you do go ahead and download it, here’s a bunch of tips and tricks to help you become a better Splitgate player, just hit the link.

Splitgate Season 0 is now available after being revealed on Opening Night Live today. The surprise launch of Season 0 comes just weeks after developer and publisher 1047 Games’ flagship title exploded in popularity, garnering more than 10 million downloads in its first month of open beta. The Season 0 content debuts a Battle Pass with 100 levels, new seasonal challenges and seasonal rewards, a new map, new modes, and more.

One of the defining games of summer 2021, Splitgate’s Season 0 swings into action today with all-new challenges that unlock throughout the season allowing fans to gain rewards. Season 0 features both free and premium challenges, with premium challenges available exclusively to Battle Pass owners. These will be more difficult to complete than the weekly and daily challenges, but will pack bigger rewards for the most dedicated players.
Also live today: Contamination Mode. In Contamination Mode, the contaminated player equips only a melee weapon and contaminates as many other players as possible by killing them, ending the round when all other players become infected. Players who become contaminated then spawn and switch sides, garnering points for contaminating as many players as they can. Uninfected players equip a shotgun and earn points by killing as many contaminated players as they can, so there’s multiple ways to rack up points in this action-packed thrilling mode. This mode is…infectious. 
Season 0 also features the latest map, Karman Station, to launch among Splitgate’s 20+ available maps, transporting players to a stunning and dangerous open galactic playground set in outer space. With a sprawling and exposed center, the map also features an outer sniper tower which serves the controlling team by helping to track enemy movements. But be careful, teamwork is necessary to overtake objectives in adjacent corridors and rooms. 
Players jumping into Season 0 have the option to choose from hundreds of exclusive weapon skins, armor skins, banners, jetpacks and more, alongside new premium DLCs including a new starter character and weapon pack, or choose the Gold Edition with the most intimidating character in the Splitgate universe, an exclusive legendary portal and jetpack, and more. 
Splitgate is an online multiplayer first-person shooter that features player-created portals. Initially launched for PC in 2019, the flagship title from 1047 Games was re-released for PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the spring and has experienced a meteoric rise in player adoption to become one of 2021’s most unstoppable games.

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